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La Chaumiere Restaurant: Full Guide And Review

La Chaumiere Restaurant is a cozy breakfast and coffee shop in Lagos that feeds the city’s residents with delicious meals and drinks. It features a mindblowing beautiful décor that draws you in the second you step through the doors. Keep reading our La Chaumiere Restaurant: Full Guide And Review to learn more about this amazing eatery.

Chaumiere serves the most delicious food and pastries that have you coming back for more. It is a spot that is ideal for breakfast meetings and family brunches.

Situated in the heart of Victoria Island, this cute little spot excites the brain with top-notch decor and the aroma of coffee and pastry. You’ll feel like you’re home the moment you enter here.

About La Chaumiere

La Chaumiere is a good breakfast restaurant and coffee shop in the state that is French-themed. It is one of the top 10 restaurants in Lagos where you’ll definitely get mouth-watering dishes. 

Chaumiere features an enchanting décor that welcomes you when you step in and Chaumiere is characterized by an enthralling that welcomes you when you step in and delicious meals and pastries that turn your taste buds into a convert. It is ideal for small one-on-one meetings or large brunches with your loved ones.

Location: 1384 Tiamiyu Savage Street, Victoria Island, Lagos.

Opening hours: Monday – Friday 8 am – 4 pm. Saturday – Sunday 10 am – 2 pm.

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Things To Know About La Chaumiere Restaurant

It’s common knowledge La Chaumiere brings an interesting twist to the restaurant and fine dining scene in Lagos. However, besides this, there are other things you should know about this restaurant before you visit there for a meal, we have shared some of them below.

1. La Chaumiere serves both local and intercontinental dishes to its patrons. Each one is mouthwatering and relatively affordable.

2. The restaurant is French-themed and has an extensive menu of snacks and pastries you can order from.

3. They offer dine-in, takeaway, and no-contact delivery services. You may place your order on the website.

4. Chaumiere’s meals are delicious and the place has a rating of 4.5 on Google. You can read some of the reviews if you please, before visiting the eatery.

5. The restaurant serves meals for every time of the day. Depending on when you visit, you could get breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

La Chaumiere Restaurant Food And Drinks Menu 

What’s on the menu at La Chaumiere? Check out some of the dishes you can order.

BreakfastsMain DishDesserts
Nigerian Beef and BroccoliApple Crumble
French Cajun ChickenBrownie Crepe
Syrian Cheesy Pineapple PrawnsChocolate and Fruit Waffle
English Cream SalmonCinnamon and Sugar Waffle
AmericanFish and ChipsChocolate and Fruit Combo
LebaneseFried Cashew Chicken and RiceBrownie with Ice-cream
La Chaumiere Restaurant Food And Drinks Menu

How To Order Food At La Chaumiere Restaurant

La Chaumiere Restaurant offers dining, take-out, and delivery options for patrons who wish to get food from the establishment. On their website, there are several ways you can use to order food. We explain them in this section.

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1. Reservation

To reserve a table at Chaumiere, you need to fill out the provided form on their website. This includes providing information such as:

  • The branch of the restaurant you’re dining at.
  • Reservation date.
  • The time you’ll be eating from when you’ll leave the restaurant.
  • How many people are coming in?

You’ll also be required to provide your details and then confirm the booking.

2. Phone Call

You can call ahead of your visit to book an appointment at La Chaumiere. There is a phone number available on the website. You can use the number to book a restaurant and the other for private dining.

La Chaumiere Restaurant Reviews

If you are visiting La Chaumiere Restaurant for the first time, you can make your experience smoother by learning what other patrons have to say about the place. Thankfully, we have gathered some reliable reviews that let you know what to expect from the eatery. You can read them here.

1. Worth A Visit

La Chaumiere quickly becomes one of your favourite spots in Victoria Island. The staff are friendly. If you go there on a Monday, the place won’t be too busy and it is pretty chill. It is a place you can work from as there is no loud music or numerous distractions. 

The waiters are helpful, and professional and will make your experience better. Some patrons will rate the food here an 8/10 because some of the dishes may not be to their taste. But you will surely find something on the menu you will enjoy. You can also request that your food be packed into a takeout plate.

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Chaumiere’s atmosphere is awesome. There is easy parking and a valet is assigned to you. You’ll have fun here and will definitely come back. The restaurant is kid-friendly and there is a play area for children. It’s wheelchair accessible too.

2. Good Food And Atmosphere

There is a complimentary garlic bread available for patrons. Each food is tailored to a specific type of taste bud and ranges from creamy to sweet, and savoury. The dishes are filling too. 

The atmosphere is beautiful, you won’t be disturbed by the other restaurants around the place. There is always a staff on standby, so anytime you need something, you can call their attention. They are friendly too.

3. Top-Notch Service

La Chaumiere Restaurant is clean and has a huge variety of dishes. You will like this place a lot. The sitting area is clean, stylish, and beautiful. It is a great spot to take pictures, plus the food is great. You can order anything you want off the menu.

The waiters are attentive and polite. The restaurant owners are polite too and make you feel welcome. When you leave Chaumiere, you’ll be planning to revisit because there are still a lot of delicious dishes for you to try. The chefs are skilled and very clean too.

4. Good Breakfast Spot In VI

When you’re in VI and looking for a breakfast spot, La Chaumiere comes highly recommended. They serve something yummy to give you a perfect start to a lazy day. You can try the English or American breakfast options.

The breakfast is nice and filling, you may not be able to finish it in one sitting and may need to take the rest home because it is a lot. Some guests say the American breakfast is better than the English one.

They serve sweet coffee that will set you right. Wait time is short, probably because it is breakfast. It may vary depending on which dish you order. Customer service is great and the place is decent.

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