7 Best Beaches In Lagos

Which beaches do you think are the best in Lagos? In this article, we’ll discuss the 7 best beaches in Lagos, where to find them, fun activities you can do there, and the gate fee.

Lagos, Nigeria is a home of beaches and Lagosians are big on visiting beaches. On any given weekend, when they’re not out partying at Owambes or shopping at malls they’ll flock to any of the private or public beaches in the city. 

With the investment in Lagos’ hospitality sector surging over the years, more beaches and resorts are opening up their gates to give the city’s teeming population the experience of a lifetime.

When on a Lagos beach that doubles down as a resort, you may book a room to enjoy the waves. There are also many entertaining activities you can indulge in like kitesurfing, beach soccer, horse riding, or an all-night party shared with a diverse mix of like-minded individuals.

Whether you go there for the bars, restaurants, lounges or music, this list of beaches in lagos features some of the best locations you should consider for your weekend getaway. And if you keep reading this article, we’ll tell you why we said so.

7 Best Beaches in Lagos

1. Landmark Beach

2. Good Beach 

3. Box Beach (Sol Oniru by Boxmall Beach)

4. La Campagne Tropicana 

5. Tarkwa Bay

6. Moist Beach

7. Barracuda Beach

Best Beaches In Lagos

One of the amazing things about Lagos is its closeness to large bodies of water and the ocean. The way this city is set up, it is hard to not get sucked into a life of spending your weekends or holidays on any of its beaches.

If you are looking to destress, show off that summer body, or just want some time to think, these 7 best beaches in lagos are the perfect places for you to do so.

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For this section, we discuss each beach, where they’re located, activities in each one and how much the entry fee costs.

1. Landmark Beach

Landmark Beach is the top beach in Lagos.

When in Landmark, you can choose to attend one of its beach clubs – Lagos Beach Club or Island Breeze. Both beach clubs have swimming pools and in-house bars and restaurants.

At other parts of the beach, there are people lounging by the shoreline or relaxing in cabanas of different sizes. If you want something more active, Landmark also has football pitches, basketball and volleyball courts available where you can release some energy.

There is also a Vitality Sports & Leisure space where you can play golf on the two mini-courses. 

Landmark is a vast beach divided into four divisions. There are tricycles near the gate that can take you to any part of the grounds you wish to stay in for the day.

Landmark beach Lgaos

Location: Plot 3&4 Water Corporation, Road Oniru Estate Victoria Island, Annex.

Gate fee:  N3,500 per person.

Landmark beach fees

Side attractions: sports areas, cabanas, clubs, restaurants, and bars.

Other Items:

Picnic Benches₦3,000
Picnic Bench and Umbrella₦5,000
Grill₦5,500 for Medium
₦8,800 for Large
Foldable Chairs₦3,000
Landmark beach fees

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2. The Good Beach

The Good Beach

The Good Beach is a nice beach in lagos, this trendy beach club is built away from the chaos of the city to give you a serene place to unwind.

This beach is the perfect place for you to soak in the ocean breeze, white beach sand, a relaxing atmosphere, chill ocean breeze and azure blue sky that houses beautiful birds.

Good Beach cuts across the Atlantic coastline and is the ideal place for a weekend getaway alone or with friends.

Location: Victoria Island, 10b Trinity Avenue Oniru, Victoria Island Lagos.

Gate fee: N4,000 – N5,000.

Side attractions: Open pool, poolside huts,  live music, restaurants and bars, jet ski, boat ride, kayaking.

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The beachfront lounger chairs are free on a first-come-serve basis.

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3. Box Beach (Sol Oniru by Boxmall Beach)

The Sol Oniru by Boxmall Beach

Box Beach is another best private beach in lagos; it is recognized as a premium beach promenade in Nigeria and the biggest container park in Africa. 

The Box creates an immersive experience by being a lifestyle mall, entertainment village, and open forum. 

