free and paid internships in Lagos, Nigeria

Where to find internships in Lagos, Nigeria (free and paid)

Are you a university student or a young graduate looking to kickstart your career? Look no further than Lagos, Nigeria’s commercial and economic epicenter.

Finding the right internships in Lagos can be a stepping stone toward success as the city is teeming with opportunities for aspiring young professionals.

In this article, We’ve carefully curated a selection of top-notch internships spanning diverse industries, from banking and finance to tech and business. Whether you’re a recent graduate seeking practical experience or a student looking to expand your academic knowledge, these positions will provide you with experience, networking opportunities, and a chance to succeed in the competitive job market.

Get ready to explore the finest professional opportunities that await you in the beautiful city of Lagos.

What is an Internship? 

An internship serves as an excellent introduction to a potential career path. Throughout the course of an internship, you immerse yourself in the field, gaining practical, hands-on knowledge and skills.

It can either be paid or unpaid, as the primary objective is to acquire experience and exposure.

Paid internships typically offer financial compensation to participants. Unpaid internships, on the other hand, may provide academic credit or other non-monetary benefits, such as valuable experience.

Regardless of the type of internship, they provide valuable work experience and quality materials or certifications to enhance your resume. These experiences expose you to multiple facets of the industry, enabling you to explore your interests and career goals.

Benefits of Internships

Internships offer great benefits for young professionals in Lagos. Below, we have listed some of the advantages of getting an internship before your first big role in your career.

Work Experience 

Internships provide hands-on, real-world experience in a specific field or industry. You get access to an environment where you can develop the important skill set required for full-time employment.

Transition into full-time employment 

Many employers use internships as a recruitment tool. Interns who perform well during their internships may be offered full-time positions after graduation.

If you are able to impress your bosses during internship, you could be hired for a full-time position at the same company.

Oftentimes, hiring managers use internships to see if an intern will be a good addition to the company. Even if there’s no open role at the company, you can still move on with contacts in your industry.

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So, taking your internship seriously is very important.

Build a stronger resume

Having internship experience on a resume can set you apart from other candidates, especially recent graduates with limited work experience.

Not only will you be able to add the duties and projects from your internship to the experience section of your resume, but you will also be able to more clearly describe your objective for a permanent position. 

Secure good recommendations

A positive internship experience can lead to strong letters of recommendation from supervisors, which can be valuable when applying for future jobs or educational opportunities.

The supervisors and mentors you meet during your internship can provide valuable reference for you as you pursue a full-time job. 

The more positive and hardworking you are, the more likely managers are willing to recommend you for open positions.

Networking Opportunities 

Internships provide the perfect opportunity to build valuable connections in whatever industry you choose to work in. 

As an intern, you get to work under some of the industry’s top professionals and build personal relationships with them which may be useful when you need a job or referral in future. So, showing enthusiasm, interest, and curiosity in the job can help them see your potential.

5 Tips to Land Good Internships in Lagos, Nigeria

These are the tips to follow if you want to get the best internships in Lagos.

Apply Early

One of the easiest ways to land an internship in Lagos is to apply as soon as the company is searching for an intern.

Take note of upcoming internship deadlines and prepare for them well in advance. 

If you prepare well and apply early for an internship, the chances of being selected is very high especially if your resume is impressive. 

Many organizations plan their internships months before the start date, so early applications can give you an edge.

Be persistent 

Searching for a good internship in Lagos can be very challenging. If you don’t get an offer, don’t be easily discouraged. 

Keep applying, refining your approach, and learning from your experiences and others. 

You can also seek feedback from employers to know where you can improve for your future applications.

Have a strong and positive online presence 

Nowadays, hiring managers may ask for links to some of your social media apps like LinkedIn to get a look into your previous professional life. 

So, ensure your LinkedIn profile is up-to-date and professional. Connect with industry professionals and follow organizations of interest.

Submit a killer resume and cover letter

If you follow all the steps and you submit an underwhelming resume or cover letter, you can lose your chance of getting hired.

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Create a strong resume and cover letter that highlight your relevant skills, experiences, and accomplishments. If you need help writing a resume, you can check online for resources or pay professional resume writers to help you create a good resume.

Don’t close off unpaid internships 

Don’t limit yourself to only paid internships. Paid internships are amazing, you get to gain valuable experience and still make some extra cash in the process. 

