Santa Cruz Beach: Full Guide And Review

Santa Cruz Beach is one of the best beaches in Lekki. It is situated in a serene environment and is close to Atican Beach. A lot of celebrity beach parties have been hosted here, plus it is a great place to groove in. Read our post on Santa Cruz Beach: Full Guide And Review to learn more about the place.

This beach is clean, well maintained, and has many activities you can engage in. One thing that distinguishes Santa Cruz from all the other beaches in Lagos, is that its beauty can serve as a perfect backdrop for a beach wedding.

Additionally, the place is secure as the security stands guard 24/7, so you do not have to worry about the safety of you or your guests. Cruz is ideal for solo getaways or hangouts with your family or friends.

About Santa Cruz Beach

Santa Cruz Beach is a premium private beach resort in Lagos for relaxation and enjoyment. It caters to individuals and groups. Cruz is also ideal for business trips, holidays, and any other type of recreation you need. 

The beach is one of the well-built seaside beach relaxation fronts in the state. It is situated down the Okun-Aja road, just after Atican Beach Resort.

Santa is well-maintained and boasts of a very neat environment. Anybody, young or old can have parties here. You will certainly have a great time at this beach with your friends or by yourself. You could buy beautifully handcrafted art, canvas paintings, or other artefacts at a cheap price.

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Location: Off, Abraham Adesanya Estate, Negombo Road, Lekki Phase 2.

Gate fee: ₦2000.

Timings: Open 24 hours.

Things To Do At Santa Cruz Beach

Santa Cruz may be a chill beach located in one of the most vibrant areas in Lagos, but it still has certain activities you can do to boost your experience. Whether it’s events or simply sitting to enjoy the waves, you can do them here. Check out some of the things to do at Santa Cruz Beach.

1. Have A Wedding

Santa Cruz Beach has everything you need to have a perfect beach wedding. These things include a beautiful backdrop, clean environment, serenity, constant security, reliable service staff, and a well-stocked bar and restaurant to feed your guests. You may want to consider this place for an unforgettable wedding experience.

2. Attend A Party

As it is with many other beaches in Lagos, Santa hosts parties you can attend to blow off steam and destress. These parties have a controlled crowd, so you do not have to worry about any risks or unwanted visitors wandering into the venue. 

3. Drink At A Bar

Sometimes, a nice drink is all the therapy you need. Santa Cruz provides this service at its exquisite bar. There is an extensive drinks menu for you to order from and skilled bartenders who know how to make a great drink.

What  You Should Know About Santa Cruz Beach

Santa Cruz Beach is full of fun, cruise, and happiness. This beach is a top choice if you want to do something exceptional or private on your birthday, and you do not want to go to clubs or throw a party.

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The management team at Santa Cruz is flexible, and they do well to put the needs and pleasures of patrons first. You will be pleased by their hospitable nature.

Note, that the entrance fee for Santa Cruz Beach is around ₦2000, but you can pay a low one-off fee of ₦5000 to bring in your food and drinks.

Other things you can do here include renting a horse, buying souvenirs or cheap artefacts, and picking sea shells. It is a great hangout spot for when you want to have fun in Lagos without breaking the bank.

Santa Cruz Beach Reviews 

Santa Cruz Beach is one of the more popular and accessible beaches in Lagos, flocked to by hundreds of Lagosians who visit this place weekly. Many people visiting Santa Cruz, means that there are a lot of trusted reviews available that let you know what to expect from the beach. We have shared some of the below.

1. Quiet and Organized

Santa Cruz is a quiet and organized beach that is not completely quiet but not very noisy or rowdy like most Lagos beaches. It has good rooms where overnight lodgers can rest. There is also a well-stocked bar and kitchen. It is overall, a nice place to be.

2. No Crowds

It is a great place to unwind. The beach is not usually occupied by lots of people so if you are the type of person who does not like crowds, then Santa Cruz is the ideal place for you. 

The beach is basically a small private beachfront sit-out. The best times to visit here are late afternoon, weekdays, or early morning on weekends to avoid the crowd. It is a fun spot to hang out with your friends. You can enjoy cold drinks, tasty roasted fish and fries.

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3. Great Hangout Spot

You’ll have a good time at Cruz with your family and friends. You can visit here in the afternoon or night, but both times are awesome. Patrons may bring their food and drinks, but you will pay the N5,000 corkage fee to take it inside.

However, you can get lots of food, wine, and other things from the canteen at the beach. They have good meals and drinks to excite your taste buds.

In terms of fun, there is a horse ride, and a merry-go-round too. You can walk around to explore the grounds, as there are no restrictions as it is with other beaches. Santa Cruz connects to other beaches around it, so you may even walk from this spot to the next destination.

4. Good Solo Experience

Lone wolves who love being themselves and enjoying their own company alone will love Santa Cruz Beach. You can walk away from the other patrons to get some “me-time” and clear your head.

You can go on days that the beach will be less crowded if you really want to be by yourself. Workdays are when you should visit to get a quiet and serene time at Santa Cruz. Then avoid holidays and festive seasons.

The gate fee is reasonable, nobody will hassle you for extra money to foot car park fees or any other thing of that sort.

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