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The Good Beach: Guide And Review (What to Know)

Do you need more information about your visit to the good beach? The Good Beach Full Guide And Review discusses activities, available amenities, reviews, and other information you need to make your experience enjoyable. 

The Good Beach is one of the new private beaches in Lagos. It is a new spot inaugurated last year and sits on the Atlantic coastline in the heart of Victoria Island Lagos. 

It began its operations in April 2023 and has garnered attention since its launch. It quickly became the go-to place for level-headed fun.

People who enjoy the lull of the ocean, white sands that crunch under their feet, good food, a peaceful atmosphere, and the free-spirited who enjoy running by the water will find a home here for a variety of reasons.

If you are putting together a gathering or special occasion, you should put the good beach on your to-do list. 

But first, read this good beach guide and review to get a head start on your visit. It explains what to expect, what to do, and where to go while there.

The Good Beach

The Good Beach was created by skilled designers, architects, and artists to be a place where dreamlike relaxation spaces meet exquisite dining, attractions, entertainment, and nightlife.

This place’s rarity enhances your experience while inviting you to redefine your perspective of what luxury should be.  

The good beach never sleeps and keeps on from Monday through Saturday. The beach is filled with activities, happy hours, games, and music.

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The Good Beach opens its doors to the populace Monday – Sunday from 12 pm to 5 am. These are the times when you can gain access to the ocean. 

Gate Fee 

The Good Beach gate fee is N4,000 per head on Mondays to Thursdays, and N5,000 if you visit there weekends, from Friday to Sunday.

Meanwhile, patrons who are subscribed to membership plans receive extra perks for entry and access to certain activities. This membership package is called the Good Beach Club.


The Good Beach is located at 10B, Water Corporation Road, Trinity Avenue Oniru, Victoria Island Lagos. 

The Good Beach
The Good Beach

Best Times To Visit The Good Beach

Although you have unrestricted access to the establishment from 12 pm to 5 am, there are still ideal times to visit the Good Beach to get the best experience.

That being said, weekdays are the best times to visit this place. This time is great for people who want a less crowded environment.

If people-watching and crowding are what you desire, then weekends, public holidays, or significant dates are when you should go. You can also attend the special events hosted by the establishment to entertain patrons.

The Good Beach Facilities

One place where the good beach shines is putting in place several facilities to ensure that beachgoers have a fantastic time there. 

You’ll never run out of places to relax after a long day at the beach, the same way you’ll never run out of fun things to do. 

On that note, check out some of the facilities available at Good Beach.

1. Fine Restaurants And Bars

The Good Beach

The Good Beach has excellent restaurants that promote fine dining and whet your appetite, with extensive menus that include favorites such as rice, pasta, pastries, soft drinks, cocktails, fresh fruit juice, and so on. 

You can choose to eat as soon as you enter the beach because the restaurants are close by and the seating is free.

2. Cabanas

The Good Beach

When you’re inside the Cabanas on Good Beach, you’ll feel like you’re in an exotic water resort. You can sit there and watch the tide or simply relax.

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Cabanas cost N35,000 per day, Monday through Thursday. On weekends, the price can rise to N50,000.

3. Cabins

The Good Beach cabana

Good Beach has good cabins where you can rest if you’ll be staying at the beach for an extended period. These cabins have private pools and go for N160,000 on weekdays and N230,000 on weekends. 

4. Swimming Pool

good beach Swimming Pool

If you want to swim while visiting Good Beach, you can use the beach’s massive swimming pool. It also has a designated area where children can swim while being supervised by an adult.

5. Water Vessels

The water vessels at Good Beach can transport you through the ocean as you tour the beach.

These vessels are extra, and you can either reserve one or pay when you arrive at the beach. You’ll be led through the water by a guide.

Fun Things To Do At The Good Beach

Whether you come with friends or embark on a solo adventure, you’ll always find fun activities to indulge in at the Good Beach.  

We have sampled some of the fun things you can do at Good so that you not only have a good time but also make unforgettable memories.

1. Boat Ride

You can take a boat ride with other beachgoers across the ocean as you tour the water and its environs. While the boat is free to members with a subscription, you’ll pay extra as a non-member to go on a boat tour.

2. Jet Ski

Jet skiing is another water sport available at The Good Beach. All you have to do is rent a jetski from the staff and go on a solo tour of the ocean.

3. Kayaking

Kayaking is a great activity for water enthusiasts who have some experience riding a kayak. If this describes you, then this water vessel may be more to your liking and experience.

4. Surfing

If you enjoy swimming, surfing at Good Beach provides an excellent opportunity to glide across the ocean while racing against the waves. Try this for a thrilling experience that will make you feel alive.

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5. Oval Boat Ride

The Oval Boat Ride is something you can do with other beachgoers who can swim and want to get a feel for the water.

Good Beach Reviews

The Good Beach reportedly brings a unique experience to the Lagos tourism scene which surpasses offerings from similar locations in the city.

But how exactly do people feel about the Good Beach? Is it something they’d recommend or are there areas where it fell short?

We address these concerns in the following review:

1. Free Lounge Chair

good beach Lounge Chair

The lounge chairs at the Good Beach are free and offered on a first come first serve basis. But if you want a cabana or a more comfortable sitting area, you’ll pay an extra fee for it.

2. Family Friendly

Good Beach is a good place to take the whole family including your kids. Kids play at a secure distance where parents can keep an eye on them without missing out on their own fun.

3. Good Customer Service

The staff go out of their way to be nice to patrons and they are said to indulge children too.

4. Beautiful Environment

Good lives up to the beauty expectations people have of it. The environment is colourful which makes it ideal for content creators, photographers, and Tiktokers.

5. Accessible Food Court

The food court is at the entrance making it convenient for you to get food and drinks before entering to relax beside the ocean.

6. Numerous Seating Areas

The Good Beach

The sitting areas at TGB are numerous and some of them are free, unlike other beaches where you’ll have to pay to sit.

7. Privacy

The cabanas on the Good Beach are private, they come with pools and curtains to ensure that you are not disturbed or interrupted by anyone.

The Good Beach Frequently Asked Questions

Before we wrap up this article, we’d like to address some frequently asked questions about Good Beach.

These responses are intended to address general inquiries.

Are Food And Drinks Allowed?

No, food and drinks are not allowed at the good beach.

Which Seating Areas Are Free At The Beach?

The lounge chairs are free and on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Do I Need To Prebook My Ticket?

No need to pre-book for individual access, but you’ll get a discount for booking on the website. It is also advisable to pre-book for classic and premium cabanas.

What seating areas are available for free?

The lounger chairs are available for free on a first-come-serve basis.

Are there party/special packages?

Yes, this option is available.

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