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Best Strip Clubs In Lagos

Attending a strip club in Lagos might just be the thing you need, to restore some excitement to your boring social life and take things up a notch. If you are ready to jump into the deep end, this post on Best Strip Clubs In Lagos has got you covered.

Lagos is number one and is the frontrunner for entertainment in Nigeria. Foreigners who travel to his place, including residents, can all attest to its supremacy in this sector. Usually, the top places to visit have always been beaches, bars, cinemas, or restaurants. But recently, strip clubs have begun to grow in popularity.

“Dream capital of the world” and “Center of seduction” are some of the nicknames this city has been dubbed, due to its thriving adult entertainment culture.

When you want a night filled with music, drinks, food, and non-stop fun, selecting a place in Lagos can be a bit difficult. Thankfully, we have listed 7 best strip clubs in Lagos that’ll thrill you.

7 Best Strip Clubs In Lagos

1. Silverfox

2. Teazers Cabaret

3. Bayrock Gentlemen’s Club

4. Secrets Palace

5. Diamonds Of Lagos

6. Unique Gentleman’s Club

7. Ocean Blue

Best Strip Clubs In Lagos

Thrill seekers, these are the most exciting and best strip clubs in Lagos you should check out, the next time you want to have some unusual fun. These places come highly recommended and certainly do not disappoint.

1. Silverfox

Silverfox is the best strip club in Lagos; before it came to Nigeria, the Fox was already a household name in the Florida nightclub scene in the USA. Since it was established, this strip club has focused on providing top-notch and exquisite nightlife services, which it has also recreated in Lagos.

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The founder of Silverfox, Big Slim, spent most of his life in Miami, Florida although his mother is Nigerian. He has several strip clubs in Jacksonville, Toronto, and Caracas, Venezuela. He is really passionate about the adult nightclub industry. Slim saw an opportunity in Nigeria’s growing hospitality business and decided to introduce the ultimate gentleman’s club experience to the country.

Silver has become a top adult club in Lagos, and the go-to destination for half of the city’s residents who seek thrill. One great thing about this place is that you never know who you may run into. It could be a celebrity or a state governor.

Location: Akinogun Street, Oniru, Lagos.

2. Teazers Cabaret

Teazers Cabaret is easily one of the best strip clubs in Lagos, it was set up to attract and offer the pleasure of the city’s crème-de-la-crème. Formerly named Cassbah, this place is not very far from Ocean Blue. 

At the entrance of Teazers, you’ll likely be greeted by female ushers wearing t-shirts and pants, including menacing bouncers who collect a gate fee of N1000. Most of the patrons hang out in the corridors or balconies, drinking and socializing. The furniture is arranged to give the club a sitting room setting.

The music at Carabet is mellow, so if you need a cool controlled vibe, this is the place to go. It also has a show arena that doubles as a dance floor and a performance spot for the strippers. Teazers is classy, but it can be downright dirty for your pleasure.

Location: Opebi Allen Road, Ikeja, Lagos.

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3. Bayrock Gentlemen’s Club

Legendary footballer, Obafemi Martins, displays business acumen by investing in the Bayrock Gentlemen’s Club, which is one of the numerous projects he finances.

Bayrock is a nightclub that doubles as a dance and strip club, located in the Lekki Phase 1 area of Lagos. On certain days, the lady dancers at this club file out in all their glory to thrill club patrons. It is usually frequented by Asian, European, and Latin strippers too.

Location: 60 Fola Osibo Road, Lekki Phase 1, 106104, Lagos.

4. Secrets Palace

Secrets Palace is the best strip club in Lagos to go to if you want to be treated like royalty. This royal strip club prioritizes the discreetness of nightlife. The Palace is frequented by a lot of classy gentlemen who would rightly prefer an equally sophisticated experience.

The “Daughters of Zion” (Strippers) are always happy to make you happy. Secrets is the city’s most luxurious nightclub; located in the heart of Lekki. This place guarantees your privacy and ensures that you have the best night of your life in Lagos.

Location: 142 Lekki-Epe Expressway, Lekki Peninsula II Lekki, 106104, Lagos.

5. Diamonds Of Lagos

Diamond’s Of Lagos is a regular nightclub and also one of the top strip clubs in Lagos. It presents itself as an establishment for social interaction and corporate relaxation outlets, which is how it got its “Gentleman’s Club” tag.

They provide adult entertainment to a higher social class in a hospitable area that also welcomes middle-class yet responsible nightclubbers.

Diamond upholds its social responsibility through their restrictions against under-aged youths, hence their decision to cater to ONLY mature and respectable adults aged 21 years and above.

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Location: 2A, Kodesho Street, Opposite, Computer Village, Ikeja, Lagos.

6. Unique Gentleman’s Club

Unique Gentleman’s Club is among the oldest and best strip clubs in Lagos. This place doesn’t come cheap as it has a high standard to maintain.

The gate fee on weekends to Unique is ₦2,000, while it can be between ₦4,000 and ₦4,500 on weekends and public holidays. Entrance is always free for ladies. But, when you become a regular client, the gate fees will be waived.

Unique is recognized for its fantastic interior decoration. Every dance goes for ₦1,000 as the dancers take turns entertaining the audience. To sit in the VIP section attracts a payment of ₦10,000 or ₦5,000 to the dancer for their services.

Location: Ogundana Street, Off Allen Avenue, Ikeja, Lagos.

7. Ocean Blue

Ocean Blue is the oldest strip club in Lagos and probably in the whole country as well. Rechristened to Solid Gold, this place lays a huge claim to be one of the top strip clubs in Lagos. But you never know what wonders are locked within this place when you’re looking at it from the outside.

Weekdays at Blue incur a gate fee of ₦2,000, note, this does not cover a lap dance. A lap dance here costs ₦1,000 per dance, except patrons are feeling generous. To access the VIP section, you’ll pay ₦6,000.

Ocean was one of the clubs that were affected when the Lagos State Government used Task Force to crack down on strip bar operators. While they can now operate freely, the place is still very security conscious.

Location: Opebi Road, Ikeja, Lagos.

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