Importance Of Swimming And The Best Swimming Instructors In Lagos, Nigeria

Swimming is an essential life skill that is often ignored by too many people in Nigeria. Learning how to swim as a child or an adult can build immense confidence, enhance athletic abilities, and teach you the most important physical skills to have. In this article, we discuss, the Importance Of Swimming And Getting Swimming Instructors In Lagos.

If you are thinking about enrolling yourself or your ward in swimming lessons, we have listed some schools where you can find good swim instructors and possibly connect with them.

Additionally, we’ll touch on several topics such as the importance of learning swimming in Lagos, why you should get a swim instructor, and how to select one. At the end of this article, you will have gotten all the information you need to successfully kickstart your lessons.

Importance Of Learning Swimming In Lagos

Before you can learn how to swim easily, you must practice consistently. Most people don’t learn how to swim, which could cause them to be afraid of water. However, learning how to swim is crucial for a few reasons, and mastering this skill can benefit you at every stage of your life.

Here we share some importance of learning to swim in Lagos, which proves to you that this is a good idea.

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1. Safety

One very clear reason why you should learn how to swim is so that you can survive underwater. There will be a time when you’ll find yourself inside or near water whether you’re on a vessel or just by the pool. If the water body is deeper than your height and you fall inside it, knowing how to swim could save you.

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2. Saving People

Being a swimmer may better equip you to save someone from drowning. This skill is especially important if you are a parent, work with children, or get a job that requires you to be around water.

3. Good Health

Swimming is one of the healthiest types of workout, especially for people who wish to stay fit. You use many of the muscles in your body when swimming, which in turn builds strength and endurance. This activity is also good for your metabolism and cardiovascular system.

Water offers natural resistance when you swim while taking less strain on your body. It can also be a natural coolant for the body.

4. Relaxation

Spending time inside water for recreational purposes is very essential. This is because swimming, especially on a hot day can help you relax and regulate your temperature too. Similarly, it provides the perfect opportunity for playing water games like surfing, water skiing or jet skiing. You won’t be able to participate if you can’t swim.

Why You Should Get Swimming Instructors In Lagos?

Swimming is an exciting and healthy activity that offers lots of benefits to swimmers of all ages. Deciding to learn to swim in Lagos can be a priceless investment for you and your loved one. You can work on your technique, while still reaping the numerous benefits of swimming. 

Below are some of the reasons why you should get swimming instructors in Lagos.


1. Master Safe Swimming

Swimming can be dangerous if you do not know the proper way to do it. Learning how to swim will teach you the rudiments of swimming like floating, breathing, and stroke techniques. These are the skills that will help you stay safe inside water and avoid harm.

2. Enhance Physical Fitness

Swimming is a fantastic exercise that can boost your heart health, strengthen your muscles, and improve overall flexibility. A good swim instructor will offer you a structured training program that’ll help you attain your fitness goal.

3. Establish A Swimming Technique

Swimming is a complex exercise that requires proper technique and form. Working with an instructor can teach you the correct technique for every stroke, such as – butterfly, backstroke, freestyle, and breaststroke. With consistency and a good teacher, you can enhance your technique and get better at swimming.

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4. Develop Confidence Inside Water

If like most people you are afraid of water, it can be a significant barrier to your learning. Having a skilled professional guarding you, can help you conquer your fear of water, as they can provide a supportive and conducive learning environment for you. With the right training and practice, you can build your confidence inside water and get to having fun.

5. Find A Community Of Swimmers

Swimming provides an avenue for people to come together. By working with a swimming instructor in Lagos, you can meet other like-minded individuals who share your enthusiasm. You and they can engage in competitions, events, and classes that improve your skills, and network with other learners.

How To Choose Good Swimming Instructors In Lagos

Swimming is a delicate activity that involves life-threatening consequences when it’s not approached the right way. This is why, when choosing a swim instructor for yourself or loved ones, there are many criteria the person should meet before you entrust your safety in their hands.

Usually, finding a certified and trusted swim school is the surest way to go, but even after you find one, you’ll still have to vet the instructor. So, you can use these few criteria we shared below to sift through your choices.

  • Emphasizes the importance of technique.
  • Prioritizes safety.
  • Reliable.
  • Patient.
  • Motivates students.
  • Teaches all swimming strokes and doesn’t skimp on lessons.
  • Professional and certified.
  • Respectful of students.
  • Constantly updates the program to cover new areas.
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7 Best Swimming Instructors In Lagos

Whether this is your first time swimming or you have experience, working with a good instructor can help you attain your swimming goals faster and create space for you to reap the advantages of this activity. To help you on your journey, we have provided this list of the 7 best swimming instructors in Lagos.

1. Crawford Swimming World

Crawford Swiming World is one of the best swimming instructors in Lagos, it prides itself on being trustworthy and budget-friendly, while still offering top-notch training for corporations and families. They offer a range of aquatic and fitness programs for various ages, interests, fitness levels, and abilities.

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Location: 3, Andoyi Street, Onike, Yaba, Lagos.

2. Swim Pro

Swim Pro has a process that can help anyone learn how to swim and become a confident swimmer. This platform connects instructors to learners and equips students with all forms of aquatic prowess.

Location: 37 Glover Court Close, Ikoyi, Lagos

3. Easy Swimming Concept

Easy Swimming Concept has more than 10 years of experience in professional coaching at every level. They have tested and reliable coaches that excel in their field. Their coaches are highly trained and certified in various coaching courses such as the American Swimming Coaching Course (ASCA) and the World Swimming Coaching Association.

Location: 4, Bolajide Avenue, Gbagada, Lagos.

4. Dolphin Swim School

​Dolphin Swim School is another of the best swimming instructors in Lagos. They provide an enriching, safe, exciting, and dynamic learning environment where women and children can receive outstanding swim and training programs.

Locations: Lekki | Victoria Island.

5.  MD’s Swimming World

MD’s Swimming World believes that nobody is too old to learn how to swim and you take classes simply for safety or recreational purposes. You can join their training to master swimming in 8 classes. Students from 6 months and above can enrol.

Location: No 7 Shasha Road, Akonwonjo Round About, Egbeda, Lagos.

6. Super Swimming

Super Swimming is a wellness centre that is geared towards unlocking people’s dormant superpowers by engaging them in fitness activities that boost their well-being. Services you can get here, include boot camp and swimming classes. They are the surest swimming instructors in Lagos to patronize for a life-transforming experience.

Location: Plot 48, 222 Close, Banana Island, 101233, Lagos.

7. Aquaswim Family Club

Aquaswim Family Club is a popular and committed swimming school that provides remarkable training for children and adults. They create a secure and fun learning experience for all levels of swimmers. Classes you can join at Aquaswim include – Group Classes 1:1 and 2:1.They have qualified teachers on the ground to teach adult-tailored classes and interactive entertaining children classes.

Location: Police College Ikeja, Oba Akinjobi Way, Ikeja GRA 100001, Ikeja, Lagos.

Wrap Up

To conclude, getting good swimming instructors in Lagos can provide you with many benefits that cannot be overstated. You could master safe swimming, enhance your fitness, improve your confidence inside water, and create your own technique.

If you were ever in doubt as to why you should learn how to swim, we hope this article cleared up those doubts.

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