Kai Cenat Fireworks

Kai Cenat Nearly Faces Twitch Ban Over Firework House Explosion Stunt

Kai Cenat revealed that he was nearly banned on Twitch for the firework scene with MrBeast and Davis. The whole explosion scene was a prank.

Kai confirmed the stream with MrBeast, where fireworks were set off, actually took place in a replica of his room.

The Prank

During a recent livestream with YouTuber MrBeast and another friend, Davis, streamer Kai Cenat appeared with a massive stack of fireworks to celebrate the Fourth of July.

About a few minutes into the stream, Davis lit the fuse on a block of fireworks labeled “professional use only” and placed it on top of the massive pile of other explosives.

Kai Cenat fireworks

Seconds later, the box fell on the other fireworks, setting them off and causing them to ignite and explode, filling the room with fire and smoke.

On his stream at 4 p.m. on Thursday, Cenat was seen in his room – the same one that was allegedly destroyed the night before – and came clean that the explosion in his house was a prank.

Kai Cenat fireworks

Twitch Ban

Kai Cenat said Twitch almost banned him after the prank.

Kai said Twitch told them they might get banned for setting off the fireworks, but they didn’t know about this risk beforehand.

He had to inform his representatives on Twitch and show them all the footage from the prank to clarify that it was just a joke.

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