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The Box Beach (SOL Oniru): Guide And Review (What to know)

Box Beach, also known as Sol Beach, is one of the new Lagos private beaches that is quickly gaining popularity among the city’s residents. Before you go check it out, first read this article on The Box Beach (Sol Oniru): Full Guide And Review.

The new private beach is located beside The Good Beach and presents itself as a great place to destress and unpack all the pressure work or school has got you into lately. 

Beachgoers adore Box for several reasons, including its small size, calm atmosphere, and ability to keep the crowds at bay. You, on the other hand, will enjoy it because it encourages introspection and allows you to spend quality time with a loved one.

So, if the grind has you down and you’re feeling like you’re overdue for a mini-vacation, it might be time to set your sights on all the wonders this place has to offer.

As you make your decision, use our Box Beach review as a guide to help you understand what to expect and how to have the best time on your day out.

The Box Beach

Box Beach (SOL Oniru)

Box Beach is a premium beach promenade in Nigeria and the largest container park in Africa. It serves as a lifestyle mall, entertainment village, and open forum for immersive moments.

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SOL offers a wide range of recreational activities, shops, restaurants, and an exquisite beachfront on the Atlantic.

Timings: 9 am – 12:00 am Mondays to Thursdays, 9:00 am – late Saturdays and Sundays.

Gate Fee: N5,000 Adults. N3,000 Ages 7-17. Free for 6 years and below.

Location: 10B Trinity Avenue, Water Corporation Road, Oniru.

Box Beach Prices

Box Beach (SOL Oniru)

The N5,000 or N3,000 you pay as an entry fee will only get you passage to the beach. But, if you want to enjoy other facilities or buy food and drinks, then you should be ready to pay an extra amount for these things.

The table below shows the breakdown of Box Beach Prices for additional packages.

Loungers, Picnics, And Bench PackagesFee
UmbrellaN 1,500
Beachside Lounger (1 person)N 3,000
Poolside Lounger (1 person)N5,000
Beachside Picnic Pallet (8 people)N 8,000
Beach Bench (6 people)N 10,000
Beach Side Micro Bench (3 people)N 12,000
Solo Chair (4 people)N 15, 000
The Box Beach (SOL Oniru) Prices
Box Beach (SOL Oniru)
Beds And Cabana PackagesFee
Beach Bed (2 people)N 20,000
Poolside Bed (2 people)N 20,000
Beach Deluxe Double Bed (2 people)N 20,000
Beach Standard Cabana (6 people) N 40,000
Beachside Large Cabana (10 people)N 75,000
The Box Beach (SOL Oniru) Prices

Activities At The Box Beach

Box Beach (SOL Oniru)

Box Beach is bursting with activities that can make your trip interesting. 

When you’re on this side of the Atlantic, you can stroll along the promenade, shop, eat a delicious meal at one of the restaurants, or simply relax on the beach.

Try any of these 4 activities to do at the box beach when you do visit.

Box Beach (SOL Oniru)

1. Beach And Pool

This lavish beach resort cozily overlooks the magnificence of the Atlantic Ocean, with calm waters that suit patrons.  

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Here you can enjoy different cabana sizes, pool beds, sun loungers, and crafted morrocan seating set on the edge of the Atlantic. 

Box provides Class A pool facilities that deliver food and drinks to your seat. No matter the part of the water you choose to sit in, you’ll still enjoy the beauty and get the best service you require.

Box Beach (SOL Oniru)

2. Restaurants And Bars

Beachgoers who enjoy eating and drinking will find plenty of options when they visit Box Beach. It serves a variety of delectable cuisine and provides a one-of-a-kind dining experience.

Additionally, its drinks are of high quality and are poured by skilled bartenders.

Danfo Bistro, Rapa Nui Polynesian cuisine, Okada Cafe, and Loompaland; are some of the most popular restaurants and cafes.

Box Beach (SOL Oniru)

3. Shops

You can shop a wide range of luxury pieces, beach wear, clothing, jewelry, and customized accessories at the Box Mall.

4. Attend Events

Box Beach has a standard stage, lighting, and sound system that can accommodate a variety of events. You can go there to attend or host a birthday party, festival, or concert. SOL has everything you need to make your event a smashing success.

Box Beach Reviews

Box Beach (SOL Oniru)

Lagosians who have visited Box Beach are raving about how amazing it is and what they like about it. Do you anticipate having a similar experience, or will it leave you with a sour taste?

We’d advise you to keep an open mind, but it can’t hurt to let these reviews shape your expectations of the establishment.

Here we go:

1. Beautiful Cabanas And Seating Areas

Every area of this place looks beautiful and aesthetically pleasing. Instagram content creators will love here because there is a lot to capture.

Box Beach (SOL Oniru)

2. Pool Side Looks Good

You can pitch your tent by the pool, sip drinks, and eat delicious food. You can also get in the water if you want, or simply gaze at the beautiful people who are lying by the pool.

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3. Food Is Easy To Find

You must have been hungry after all of the swimming and promenading and shopping. You can visit any of the restaurants or food courts that are conveniently located for your convenience. You don’t have to walk far to get your nutrients.

Box Beach (SOL Oniru)

4. Night Market

The night market is colourful and has a lot of eye-catching wares that may follow you home. You can go here if you’ll be staying late at the beach.

5. Nightlife Is Great

The night market is vibrant and full of eye-catching wares that you might want to take home with you. You can go here if you plan on staying late at the beach.

6. Free Entry For Restaurants

You get free entry into the establishment if you are going to a restaurant and not entering the beach area. But you’ll have to pay to gain access to the beach.

Box Beach is one of the best beaches in Lagos, and you are likely to have a fantastic time here. The setting is peaceful, beautiful, and entertaining.

Box Beach (SOL Oniru)


Where is Box Beach located in Lagos, Nigeria?:

Box Beach is a new attraction on Victoria Island in Lagos. The address of SOL at BOXMALL is 10b Trinity Avenue, Water Corporation, Oniru, Lagos, Nigeria.

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