The Landmark Beach: Full Guide And Review

Landmark Beach has lots of activities that offer the excitement of the Lagos luxury beach life. If you are planning a day trip to the landmark beach resort, read this piece on The Landmark Beach: Full Guide And Review.

Unarguably the best beach on Victoria Island, landmark beach is Lagos’ leading weekend getaway location.

The beauty of this beach is unmatched. This place is one of the few preserved treasures in the city, everyone should experience it at least once.

Sparkling clear water, beautiful scenery, a clean and calm environment, well-maintained facilities, great ambiance, and safe for swimming and other water sports, the landmark resort is the perfect tourist attraction to see if you’re not a Lagosian. It is where you go to escape from your daily hustle if you do live and work in the city. 

Whether you are going for a boat cruise, surfing, a romantic or solo getaway, a party, or a luxurious honeymoon, Landmark has a thrill for every memorable occasion. 

When you’re there, you can watch the graceful surfers glide across the ocean, listen to the sound of waves crashing against rocks, enjoy a mouthwatering meal, or simply sit by the beach to self-reflect. You can also indulge in the themed park that has activities for all ages. 

Landmark Beach

Landmark Leisure Beach is the first in-city premier private beachfront in Lagos. It features a boardwalk that cuts across the Atlantic coastline, spanning the Landmark Village, which houses Hardrock Café, Shiro Restaurant, the Landmark Event Centre, and the upcoming Retail Boulevard.

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The landmark leisure beach provides a perfect blend of leisure and relaxing activities that serve adults and children.

Timings: 9 am- 10 pm

Gate fee: N3,500 per person.

Location:  Plot 3&4 Water Corporation, Road Oniru Estate Victoria Island, Annex.

Fun Things To Do At Landmark Beach

One thing that is guaranteed is that you’ll never be bored on a Lagos beach, especially if that beach is a landmark holiday beach resort. Landmark Leisure Beach is filled with many activities for friends, singles, couples, or families to enjoy.

The beach is massive, so, if you don’t want to simply soak in the sun on a sand bed or rest in a cabana, you can try the other landmark beach activities that let you release energy.

Below is an extensive list of fun things you can do at landmark Beach Oniru and how they work:

1. Picnic

Although you are required to buy food only at Landmark Beach, due to the restrictions on outside food and drinks, you can still have a nice picnic here. 

Note, there is a corkage fee imposed on every edible material you wish to bring to the beach, and if you are willing to pay that price you and your group can bring your own refreshments. 

You can set up a picnic area or rent out lounge chairs and cabanas. 

2. Jet Skiing

Jet Skiing is one water sport you can engage in at Landmark Beach. All you need to do is rent a jetski to go on a thrilling ride across the Atlantic coastline with Hard Rock Cafe and Eko Atlantic in its view.

3. Beach Volleyball

If landmark beach games are what you are interested in, you can go to the area built for beach volleyball which is open to all.

4. Basketball

The Basketball court at Landmark is booked by corporate organizations or tournaments. But if you do not have a team, you can show up with your kit and join other ball lovers for a game.

5. Minigolf

The minigolf putting course caters to novices or experienced golfers. It is for all ages so that a family can play in it.

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6. Adventure Course

The adventure course features a low to high-wire rope course, zip lining, and bungee ejection. This activity is perfect for adventurous people.

7. Wind and Kite Surfing

As an experienced swimmer, you can skate across the Atlantic coastline in weather condition that supports kite or windsurfing.

8. Beach Soccer

You can play a football match with your group or host soccer tournaments on the sandy shores of Landmark Beach. Beach soccer can be made available to you based on request.

9. Cabanas And Loungers

If you don’t want to stay at the landmark resort hotel, you can get a similar experience by relaxing at the Cabanas and Loungers at Landmark Leisure Beach. The beach’s serene and soothing atmosphere can help you settle.

10.  Group Events

You can host any type of event or party at these multipurpose locations. Your birthday parties, corporate events, or sports tournaments can be catered to by Landmark.

11.  Wedding

Create your own dream wedding along the Atlantic Ocean’s shores of Landmark. You can exchange vows with your love while all of nature and your well-wishers bear witness. Similarly, you can have your honeymoon at the landmark beach house.

12. Kids Play Area

Take your kids to the Kids Club at Landmark to ensure that the kids won’t be left out of all the fun.

The Landmark Beach Restaurants

There are several restaurants and clubs at the landmark hotel and beach resort which all impress with their mouthwatering cuisine and experience for beachgoers. 

If you do go to Landmark Leisure Beach, you should check out these places for premium enjoyment:

  • Amazon Spur Steak Ranches
  • Bubbletti
  • 12 Baguette
  • Lotty’s
  • Smallchops Beach Plus
  • Sooyah Bistro
  • Honey’s On The Beach
  • KFC
  • Green Cabin
  • Mario Pizza
  • Potakos
  • Papis
  • Stuffed Puffs Naija
  • Lulu Bowl
  • Subs By Bread Lounge
  • Toodun Takeaways
  • Casa De Pasta

Beach Clubs At Landmark Beach

  • Hangout Lagos.
  • The Truth Beach Club.
  • Island Breeze.

Landmark Beach Rules

Landmark Leisure Beach is a private beach and as such there are rules and regulations which patrons must abide by to keep them and others safe.

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Before you plan your day at a landmark private beach, take note of these guidelines put in place by management.

  • No swimming after sunset or in rough waters.
  • People with contagious diseases will be refused entry.
  • Swimming is prohibited without a lifeguard on duty.
  • No camping or sleeping overnight on the beachfront.
  • Lodge only at the landmark beach hotel.
  • Children should not be left unattended.
  • Keep the beach clean always.
  • No fireworks or unmonitored fires.
  • No Drugs or narcotics.
  • Personal food items and drinks attract a corkage fee.

Landmark Beach Reviews

Now that you’ve gotten a good idea of how Landmark Beach works, which restaurants you can get food from, and the activities you can enjoy there.

Let’s look at some recent reviews gathered from other beachgoers like you about this place.

1. Family Friendly

Landmark Leisure Beach is perfect for children and has facilities in place that support their enjoyment. Adults are not left out of the fun too.

The beach environment is well maintained and clean, and it has lots of places you can try various meals, although they are quite pricey you’ll have a good time on the beach.

2. Overpriced

Some beachgoers find the beach to be quite expensive as you have to pay for everything even the beach chairs after you’ve paid the entry fee. There were complaints of vendors hassling patrons for their patronage.

3. No Wide View Of The Atlantic

The beach is lovely but doesn’t have much view of the horizon. A beachgoer said they would have loved the experience more if they got a wider look at the Atlantic.

4. The Hotel Is Better Than The Resort

Beachgoers who have stayed at the hotel testified that it was better than the resort. According to them, the resort is poorly maintained, the facility is deteriorating, service is terrible, the rooms are in ruins, and management isn’t doing anything to make customers’ stays easier.

Wrap Up

The Landmark Beach is one of the most exciting beaches in Lagos, due to its fun mix of land and sea games which suits the needs of all types of beach patrons; water lovers, and landlubbers.

Frequently Asked Questions About Landmark Beach

We have answered some frequently asked questions you may have about Landmark Beach in this section.

Where Is The Landmark Beach Location?

The landmark beach is located in Landmark Village on Oniru Victoria Island.

What Is The Landmark Beach Address?

Plot 3&4 Water Corporation, Road Oniru Estate Victoria Island, Annex

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