In a competitive city like Lagos, paid internships are almost impossible to get. To avoid disappointment and wasting your time, try casting a wider net by expanding your search to unpaid intern roles. They are less competitive and easier to get.

Consider startups, non-profits, and smaller companies that can offer unique experiences you will need to get a full-time role.

Even though you won’t get paid, there are still lots of advantages you can get from them.

Where to find Internships in Lagos 

Company Website

If there’s a specific company you wish to intern at, visit their website regularly. They might post internship opportunities in their careers or jobs section. 

Top companies in Lagos often have structured internship programs, so ensure that you do not miss the deadline for application.

Online Job Portals

Websites like Jobberman, MyJobMag, and Indeed offer lots of internship opportunities. Create a profile, upload your CV, and begin search for jobs.

To make your search easier, Enter keywords like “internship,” “Lagos,” and your field of interest. Lastly, remember to tailor your resume and cover letter for each internship application.


Build your LinkedIn profile, and connect with industry experts, colleagues, classmates, etc. A larger network increases your chances of finding relevant internship opportunities.

Also, identify companies and organizations in Lagos where you’d like to intern. Follow their pages to stay updated on job postings and internship openings.

They often share internships, and you can connect with them directly.

Social Media

If you’re an avid social media user, there’s nothing stopping you from finding internships there.

Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook – these platforms are where companies often spill the beans about their internships. Interact online, ask questions, and stay updated so you never miss an internship post.

Networking Events

Networking events in Lagos offer the best atmosphere to make personal connections with potential employers and discover new internship openings.  

They’re like treasure hunts for internships. At the event, exchange numbers, LinkedIn, or social media handles with professionals who can hook you up with any opening they might have.

Best companies for internships in Lagos

Many companies in Lagos offer rewards to interns with the intention of fostering an educational experience.

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If you’re looking to gain hands-on experience and a chance to learn in the real world, these are the top companies offering the best internships in Lagos.


Microsoft offers one of the best internships for students pursuing a bachelor’s or master’s in engineering, computer science or any other related field.

In this program, interns will learn how to collaborate with other aspiring developers, engineers, or tech enthusiasts to solve complex problems and build the next generation of technological products.


Shell is a great company to intern at if you want to pursue a career in the oil and gas industry in  Nigeria. The program provides students in university the opportunity to gain real-world experience and work directly with top industry professionals.

The application process is pretty simple in itself, and once you meet the requirements, then you can start to have a real impact in the petroleum industry.

And what’s more, you get paid for working in one of the largest and most influential oil companies in Nigeria.


KPMG offers an undergraduate internship that allows young professionals to learn business skills, get mentorship, and build valuable connections before graduating from the university. 

The internship program can last for a duration of 3-12 months. The application process is very competitive so you have to ensure that you take all the required steps to be selected.

Access bank

Access Bank, one of Nigeria’s biggest commercial banks offers an Entry level recruitment and internship program for fresh graduates in Lagos.

The bank has several branches scattered across Lagos and other cities in Nigeria. In the program, you’ll learn the technical skill set, ethics, and soft skills you can use to make it in any industry of your choice.

The recruitment process is location-based so you can choose a location that suits you best.


PWC is one of the oldest operating companies in Nigeria. The company works as a global headquarter of firms, helping businesses manage their brand, and develop policies and initiative to succeed in the international market. 

Every year, the company recruits new interns from different study backgrounds and life experiences. The program runs for a period of 1-2 years and you will be provided with the resources, and qualifications to excel as a business professional.


The UNICEF internship program offers students and fresh graduates from different educational backgrounds, a chance to gain hands-on experience and valuable knowledge.

If you intern at UNICEF, you will get the best learning experience in the humanitarian sector and an internship certification that is recognized all over the world.


Chevron offers an engineering internship for serious minded students and recent graduates who wish to expand their knowledge enough to start building the career of their dreams.

As a Chevron intern, you’ll have opportunities to, gain world-class knowledge and interact with senior management, tour the facilities, and build useful connections with other Chevron professionals 

Wrap Up

When you find an internship you like, customize your CV and cover letter for each one. It’s as simple as dressing up for a special occasion.

Finding the right internship can take time. Be patient in your search and apply to multiple opportunities to increase your chances.

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