Visitors can indulge in various leisure activities, visit shops, dine at restaurants, or relax at the beautiful beachfront located on the Atlantic.

Location: 10B Trinity Avenue, Water Corporation Road, Oniru.

Gate fee: N3,000 – N5,000.

box beach price

Side attractions: Restaurants, bars, pool, shops, event hosting.

Other items:

Beach Lounger/Solo Chair₦3000
Poolside Lounger₦5000
Beach Picnic Pallet₦8000
Beach Bench₦10000
Beach Micro Bench₦12000
Solo Chairs₦12000
Beach Bed₦20000
Poolside bed₦20000
Beach Deluxe Double Bed₦20000
Beach Standard Cabana₦40000
Beach Large Cabana/ Shed₦75000
The box beach fees

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4. Moist Beach

Moist Beach

Moist Beach is a private beach in Lagos; it’s a calm but thrilling beach that draws you in with its ambiance and wonders. 

The beach exists to show off the beauty of African Arts, Culture, and Food, all in one location. 

The Moist Beach Oniru is a serene but exciting beach location, it is private and exclusive to thrill seekers. 

It makes for the perfect place to relieve stress and if nightlife is what you’re searching for, Moist offers an exciting experience in this area.

Location: Oniru Private Beach 1, Ligali Ayorinde, Victoria Island, Lagos

Gate fee: N1,000

Side attractions: Parties, themed cabanas, artworks, restaurants, bars, clubs, reefs.

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5. La Campagne Tropicana

La Campagne Tropicana can take the title of the best beach in lagos nigeria. This Beach Resort is not just one of the best beaches in lagos, but in the whole African continent as well. 

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It spans up to 60 acres on the Atlantic Ocean coast and is surrounded by coconut trees bordered by a lagoon and mangrove forest. La Campagne is the ideal place for an escape and a  close experience of the unique African culture.

At this resort, you can go to a palm wine bar, bonfire arena, mat-draped tents, and thatch-roofed cabanas. There are other land-based activities like ball sports and board games you can engage in for free. 

Water sports like kayaking and jet-skiing abound too at an extra fee and happen at the lagoon. The rooms at Campagne Resort are created to show off beautiful African interior designs and décor.

Location: Ikegun, Ibeju-Lekki Area, Off Lekki/Epe Expressway, Lagos, Nigeria.

Gate fee: NGN 2,000-NGN 6,000 per person.

Side attractions: Palmwine bar, bonfire arena, water sports.

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6. Tarkwa Bay

Tarkwa Bay is one of the good beaches in lagos, especially for aspiring surfers honing their skills and experienced surfers who love to catch a wave. This scenic location can be reached by boat from the Five Cowries terminal at Falomo in a 20-minute journey or from the other private jetties on Lagos Island.

This beach is one of the few beaches in Lagos where the residing community is heavily committed to its daily running. Vendors and residents alike strive to keep the environs free of trash. 

The Bay recently gained a reputation as an ideal camping location. Here, you can overlook the heartwarming views of the city and sight the magnificent towers at the Eko Atlantic.

Location: Lagos, Harbour.

Gate Fee: NGN 200 – NGN 500.

Side attractions: Camping, boat ride, surfing.

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7. Barracuda Beach

You can’t mention the names of beaches in Lagos without including Barracuda Beach. It is the sliest beach you can imagine and as early as 10 am on a Saturday morning you’ll find it bustling with an excited crowd.

A popular post for guests is the ”free zone”, a designated area with free seating under a row of coconut trees where people saving money for other attractions can sit.

Besides the free seating, you can also enjoy free games like beach soccer, handball, tug-of-war, and sack racing too. 

Barracuda is one of the few beaches in Okun Ajah that preserved its coconut plantation. Which you can experience as you walk through a canopy of coconut trees on your way to the beachfront.

Location: Okun Ajah Road, Okun-Mapo Village, Aja, Lagos.

Gate Fee: 

Side attractions: Coconut plantation, free seating area, sports.

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