Gras Restaurant

Gras Restaurant: Full Guide And Review

Gras Restaurant is an all-day dining restaurant that provides a fusion of cuisines, blending flavours and techniques from around the globe to excite patrons. Check out this guide on Gras Restaurant: Full Guide And Review to learn more.

It is situated in a stylish and modern setting. This restaurant is the ideal place to get a delicious meal any time of day, from breakfast to dinner. 

The menu is meticulously curated to provide a range of options for every taste and dietary preference. Whether you want something savoury or sweet, light or indulgent, you’ll find a preferred dish at Gras.

About Gras Restaurant

Gras offers delicious and excellent meals from European and Mediterranean cuisines. You will find different starters, juicy grilled meats, fish, and vegetarian dishes, served to guests the whole day. 

Eating here places you in a hospitable environment where you can enjoy tasty dishes with friendly waiters. Meals bought from Gras can be enjoyed in the convenience of your house too. Simply place an order and then come pick it up or have it delivered.

Location: 65 Adeola Odeku Street, Victoria Island.

Opening hours: 24 hours/day.

Things To Know About Gras Restaurant

Gras Restaurant is an upscale restaurant located in the heart of Victoria Island, Lagos. As is with other restaurants in this high-brow area, Gras seems reserved for the 1% of the city’s population. Meals here are on the high side in terms of price. 

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When you walk into Gras, you are greeted with a luxurious ambience, finished off with a Rolls Royce parked in the reception and a book-matched porcelain feature wall. We share other things to know about the place, especially if you are not accustomed to visiting restaurants like this one.

1. The drinks selection at Gras is varied and well-curated. The menu is upscale too, with expensive dishes.

2. The staff are attentive to your needs and are accomodating. They go the extra mile to ensure that your dining experience is nothing short of perfect.

3. Gras serves a variety of dishes that feature African, Italian, Nigerian, European, and Mediterranean meals. You can order anything here from classic jollof rice to buttered yam or more interesting choices such as crab salad and special rice with prawn.

4. Each dish is prepared to perfection and presented with a sophisticated plating. The chef adds a special touch to the service, by going round to ask guests for reviews.

5. Gras Restaurant provides live entertainment to patrons with a violinist who plays beautiful music, to help you relax better.

6. This place is an ideal spot for romantic date nights or special occasions as it has elegant decor and premium service that’ll impress your date or guests.

Gras Restaurant Lagos Food And Drinks Menu 

What’s on the menu for Gras Restaurant? Find some available dishes and drinks with prices below.

Tuna Tataki₦17,500Belluga Allure₦150,000
Suya Mixed Grilled Platter₦18,000Glenfiddich 23 Yrs Grand Cru ₦600,000
Buffalo Flat Bread₦10,000Suntory Yamazaki₦477,000
Blended Yam Soup₦8,500Martell Xo₦400,000
Goat Cheese Salad₦15,000Bombay Sapphire₦54,000
Lamb Shanks Jollof Rice₦33,000Chateau Palmer 2010₦780,000
Gras Restaurant Lagos Menu

Gras Restaurant Reviews

Gras Restaurant carries itself as a fine establishment reserved only for the elite Lagosians. But, are their prices worth the experience they provide guests? Or are they just another overpriced establishment that fails to offer value? These reviews will answer these questions.

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1. Pricing Doesn’t Justify Food Taste

A patron wrote that their experience at Gras started well with the ambience and welcoming decor. The staff were friendly enough, but their service felt choreographed. The restaurant’s pricing did not justify the food’s taste.

The food failed to impress, and an 80k dish they ordered was disappointingly lacking. The cheesecake tasted good, but the way it was presented didn’t cause any positive reactions.

Gras waitress was rigid and showed little flexibility in allowing simple requests or variations. She insisted on strictly adhering to service protocols, which detracted from the patron’s dining experience. 

You can visit Gras Restaurant once if you like the vibe, but it is better to check the menu and prices beforehand to manage expectations.

2. Delivered Premium Service

Another guest wrote that they had an amazing experience. The staff, security, and valet were nice. They attend to you in a respectful manner and you feel welcomed. Even without a reservation, you are ushered into the place to dine with others.

The decor is classy and creates an ambience befitting an expensive dining restaurant. It makes you feel appreciated for deciding to patronize the place.

Gras was qualified as one of the 3 places in Lagos that can serve a proper medium rare Ribeye Steak. Their Black Angus beef is tasty and the side dish is cut into perfect cubes.

3. Excellent Decor

The decor is excellent, the vintage Rolls Royce parked inside the reception and book-matched porcelain feature wall make the entire restaurant elegant. There are a variety of drinks and well thought out. The menu is reasonably upscale.

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Although the waiters and their knowledge of the menu needs work. But the food is good and this is somewhere to consider for a date night.

4. Needs Some Improvement

Gras Restaurant is a new spot with a great interior and vibe. It is easily a top 10 restaurant in Lagos. But, the parking is disorganized. A patron reported that they were blocked on the ground floor asking if they have reservations. A relevant question, but they had confrontational body language. 

Besides this, the service was polite and orders were re-confirmed after ordering. The food is delivered on time without delays, drinks too. The only problem is that they found serves overly offering to help and be attentive. This came off as intrusive, especially in the middle of serious conversations or meetings. These are areas that need minimal improvements.

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