7 Best Tourist Attractions In Lagos

Are you a resident or a first-time visitor looking to tour Lagos? In this article, we will share the 7 Best tourist attractions in Lagos that you should visit. These places we mention in our post, are not just the hottest destinations in the state, but they are also the ones that represent the city’s history and culture the most. 

Lagos is the resting place of a wide variety of spectacular and unique creations. These creations make up its tourist attractions, bringing in visitors from all over the world who would like to get a firsthand look. From resorts, museums, galleries, conservative centres, and small historic towns, you’ll never run out of places to explore in this city. 

Due to the plethora of worthy attractions in Lagos, it’s not uncommon that most travellers who visit here prefer to extend their state. This makes sense because to see all the wonders housed in the state you’ll need at least a week.

So, what are the best tourist attractions in Lagos? What’s their story and where in the state are they located? We’ll answer these questions in a bit.

Best Tourist Attractions In Lagos

1. Freedom Park

2. Badagry Black Heritage Museum

3. Nike Art Gallery

4. National Theatre

5. The Lekki Conservation Center

6. Nigerian National Museum

7. Tarkwa Bay Beach

7 Best Tourist Attractions In Lagos

One thing about Lagos is that it has lots of interesting places and many sides which it shows to guests. Everything you do in this city is tour-worthy, whether you are staying at a hotel, or a resort, or simply sampling the dishes at its restaurants. As long as it’s Eko you are in, you’ll be thrilled, no matter where you decide to turn your attention.

However, for the sake of history and culture, we suggest that you put these 7 best tourist attractions in Lagos on top of your list.

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1. Freedom Park

Built on the ruins of Her Majesty’s Broad Street Prisons, Freedom Park is one of the best tourist attractions in Lagos. The prisons were renovated to preserve the history and cultural heritage of the Nigerian people. 

This project commemorated the 50th anniversary of Independence Day in October 2010 to remember the nation’s foremost fathers of their patriotism, which eventually led to Nigeria’s independence from the colonists. 

Freedom Park is a heritage site. It serves various purposes all at once due to it rising from a place of oppression to expression, a green space, an art and cultural space, and of course a historical site. It was recently awarded with the title of the Entertainment Capital of Lagos (ECL). 

Location: Freedom Park Lagos, 1, Hospital Road, Old Prison Ground, Off Broad Street, Lagos Island.

2. Badagry Black Heritage Museum

The Badagry Black Heritage Museum located in the former district officer’s office built in 1863, houses hundreds of artefacts and historical relics that detail over 300 years of the movement of slaves through Lagos. From the early 1500s, Badagry was one of many trading and transport areas in West Africa for slaves being sold off to America. It is estimated that roughly 550,000 African slaves sailed through this area. 

Heritage Museum takes tourists on a journey to Nigeria’s slave past. Its nine galleries tell this tale using artefacts like trade documents, dated shackles, sketches, photos, sculptures, and other salvaged historical records that chronicled Badagry’s dark past. Another good thing about visiting this place is that the whole of Badagry is a living museum; you can learn the role the town played during the slave trade just by being there.

Location: Marina, GRA Road, Badagry, Lagos.

3. Nike Art Gallery

Nike Art Gallery is another of the best tourist attractions in Lagos, it is arguably the largest gallery in all of West Africa. The centre is situated in a five-story building that houses an art gallery, textile museum, and coffee shop; spotting more than 80,000 collections of artworks created by various Nigerian artists.

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You may need the entire day to see all the artworks on display at the Center of Art and Culture. Fortunately, it is open seven days a week, so you can come anytime you want to look at more work. The various exhibitions and workshops hosted at the Nike Art make this place a distinct tourist attraction.

Another thing to note when visiting the Nike Art Gallery is that dance troops occasionally come in to entertain guests. Other things you can do is take a week-long art course with Nike herself and stay at the guest hours provided by the gallery. You could sample the available cuisine too.

Location: No 2, Nike Art Gallery Road, 3rd Roundabout, Ikate, Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria.

4. National Theatre

The National Theatre stands tall and proud as a centre that reflects the periods of local and regional art history in Nigeria. The ideas borne out of this place have driven significant developments. Since the Theatre was established, it has acted as a main events venue, relaxation centre, and tourist spot for nationals and foreigners alike. The management has also done well to retain the serenity of its environment over the years through hard work.

The halls of the National Theatre, act as important venues where people can host historic events, meetings, and gatherings. The cinema halls have staged interesting dramas too. The facilities at the Theatre have been able to meet the needs of both Nigerian and foreign guests. The managing board takes pride in consistently preserving the artistic nature of this edifice.

Location: National Theatre, Iganmu, Surulere, Lagos.

5. The Lekki Conservation Center

The Lekki Conservation Center, rightfully graces the list of best tourist attractions in Lagos, due to how magnificent this place is. The Centre was established as a plant and animal protection program headed by the Nigerian Conservation Foundation and Lagos State Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperative.

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Lekki Conservation spans 190 acres of land bordered by the Lekki Lagoon. It exists to preserve and guard endangered species in Nigeria from extinction. This place is where to visit if you want to see rare birds and animals. 

Location: KM 19, Lekki-Epe Expressway, Lekki Peninsula II, Lekki.

6. Nigerian National Museum

The Nigerian National Museum stands as a beacon of the country’s rich cultural heritage. Established in 1957 by English archaeologist Kenneth Murray, this treasure trove is home to a spectacular collection of Nigerian art that spans the epochs. You’ll find statuary, intricate carvings, archaeological finds, and ethnographic exhibits here.

One of the most prominent jewels at the National Museum is the Jemaa Head, which is a remarkable example of the terra-cotta craft from the Nok culture, dating back to 900 and 200 BC. It was unearthed in the village of Jemaa which it was named after. The artefact serves as a relevant connection to Nigeria’s prehistoric past.

Other captivating finds at this museum include the ‘Cycle of Life’ exhibit which shows interesting artefacts such as a clay Yoruba pot which was traditionally used to bury an umbilical cord, and an Egungun masquerade costume which is worn during the traditional dance at a chief’s funeral.

Location: 11 Military Street, Lagos Island, Lagos.

7. Tarkwa Bay Beach

Tarkwa Bay Beach is one of Lagos’ most popular and oldest beaches. If you’re in the city and looking for the best tourist attractions in Lagos, near the ocean, Tarkwa should be on your list. The beach is clean, affordable, and exclusive.

The Bay is one of the few select beaches in the city where you can get some alone time without interruptions from the crowd. You can go here with friends as well if you need company.

Tarkwa is sheltered and sits close to the Lagos Harbour. Due to it being an island, you can only get to this place by boat or water taxi. If you are a swimmer or enjoy water sports like kayaking, then you should check this place out. The locals are friendly too, so you’ll have no problem fitting in.

Location: Lagos, Harbour.

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