Alice Garden Restaurant

Alice Garden Restaurant: Full Guide And Review

Alice Garden Restaurant is an Asian restaurant that offers you the African Continental and Asian (Korean / Chinese) Cuisine. It is the sister restaurant to Hua Han Lagos, it is situated in Ikeja GRA. People who have visited here have good things to say about the place. If you wish to go here, read our post on Alice Garden Restaurant: Full Guide And Review first.

When you’re in the Garden, you’ll blown away by its aesthetically pleasing décor which gives you a warm feeling the second you step through the doors. This Instagram-worthy restaurant is one of the most beautiful ones on the mainland. 

Alice is perfect for date nights with your special person, bridal showers and birthday parties too. Take a deeper dive into discovering this restaurant with our guide.

About Alice Garden Restaurant

Walking into Alice Garden leaves you in awe of how beautiful the place is. It spots picturesque décor placed at every corner. 

The restaurant gives you the feeling of being in a modern version of the Garden of Eden. The staff here are polite and may even help you take great pictures for your Instagram.

Alice plays good music too, they played old school songs that’ll have you singing along and dancing.

Location: 57 Oduduwa Way, Ikeja GRA 101233, Ikeja, Lagos.

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Timings: Sunday – Saturday, 11 am – 10 pm.

Alice Garden Restaurant Service Option

  • Dine in.

Alice Garden Restaurant Indoor Dining

The indoor dining space at Alice Garden is wide and decorated beautifully with well-crafted custom-made chairs, flowers hanging on the walls and from the roof, and fine light bulbs. This restaurant gives an Asian romantic vibe, complemented by exquisite antiques placed strategically around the eatery.

Events To Host At Alice Garden

Some recommended events you can host at this restaurant include birthdays, baby showers, bridal showers, and proposals. The decoration in the Garden is already magnificent and as such you won’t need the full services of a decorator.

Alice Garden Restaurant Food And Drinks Menu 

Alice Garden gets an A for its decoration, service, and overall ambience, but what would it score for its food and drinks? 

Below are some of the dishes that have been tried by visitors at the Garden, which you can sample too when you visit the restaurant.

Shanghai Fried Rice₦5,500Long Island Iced Tea₦4,000
Fried Rice With Shrimp₦3,000Galaxy Milk Tea₦3,500
Fried Croaker  + Pepper Sauce₦7,500Ice-Cream₦1,000
Spaghetti Bolognese₦5,000Tequila Sunrise₦4,000
Alice Garden Restaurant Food And Drinks Menu

Alice Garden Restaurant Reviews

Alice Garden Restaurant is said to be one of the most beautiful restaurants in Ikeja. It has that going for it. But, what else do people love about this place? What other comments do they have? Find the answer in these reviews below.

1. Beautiful Place

The Garden is a beautiful place with good food and attendants. Coming here won’t leave you disappointed. It’s a visually pleasing space to take a lot of good pictures. This place can be crowded on Sunday, but towards evening the crowd will reduce. 

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You’ll spend a minimum amount on food and drinks here. Plus the medium size of 2 meals can feed three people. The attendants may also be relied on to advise you about the sizing. All-in-all, it is worth every penny.

2. Aesthetically Pleasing

Alice is an aesthetically pleasing Chinese restaurant. You’ll love the flower decor. They have good milkshakes and the staff are courteous.

One downside about this place though is their high service charge which is up to 22.5%. Besides this it is beautiful, the food tastes delicious and is a reasonable quantity. It’s picture-worthy too. 

3. Delicious Meal and Wonderful Ambiance

Alice Garden Restaurant is the go-to place for delicious meals and a wonderful ambience. It boasts an alluring and colourful decor that detects the right tone for a relaxing dining experience. The second you walk in, you’ll be teleported into a world of sophistication and ease.

The food is astounding. No matter what you’re in the mood for -savoury or sweet, Alice provides a vast range of food options that can whet your appetite. From traditional Nigerian dishes to international cuisine, the meal is always fresh and flavourful.

4. Polite And Friendly Staff

The waiters are polite and friendly, you’ll be attended to with care. For someone eating Asian food for the first time, you’ll enjoy the food. The prices for meals are fair, but their VAT is too high. There is also the service charges which inflate the bills. But apart from this, it is a great place. You can go here for family time, dates, dinner, etc. 

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