What is Lagos Best Known For?

When you think about Lagos, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Lagos has a widespread reputation for being one of West Africa’s largest cities and a financial centre for the African continent. It is also famous for its Lekki Conservation Center, open-air markets, restaurants, and beaches. But besides all this, is there more to this city than meets the eye? Find out in this article on What is Lagos Best Known For?

This state is infamous for being the country’s most exclusive city to live in. It takes home the crown for being home to densely populated areas, affluential neighbourhoods, bustling streets, and of course, the icing on the cake – massive traffic jams. With all these characteristics and lots more, it is easy to tell that Lagos is in fact, the state with the most personality and pep in Nigeria.

Lagos is a top destination, Nigeria’s most thrilling and exciting city donned by wonderful beaches, skyscrapers, amazing parks, best entertainment options, numerous jobs or business opportunities, and much more. This place has something for everybody; it doesn’t matter if you were born and bred here or if you are a foreigner. Lagos prides itself on offering unique experiences and unmatched vibes. Keep reading our post to find out the things that give this city its legendary reputation.

10 Things Lagos Is Best Known For

1. Beaches

2. Owambe

3. Festivals / Concerts

4. Restaurants

5. Thriving Music Scene

6. Thrilling Nightlife

7. Business Hub (Tech Ecosystem RE: Computer Village)

8. Open Air Markets

9. Art And Culture (Art Gallery, Museum, National Theatre

10. Street Food

Things Lagos Is Best Known For

Lagos is reputed to be a major African financial centre and is the largest economic hub in Nigeria. This city has been called the cultural, financial, and entertainment capital of Africa, and is recognized for its influence on commerce, entertainment, technology, education, politics, tourism, art, and fashion.

Below, we list out 10 things Lagos is best known for – it’s a mix of things to expect when you are in this city.

1. Beaches

One of the fascinating things about Lagos is its proximity to the Atlantic Ocean. This closeness to the ocean is why it is very common to see the locals spend their weekends or holidays on any of its numerous stunning beaches.

Lagos is home to beaches, which is one of the things it is best known for. When Lagosians are not out partying or clubbing, you’ll be sure to find them soaking up the sun and enchanting vibes at any of the private or public beaches in the city.

Things you can do at a Lagos beach include – booking a room for a staycation, kite surfing, playing beach soccer, riding a horse, partying all night, eating at a restaurant, or drinking at a bar. At the beaches in Lagos, you’ll certainly find amazing people to share space with.

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Some of the best beaches in Lagos include:

2. Owambe

Lagos is known for colourful and unique parties that come with trendy clothes, assorted drinks, various Yoruba delicacies, and a massive gathering of friends and families. These weekend parties popularly called ‘Owambe’ are some of the grooviest and most exciting parties you’ll ever attend.

When you live in Lagos, pray to get invited to a few Owambes as they often provide the perfect way to blow off steam, eat to your heart’s content, and of course, meet people. These parties are filled with joy, lots of dancing, drinking, eating, and celebrating with friends or family.

Oh if you are planning to host an Owambe or know someone hosting one, you can check out these articles – 

3. Festivals / Concerts

Another thing Lagos is best known for is its festivals and concerts that draw in spectators from Nigeria and across the world. One of such festivals to attend when you’re in the city is Afro Nation Lagos, which is coming up on 19th – 20th December 2023. 

Afro Nation Lagos is the world’s largest Afrobeats festival set to return to the city where Afrobeat first found its roots. This festival like many others before it is essentially a bridge that connects the past to the future. It will pay due respect to artists, pioneers, and the vibrant cultural spirit of Lagos.

If you’ve ever gone to a festival in this city, Afro Nation Lagos is a fantastic place to start. It promises to bring together the biggest global superstars across Afrobeats, Amapiano, Hip Hop, RnB, Dancehall, and lots more to thrill you. 

You can read more about it here: Afro Nation Lagos: Everything You Need To Know.

4. Restaurants

Have you ever dined in Lagos if you’ve not sampled at least one or two of its exotic restaurants? Lagos’ restaurant scene reflects its adventurous, bubbly, free-spirited, and diverse personality. No matter what time of the day you get hungry, you’ll surely see a roadside food stall or fine dining restaurant ready to serve you.

To eat at a restaurant in Lagos is to open up your palate to the numerous dishes ranging from native delicacies, and street foods, to Asian, American, and European dishes.

From one side of the table, you’ll sample local meals such as amala and ewedu, ofada rice, afaang, and eba, and on the other side, you’ll eat intercontinental dishes that span Ethiopia, India, China, Italy, Spain, Britain, France, and other countries in the world.

Some best restaurants in Lagos to visit include:

5. Thriving Music Scene

Lagos has a rich music scene and is the birthplace of many legendary musicians who developed their sound and reputation in this city. The state is teeming with lots of top-notch Record labels, recording studios, music producers, and music schools that keep this scene alive.

Record labels are the backbone of the Lagos music industry. These companies distribute and promote artists’ music in soft, digital, and hard copy to music stores, websites, and other global marketplaces. They also support music video shoots, match artistes with brands and other artistes and help produce new songs.

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The music producers in Lagos design the beats and melodies you hear at studios, dance to at clubs, and bop to on street corners. They can artfully blend traditional Nigerian rhythms with contemporary sounds, creating tracks that transcend borders, and excite even global audiences.

Recording studios provide recording artistes the chance to get their songs out of their notes and into the ears of their audience. These studios work with state-of-the-art technology, sound engineers, and other resources needed to make a hit song. They also offer various services such as – recording, mixing, mastering, and production. 

Lagos has music schools where you can go to train as a vocalist, instrumentalist, or music engineer. They back up your talent with professional training. These schools also teach vocal piece training and how to play a musical instrument.

