The Barracuda Beach: Full Guide And Review

Barracuda Beach is a famous location that is rated among the best private beaches in Lagos. Putting together a daycation here will take some work, which is why we created this article on Barracuda Beach: Full Guide And Review. 

Barracuda beach appears on numerous lists of good places to catch Atlantic Waves, and that is because it brings a different package to the hospitality scene. It is a secure place with a magnificent view and landscape. 

Its clear white sand, deep blue sea, and serene environment stretch out to the space and includes a 50-room resort that features an inbuilt restaurant, pool, and beach. 

Barracuda sits at the Ajah axis of Lagos, providing a safe haven to run to when you need to get away from the noise of the town and busy roads. This location has the best hotel rooms and leisure activities such as horseback riding and table tennis that both solo travelers and families can enjoy. 

You’ll need more information to make your daycation an easy and memorable one. That information is what our article will avail you of. 

Barracuda Beach

The barracuda beach resort takes pride in being the go-to place for tourists, visitors, vacationers, and leisure travellers to stay over, while dining and taking in the enchanting view of the Atlantic Ocean. 

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This establishment offers a well-rounded package that includes lodging and dining for guests or a conference hall to host meetings, retreats, weddings, and seminars. 

They provide a wide variety of entertainment for your pleasure like beach soccer, volleyball, basketball, tennis, snooker, swimming pool, ocean view lounge and bar facilities, and in-house DJ services.

Barracuda ensures that you leave with a memorable experience supported by premium service, uncompromised standards, friendliness, and the authentic Nigerian experience.


The Barracuda Beach location is Okun Ajah Road, Okun-Mapo Village, Aja, Lagos.

Gate Fee

Entry into barracuda resort costs N1,000 for adults and N500 for children. When you pay this fee, you’ll get an entry ticket. 

Barracuda Beach Rooms And Suites

Although the place houses is a 50-room resort, there are 4 different types of rooms you can stay at in barracuda beach lagos. Each one offers maximum comfort and is well-serviced to give you a relaxing stay.

Here we discuss these rooms, their packages, and the price they go for per night.

1. Deluxe Room

The Deluxe Room comes with a patio where you can sit to enjoy the chill breeze of the Atlantic Ocean. It has a King-sized bed inside it, a dining set for 3, Mini-fridge, an Electric kettle, coffee mugs, and an LED Flat-screen TV. 

Price: N28,000 per night.

2. Standard Room

The Standard Room is convenient and cost-friendly accommodation for overnight rest or solo travellers. It also comes with a King-sized bed, dining set for 3, Mini-fridge, Electric kettle, coffee mugs, and an LED Flat-screen TV. 

Price: N22,000 per night.

3. Junior Suites

Barracuda’s Junior Suites are cosy and superior, it has pullout sofas and is built to make your stay unforgettable. 

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These suites feature a sofa for 4, a King-sized bed, a dining set for 3, Mini-fridge, an Electric kettle, coffee mugs, and an LED Flat-screen TV. 

Price: N45,000 per night.

4. Executive Suites

The Executive Suites is ideal for families and has well-structured spaces that allow maximum convenience. It has a sofa for 6, a King-sized bed, a dining set for 3, Mini-fridge, an Electric kettle, coffee mugs, and an LED Flat-screen TV. 

Price: N55,000. 

Facilities Available At Barracuda Beach

There are numerous amenities available that will make you want to return to this location whenever possible. The beach has everything you need for an unforgettable vacation.

Those things include a well-preserved beach, a luxurious ocean view, huts, in-hut dining, a dining hall, a conference hall, and entertainment facilities.

As you prepare for your trip, these are some of the facilities you can expect to use:

1. Swimming Pool

There is a 15 meters x 5 meters (3-step) Swimming pool for you to cool off in.

2. Sports Bar

The sports bar comes with an indoor snooker Game.

3. Lounge

An exclusive relaxation lounge where you can just settle down if you don’t feel like going to the beach.

4. Restaurant

This restaurant specializes in African and Continental cuisine. You’ll get whatever you want to eat.

5. Bar

At the beach’s bar, you can get beers, spirits, and alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

6. Stage

The Centre stage is used for Musical Shows and Entertainment.

7. Conference Halls

Barracuda’s multipurpose halls are used for corporate and individual events.

8. Accommodations 

Guests and travellers can stay in any of the 50 rooms owned by this establishment.

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9. Picnic Set Up

Camp in the picnic pavillions as you share a meal with loved ones.

10. Dining

Open-air dining and indoor dining (dining hall and hut delivery) are available to patrons.

Fun Things To Do At Barracuda Beach

There are lots of fun things you can do at Barracuda Beach. You can go for a walk, swim, or join friends for a game of soccer by the waters.

These are other interesting activities you can engage in when you’re there:

1. Beach Soccer

Play a game of soccer at the designated football pitch designed to occupy this sport.

2. Horse Riding

You can ride a horse on the banks of the Atlantic Ocean. You may go solo or work with a guide if you can’t ride.

3. Eat Delicious Snacks

Treat yourself to a delicious fish barbecue, suya, and asun prepared to delight your taste buds.

4. Play Volleyball, Basketball, And Table Tennis

In addition to soccer other sports you can participate in include volleyball, basketball, and Table Tennis. 

Barracuda Beach Reviews

Are you ready to go to Barracuda Beach? Read the reviews below to see what other visitors had to say about the place.

1. Great For A Good Time

The beachfront is nice, the DJ supplies enough good music for patrons and there is a playground space for kids to play. There is also a mini-sized swimming pool for adults and kids. Free sitting areas are available on the beach front too.

2. Relaxing 

Barracuda is a great place to unwind. When it’s late and you can’t go home, you can stay at the on-site hotel. There are plenty of parking spaces and entertainment options.

3. Serene And Cosy

The setting is tranquil and comfortable enough for you to unwind. It will quickly become your favorite place to spend a day off.

4. Bring Your Own Food

At Barracuda, you can enter with your food and drinks, it is allowed.

5. Well Equipped

The establishment runs smoothly with facilities in place to better serve you. Running water is at the beachfront where you can rinse off after a swim in the ocean. 

6. Clean

The beach is clean, the staff are professional, not much crowd and there are enough tents and tables for visitors.

Barracuda Beach is one of the best beaches in Lagos, in terms of quality and affordability. Visit this place when you can. 

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