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The Moist Beach: Full Guide And Review

What did you hear about the moist beach? If you’re reading this article, congratulations, you just uncovered “Lagos’ best-kept secret”. Consider our piece on The Moist Beach: Full Guide And Review, and we’ll tell you all you need to know about this place.

Moist Beach presents itself as a trendy restaurant and bar on the Atlantic Ocean’s shores. It is one of the newest private beaches in Lagos, offering patrons comfort, relaxation, a breathtaking view, entertainment, and endless fun. 

This place is where all of Lagos’ big wigs go to hang out, and if you’re just learning about this tourist attraction, the reason could be because the place promotes privacy and exclusivity. 

But now that you’re aware of it, it’s time to abandon your usual hangout spot in favor of this serene private beach in Oniru, which has calm waves and is regarded as one of Lagos’ most beautiful beaches.

Whatever you choose, know that Moist provides an excellent beach party experience, with music, vibes, and themed nights to keep your days or nights alive. Continue reading to find out what else this place has in store for you.

Moist Beach

Moist Beach is a serene and exciting beach location. It was launched in December 2018 to display the beauty and ambience of the beach and how it blends with African Arts, Culture, and Food.

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Patrons looking for a private and exclusive beach destination in Nigeria will find Moist beach to be the ideal place for a stress-relieving time.

This is one of Lagos’ most serene beaches, at night, this beach comes alive, ushering you into one of the best nightlife experiences.

Location: Oniru Private Beach 1, Ligali Ayorinde, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria.

Timings: Monday to Thursday 2 pm till morning. Friday to Sunday 12 pm till morning.

Gate fee: N1,000

Events To Attend At Moist Beach Club

One good thing about the moist beach club is that it is packed with lots of activities specifically tailored to beachgoers who also love clubbing. 

The events offer a two-for-one deal on the ultimate party experience, which allows you to dance to your heart’s content while also enjoying the ocean.

These are some of the events at Moist that you can attend.

1. Sunday Beach Vibes

Sunday Beach Vibes on Moist is the first-ever beach fiesta in Lagos that happens on Sundays from 2 pm till the morning.

It features House, Afro House, Afrobeats, Amapiano, Old School, and Hip Hop.

It is sponsored by the Reef Restaurant and hosted by many DJs who put their unique skill sets and genres on display. 

Patrons who are fortunate enough to attend can catch pure Sunday Vibes complemented by a wide menu of tasty meals.

2. The Tritons Live Show

The Tritons are a fantastic trio that keeps guests entertained with many types of performances.

They are an in-house entertainment that performs a grand Live show every Sunday at 10 pm.

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The performance happens on a live stage and the trio is as impressive as a trio as they are separately.

3. Stir It Up

Moist invites DJs on Saturdays to serenade beachgoers with old and new music. There’s incredible sound to keep you dancing.

4. Ignition Fridays

Ignition Fridays at the beach are highly lit. Good music, drinks on the deck, people in party mode, and great vibes all around.  

5. Latin Heat

Every Thursday at 7 pm you can salsa to the rhythm of the waves as Latin beats guide your feet. Latin Heat is a chance to mingle with other beautiful people dancing together to live drums and vocals.

6. Atlantic Rythmz

Atlantic Rythmz transports you back to simpler times with old-school classics. If you love old songs or miss them, visit Moist on Wednesdays to get your fill.

Moist Beach Restaurants And Menus

Moist Beach perfectly lined up its menu to delight every taste bud. They have world-class resident chefs that ensure the taste lives up to expectations daily.

There are 3 menus used around the establishments:

1. The Reef Menu

2. The Cabanas Menu

3. The Main Menu

Each menu varies and is unique to the spaces they represent.

Moist Beach Reviews

This review is done based on an assessment of the facility, services, food, and people’s personal experience during their time there. See what attendees had to say about Moist Beach below:

1. Fun Beach Experience

The place is incredible and enjoyable from beginning to end. The majority of people enjoyed their pizzas and cocktails, as well as their kebab and rice.

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2. Great Vibe

Salsa night at Moist Beach Club was enjoyable, with excellent vibes. Customers praised the setting, saying it was ideal for photos and networking.

They also said the food was delicious, the DJs were entertaining, and the musicians played their hearts out.

3. Secured

The place is well-protected with security patrolling the area.

4. Environment Looks Beautiful

The beach is well-designed, with attention paid to every design detail and finishing touches.

5. Friendly Staff

The staff are polite and friendly, and the customer service is satisfactory.

Wrap Up

Although Moist Beach is a private establishment it can be accessed by paying customers. The place is so tucked away from wandering eyes, it is practically hidden. It is presently one of Lagos’ hottest tourist attractions and never fails to pull in crowds.

Moist is a buzzing spot, and it’s a great place to unwind and reflect. The beach is noisy and bubbly, but it is also a safe haven for personal escape.

When night falls on this side of the Atlantic, the Beach House transforms into a Nightclub. It hosts all-night beach parties in a visually and mentally pleasing environment.

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