6. Thrilling Nightlife 

Lagos is not just the centre of excellence, but it is also the centre of Nigeria’s social and nightlife. When it comes to clubs, lounges, bars, and strip clubs, this place takes the lead in having some of the best ones. Lagos’ nightlife is what makes it the largest home for different Nigerians who come here for pleasure business or both.

You can go to relax at any of the lounges in Lagos. These establishments are sophisticated and frequented by the elites in the society, which means you may even network with one when you’re there.

This city has been called the “Dream capital of the world” and the “Center of seduction” due to its exciting adult entertainment culture. Visiting a strip club in Lagos may just be what you need, to bring back some excitement to your boring social life and kick things up a notch.

7. Business Hub 

Lagos has lots of industries, 2 seaports, and an International Airport that serves as a gateway to the rest of Nigeria. It also houses several markets such as Alaba International Market and Computer Village which is one of the biggest technology markets in Nigeria. 

In those two markets, you can buy electronics, phones, computers, and accessories at a relatively cheap price. Vendors from other cities in Nigeria, often come to these places to buy, then resell at their states.

Whenever you want to do business in Nigeria, Lagos is the first point of call. It is a multicultural and diverse land with people from all over the country and the world, who come here to work, do business, or study. Lagos residents are hardworking, establishing companies and many small to medium to large businesses that keep this city’s economy afloat.

8. Open Air Markets

The state is famous for the Apapa Seaport controlling lots of imports and exports. It is a business savvy state due to many famous trading outlets such as Eko Idumota, Tejuosho, Alaba International, Oshodi, Balogun Market, Lekki Crafts Market, and Mile 12 where people go to buy and sell.

Every market in Lagos has specific merchandise you can get there, and if you know how to thrift wares, you’ll never need to go to the boutique again. At each of these open-air markets, you’ll find textiles, household goods, and computers.

Lagos has a population of over 21 million. This number includes people of every economic strata with a high demand for both consumer and industrial goods. If you intend to render goods or services, you’ll certainly find customers for them here.

9. Art And Culture 

Lagos has a vibrant art scene that reflects Nigeria’s wealthy cultural heritage through various art forms like painting, sculpture, photography, prints, and digital arts. It boasts lots of art galleries that show off traditional and contemporary art by local and international talents.

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This city houses an array of spectacular and unique creations These creations form the basis of its tourist attractions, which bring in people from across the world. There are museums, galleries, and a national theatre.

Nike Art Gallery is arguably the largest gallery in the whole of West Africa. The centre is located in a five-story building that holds an art gallery, textile museum, and coffee shop; boasting over 80,000 collections of artworks by Nigerian artists.

Then there is the National Theatre which acts as a significant venue where residents go to host historic events, meetings, and gatherings. Actors stage dramas here too. The Theatre stands tall as a centre that reflects the periods of local and regional art history in Nigeria.

You can check out – 7 Best Tourist Attractions In Lagos to find out more things this city is famous for.

10. Street Food

Street food is another thing Lagos is best known for, and it’s heartwarming to see this industry alive and well, even with all the numerous sophisticated restaurants in this city. Lagos street food has a unique flavour to it which no other city can recreate.

Some of the meals to sample include – Suya which can be found at the corner of popular streets, ‘Agege’ Bread,  Ewa Agoyin, Akara, Boli, Puff Puff, Abacha, roasted yam, etc.

It is a known fact that you can never go hungry on the streets of Lagos, because everywhere you look there is something to it. There are snacks, cooked meals, finger foods, assorted meat, fruits, local drinks (Zobo, Kunu) etc. No matter what you want to eat, you’ll find it.

And if you are a big Suya fan, our final gift to you is this article on Best Suya Spots In Lagos. Enjoy!

Conclusion: Top 10 Facts About Lagos

To conclude this post, we’ll dive into the core of Lagos and highlight the top 10 facts about Lagos you probably didn’t know of that make it an enchanting city. Stick with us as we take a journey through Lagos in 10 facts.

1. The name ”Lagos” means ”lakes” in Portuguese

It was named by the Portuguese who visited the area in the 15th century. It was named this way because of the many lagoons and water bodies in the state.

2. Lagos is the fashion capital of Nigeria

Lagos is famous for its trendy fashion scene, it is home to fashion designers, boutiques, and fashion shows. It also hosts Lagos Fashion Week which brings local and international enthusiasts.

3. Lagos experiences a tropical climate

The state has warm temperatures throughout the year, with the rainy season happening between April and October. It has a refreshing breeze too because of its coastal location.

4. It has the longest canopy walk in Africa

At Lekki Conservation Centre, you’ll find what is known as the longest canopy walk in Africa. Which you can walk on when you’re there.

5. Rich sports culture

The state is home to many professional football teams such as Lagos Rangers and MFM FC. There is volleyball and basketball too. Plus there is a marathon event hosted yearly by the Lagos Government.

6. Lagos has an extensive network of lagoons and waterways

The waterways are used for transportation, with many ferries and boats providing an extra method of travel and minimizing road congestion.

7. It is a major transportation hub

The city has the Murtala Muhammed International Airport that connects it to different countries across the world. Airlines are flying from Murtala Muhammed to London, Paris, Canada, Dubai, etc. It has well-connected road and rail networks too.

8. Growing eco-tourism industry

Tourists can explore nature reserves such as the Lekki Conservation Centre, Lufasi Park, La Campagne Tropicana, Omu Resort, and Whispering Palms Resort to birdwatch and nature trails.

9. An expanding co-working space culture

Lagos provides spaces for freelancers, entrepreneurs, and remote workers to collaborate and work in a shared space.

10. Luxury real estate market

The city is at the helm of building luxury residential estates and high-end properties, which cater to the residents.

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