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Best Suya Spots In Lagos

If you love suya there is a chance you’re always looking for the best suya spots in Lagos. We don’t judge, when it comes to Nigerian street food, this spicy goodness is one of the top-rated snacks in the streets. Use our post to find the Best Suya In Lagos, next time you want to satisfy this craving.

Nyamachoma, shisanyama (South Africa), dibbi (Senegal), agashe (Sudan); whatever it is called in different countries, it is spicy meat made from skewered beef, ram or chicken, and also kidney or liver. It is often served with dried pepper and mixed spices and onions. While Lagos has other top-tier street foods like Ewa Agoyin, roasted yam, etc, none of them is touching suya. 

This thinly sliced meat is marinated in different Nigerian spices which include peanut cake, salt, and vegetable oil, and then barbecued. It is served with an extra side of dried pepper blended with spices and sliced onions.

Due to how beloved this snack is, you can find a spot selling it in this city every 5 minutes. Although it is not a part of the mainstream restaurant dining experience, it still hasn’t stopped certain eateries from incorporating it into their menu. Based on reviews and multiple listings across the Internet, these are the places to find the Best Suya In Lagos.

Best Suya In Lagos

1. Glover Court Suya

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2. Polo Club Suya Ikoyi

3. Sooyah Bistro, Surulere

4. University Of Suya

5. Super Suya Spot, Akerele

6. Eko Hotel Suya Spot

7. IBB Suya Spot, Victoria Island

7 Best Suya In Lagos

One of the interesting facts about suya is how it is only sold at night. Connoisseurs have argued that this is because the sellers spend the day preparing the meat, from slicing to skewering and seasoning. Other patrons say that suya served before sunset should not be bought, as it tastes best after the day is done and delicious ones are prepared under the cover of night.

That is why it is not uncommon to see customers huddled around these 7 spots that sell the best suya in Lagos in a smoky haze to quench their meat cravings. You can check out the places we mentioned below and where they’re located.

1. Glover Court Suya

Glover Court Suya has the best suya in Lagos, they have been in business for the past 20 years. This spot is located on Glover Court in Ikoyi. In addition to Suya, they sell other snacks like Massa, Northern drinks, and Grilled Guinea Fowl.

The food at Glover is great and the service is fantastic. There is usually a long line of other suya lovers who want to get a taste of the delicious meat. So, to avoid the queue you can order what you want online.

Location: 37 Glover Road, Ikoyi 106104, Lagos.


Guinea Fowl₦7,000
Glover Court Suya menu

2. Polo Club Suya Ikoyi

Polo Club Suya is located at the Polo Club in Ikoyi. It is a members-only club where polo matches are played, and people go to network or socialise.

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While this spot is equestrian matches, people who patronize there know that it is the best suya spot in Lagos. The meat is healthy and tasty. You can go there to get a taste or order from your house if you stay around Ikoyi.

Location: 6 Polo Road, Ikoyi 106104, Lagos.

Opening hours: Monday – Sunday, 3 pm – 12 am.

3. Sooyah Bistro, Surulere

The Sooyah Bistro, Surulere is another spot that sells the best suya in Lagos. They began years ago, in Northern Nigeria and other parts of West Africa, where street chefs would flame-grill traditionally seasoned meat-on-skewers, to create an incredibly satisfying and spicy street food called “Suya”.

Since 2018, the Bistro has taken an age-old amazing Nigerian street food delicacy and infused its creativity, innovation, and a whole lot of fun into it, to result in an unmatched culinary experience.

Location: 1 Bisway Street, Lagoon Shopping Center, Oniru, Lagos.


Suya Shawarma₦3,000
Suya Toast₦1,750
Stir-Fried Rice₦3,500
Sooyah Bistro, Surulere menu

4. University Of Suya

The University of Suya is famous for being an expert at grilling suya. Situated on Allen Avenue, Ikeja, this place is reputed for being one of the best in the city.

You can’t talk about suya in Lagos without mentioning the University. The meat is remarkable and served in different shapes and sizes. Plus patrons receive a degree for eating it, a  B.A. Suya Eating (Hons). This place pulls a lot of crowds daily with its unique spice mix.

Location: 62 Allen Avenue, 101233, Ikeja, Lagos.

Opening hours: Monday – Sunday 2 pm – 6 pm.

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5. Super Suya Spot, Akerele

Super Suya Spot, Akerele is another location that has the best suya in Lagos. It is one of the good places where you can find the real deal on the mainland.

Situated in Akerele, Suruelere, Super Suya is a crow favourite amongst the locals and visiting patrons too. When you do visit this place, you’ll find a long queue waiting to get a taste of this grilled goodness.

Location: Akerele, Surulere, 101241, Ikeja, Lagos.

6. Eko Hotel Suya Spot

The Eko Hotel Suya Spot is located across from Eko Hotels, one of the most famous hotels in West Africa. Its proximity to Eko and world-class suya are two things that place it among the most popular areas to buy suya in Lagos.

This suya is said to be so delicious, that the restaurant has regularly been excluded from the occasional attempts by the Lagos state government to reduce roadside kiosks.

Location: Opposite Plot 1415, Adetokunbo Ademola Street, Victoria Island, Lagos.

7. IBB Suya Spot, Victoria Island

IBB Suya Spot did something good with the way it makes suya taste. This place not only has the best suya in Lagos, but they also understand what people like, and sample recipes that’ll have you coming back for more. You can get some suya from IBB and enjoy it with your favourite drink.

Location: Ahmadu Bello Way, Victoria Island, Lagos.

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