How to Find Used Cars For Sale In Lagos By Owners

Are you stumped about how and where to get used cars for sale in Lagos? This post on How to Find Used Cars For Sale In Lagos By Owners will help you understand everything you should know about buying second-hand cars and point you towards reputable dealers where you can find them.

Buying a new car may be one of the most exciting feelings in the world, knowing you secured a car that hasn’t been driven by anyone else before. However, you’ll get that same level of happiness when you also buy a used car. There are various levels to acquiring used cars in Lagos, which is why it is imperative that you do extensive research before accepting any offer that seems legit. You must not empty your savings or be scammed just because you want to buy a car.

Besides high import duties that scare off buyers who avoid purchasing second-hand cars from overseas, There are some other reasons why you should consider buying used cars for sale in Lagos by owners:

  • Acquiring vehicles directly sold by the seller is the best way to get cars sold under specific conditions.
  • It costs less than buying it directly from a business. The price can cover the worth the buyer wants and still give the seller enough profit.
  • Used cars available for sale by owners can be proper and still efficient.

How To Find Used Car For Sale In Lagos By Owners 

As someone looking to buy a second-hand car, there are certain steps you should take to find used cars for sale in Lagos by owners. These measures don’t just protect you from getting scammed out of your money but also ensure that you get the exact vehicle you paid for and that you don’t land in trouble for purchasing a stolen car.

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1. Meet With The Seller For Inspection

When buying used cars for sale in Lagos by owners, don’t just take the seller’s initial word for it. Someone who’s selling their vehicle may not be 100% honest about its conditions. This is why you should meet up with them for an inspection to avoid “what I ordered VS what I got”.

2. Take A Mechanic With You

You may know your cars, but the ones you want to purchase may have some hidden issues only a professional can see. A Mechanic will save you the trouble of buying a damaged car by affirming that the vehicle in front of you is good by all standards.

3. Verify The Car’s Plate Number

Doing a car plate number check is essential as it unveils evidence about its history. It lets you know where it’s been and if the owner has had any run-ins with the law.

4. Request That You Be Given The Car For A Test

You can get permission from the seller to drive the car around for a while before you make payment for you. To ensure that both parties” interests are protected, they can chaperone you why you drive the car. A test helps you discover any problems the vehicle may have.

5. All Of The Car’s Document Should Be Complete

Do not make any installments for a car without first checking to see if the documents are complete and correct. Take the records to the relevant experts for validation.

6. Meet In A Public Place

No matter what, do not meet the owner in an isolated place. This is for your safety. Insist that both of you meet at an open place, where there are lots of people.

Where To Find Used Cars For Sale In Lagos By Owners 

The best step to take on how to find used cars for sale in Lagos by owners is to visit a legit car-selling website. These sites usually create a platform for owners to create profiles and market their vehicles to a wider audience in hopes of getting a good deal for it.

By joining such a site, you’ll see different postings for buyers which you can select from. It also guarantees that the process is quicker and safer and you get only cars that are in good condition. 

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Another thing to note about these types of websites is that you would be talking to the owner directly at no additional charge to you from a third party. You’ll speak to them one-on-one on a controlled platform that ensures you don’t get scammed.

So where are some places you can find used cars for sale in Lagos by owners? We listed them below.

1. Jiji

Jiji is a one-stop marketplace where you can find just about anything you’re looking for. They sell pets, clothes, laptops, mobile phones, home appliances, furniture, and sports equipment, and are known to dabble in the sales of new and used cars too. 

This platform is a good place to find used cars for sale in Lagos by owners because sellers have been known to display their vehicles on them. You can chat with a car owner to negotiate prices and finalize a deal. Jiji also provides verification and free evaluation.


Carmart is a top car dealer in Nigeria that provides trusted, reliable, affordable, and quality cars, whether they are second-hand or brand-new. 

It presents itself as an online marketplace that offers a world-class medium for car buyers and owners to deal in all types of vehicles trading with each other directly.

3. Autochek Africa

Autochek Africa exists to transform the automotive buying and selling experience for African customers. They are building a sole marketplace that meets all your automotive needs, including sourcing and financing to after-sales support and warranties.

They are an automotive technology development company building the infrastructure to make care ownership more accessible and affordable in the continent. This makes them one of the best places to find used cars for sale in Lagos by owners.

4. has proven itself as an automaker with a wide portfolio of top-quality products with Nigeria Used Cars for Sale prices in Lagos. A look at the variety of products can show you how much improvement has been made in its performance and design. The number of sales for the automaker indicates its efforts and success in the market.

In the Car for Sale section, you’ll find numerous ranges of cars for sale in Lagos including Nigeria Used Cars for Sale which are organized according to certain criteria such as body types, production years, colours, price ranges etc. Use the filtering tool on the website to sift results.

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5. can guide people searching for used cars for sale in Lagos. They are a leading platform in the country for buying and selling Nigerian Used Cars and Tokunbo Cars from trusted traders in Nigeria. They offer a guide and information on how to buy a car online in Lagos conveniently.

There are simple ways for you to make safe car transactions, one of which is to buy cars available for sale by the owner or the ones sold by reliable dealers. On Naijauto, you’ll find cheap and affordable prices for vehicles.

6. Affordable Cars Nigeria

Affordable Cars Nigeria is an Auto dealer in Lagos that has been serving its distinguished and discerning clients since 1995. Brands they deal in are Toyota, Honda, Lexus, Land Rover, KIA, Mitsubishi, Mercedes Benz, Nissan, Infinity, Ford, etc. Customers they cater to are Corporate Organizations, Government Parastatals, and Private individuals. Each car comes with a manufacturer’s warranty.

They also have an automobile workshop called AutoCare 24/7, where they give cars premium repairs and after-sales maintenance. The shop is filled with cutting-edge equipment. They ensure that at the end of every repair/maintenance, each car goes through a Pre-Delivery Inspection (PD)) by their Quality Control Unit (QCU) before it is delivered.

7. Chutku

Chutku is a website that you can use to purchase any type of item for your daily use. Sellers with unwanted properties at their house, often come to this place to sell it in hopes of getting paid. Used cars which are still in good condition are one of the things you’ll find here.

The site is simple to use and navigate thanks to a clean and mobile-friendly interface built by the company.

How To Spot Scammers When Looking For Used Cars For Sale In Lagos By Owners 

There are no special powers that’ll protect you from a scammer since anyone can access the web. However, there are certain ways to know who is fraudulent when looking for used cars for sale in Lagos by owners.

1. Offers Very Low Price

Putting up a low price is a method scammers use to hook buyers. Usually, second-hand cars are more affordable than new ones, but if the prices seem unrealistic and ridiculously low, it is probably fake.

2. Asking For Half Payment

If the merchant asks for any type of installment payment before giving you a car, then they’re probably tricking you. It is not smart to pay partly for something you’ve not seen or confirmed exists.

3. Won’t Talk Over The Phone

Fake sellers won’t want to talk to you on the phone since they do not want to leave any trails about themselves. In the event that phone calls are the only way to contact them, repeat scammers will do everything to postpone the conversation so that they will not be discovered.

4. Request Payment In Cash

To avoid being caught, scammers will often refuse to take cheques or bank transfers for cash. They want to be paid in cash. This way, they can give you a bad vehicle or nothing at all, and run away without being traceable. 

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