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Best Beach Houses In Lagos

Spending time at a beach house by yourself, with your partner or friends is a fantastic way to destress after a particularly long week. The water won’t just cool your skin, but the atmosphere at the beach will work wonders for your mood too. Check out our recommendations for the Best Beach Houses In Lagos.

Calming ocean sounds, crashing waves, the musky scent of the earth, luxurious accommodations, and top-quality services, the destinations we sample in this post provide a staycation experience that will rival any outing you’ve ever done in this city.

For your slice of a memorable getaway, visit any of these beach houses in lagos that we listed out for you.

Best Beach Houses In Lagos

1. Mera Mera Lagos

2. Pura Vida

3. Lighthouse Beach House

4. Kamp Ikare Beach Resort

5. Sencillo Lagos

6. White Deck Beach Resort

7. Chaka Resort

7 Best Beach Houses In Lagos

A beach house outing is always a good idea, especially as you’ll never run out of fun things to do or explore. You can spend your day partying or camping in good company while you watch the ocean. To get started on that plan, see these 7 best beach houses in Lagos you can book for an amazing hangout.

1. Mera Mera Lagos

Mera Mera Lagos is by far one of the beach houses in Lagos, it is inspired by the blend of nature’s elements and modern structures. This 4-bedroom Beach House sets the stage for you to disappear into an aesthetically pleasing space, with a functional design; it is immersed in art, culture, and refined luxury.

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Located at the Good Beach Lagos, Mera Mera has a sophisticated minimalistic touch and Japandi interior decor, that creates the version of Lagos you want, that lets you retreat into a serene safe haven where you can live on your rules.

Location: The Good Beach, Plot 10B Trinity Avenue, Water Corporation, VI, Lagos.

BookingRegular RatesPeak Rates
Day Booking – WeekdaysN750,000N950,000
Day Booking – Weekdays & Public HolidaysN1,100,000N1,300,000
Overnight Stay- WeekendsN900,000N1,100,000
Overnight Stay- Weekends & Public HolidaysN1,300,000N1,600,000
Refundable Caution FeeN200,000N300,000

2. Pura Vida

Pura Vida, the star of Ilashe Island, is a magnificent four-bedroom luxury beach house in Lagos hidden in a culturally-themed haven. It is on the list of best private beach houses in Lagos.

As one of Nigeria’s best beach houses, Vida is a luxurious and glamourous beach destination that reveals a classy interior design, finished with world-class facilities including indoor pools for reserved visitors.

Location: Ilashe Private Resort.

ApartmentCost Per DayCaution Fee

3. Lighthouse Beach House

Lighthouse Beach House is the ideal place to go to when you need beach houses for rent in Lagos nigeria. Here, the waves of Ilashe will wash away your stress and the sun restores your spirit.

At Lighthouse, you can treat yourself to a special getaway experience at an all-inclusive sunset-facing boutique beach hotel.

This place is not just one of the best beach houses in Lagos, but it is also a class getaway experience that fuses tranquillity with contemporary design. When you’re here, you can inhale the peace as you get the necessary pool/ocean therapy.

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Location: Lighthouse Beach, Ilashe Island, Lagos.

Swim-Up RoomN175,000
Terrace RoomN175,000
Family RoomN240,000

4. Kamp Ikare Beach Resort

Kamp Ikare Beach Resort provides a serene space for guests to have peace and relax, it provides respite from the hustle of the city. Ikare is another beach house for rent in Lagos, that places among the best beach houses in Lagos.

This wide villa can house families and groups of friends who can make the most of the available amenities during their stay.

Kamp is a self-catering beach house with spacious rooms and furnished suites, that make the villa “home away from home”. Here you can dive into the plush beds, watch waves rush to the shore, dip in the pool, relax in the lounge bar and enjoy a view of the beach. 

Location: C64C + 5JF, Amuwo Odofin 102102, Lagos.

Booking TypeRates
Day Booking N1,000,000
Overnight Weekend BookingN1,300,000
Weekend Day BookingN1,300,000
Weekend Overnight BookingN1,500,000
Additional Hours (After Checkout Time)N50,000 per hour

5. Sencillo Lagos

Sencillo is a luxurious yet minimalist beach house set along the Atlantic Ocean’s coastline on the tranquil and private Ilashe Island. It places among the best beach houses in Lagos nigeria.

With 3 lovely ensuite bedrooms and over 20 professional staff, this place is an ultimate party destination villa in Nigeria. Dedicated boat transfers and personal concierge all complement the place’s classy signature.

Sencillo is beautifully built to combine Mediterranean simplicity with Lagos’ vibrancy to produce a tropical oasis with lavish views of the Atlantic. It features Spanish-designed day bets, a multipurpose living room, and a wide white deck overlooking the 30-meter pool and astroturf.

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Location: Ilashe Island.

Booking TypeNormal SeasonPeak Season
Day Booking N1,000,000N1,500,000
Day Booking – Weekend N1,500,000N2,000,000
Overnight – Weekend DaysN1,500,000N2,000,000
Overnight – WeekendsN1,750,000N2,250,000

6. White Deck Beach Resort

White Deck Beach Resort is another of the best private beach houses in Lagos nigeria. This top-tier luxury beach resort combines dining, music, entertainment, and arts to create the ultimate lifestyle experience.

At the Resort, you’ll walk into a hotel that redefines luxury, make the best memories, and leave feeling well-cared for.

White Deck offers patrons an unmatched and unique luxury lifestyle experience. It features state-of-the-art hospitality architecture, a signature beach pool, and nighttime entertainment, creating the best dynamic indulgence.

Location: 4 White Deck Close, Off Okun Ajah Road, Ajah, Lagos.

Standard RoomN57,500
Deluxe RoomN74,700
Executive RoomN86,300
Executive Room With Beach ViewN115,000
Pent Deck Room With Beach View TerraceN120,800

7. Chaka Resort

Chaka Resort is a beachfront that features a Beach house villa with a view of the ocean. This resort is one of the best beach houses in Lagos.

You can host your events at different spots in this place and your guests are sure of maximum relaxation and great service.

Chaka has 2 executive restaurants. One is outdoor by the pool and the other is indoors with a mini bar to have drinks and watch games. The indoor restaurant is also where you’ll get complimentary breakfast as a guest at the resort.

Location: Eleko, Lagos, Nigeria.

Penthouse Suite BN300,000
Penthouse Suite BN250,000
Deluxe SuiteN85,000
Premium Deluxe RoomN85,000
Standard Plus SuiteN70,000

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