Best Private Beaches In Lekki

Best Private Beaches In Lekki

Lekki is a wealthy Lagos area referred to as the ”City of Aquatic Splendor” a name that pays homage to its situation along the Atlantic coastline and the fact that it is home to many magnificent beaches. Everything in this neighbourhood, including its beaches is beautiful. In this article, we will discuss and list the Best Private Beach In Lekki.

Amid everything that happens in Lagos; cultural fests, book events, music concerts, business centers, and markets, the beaches in Lekki provide a much-needed respite from all the buzz and activities.

If you are feeling overwhelmed and need a place to quiet down the noise in your head, heading to any of these best private beaches in lekki can help you settle. From the shore, you can sit back and admire the beautiful waves while munching on delicious snacks.

5 Best Private Beaches in Lekki

1. Santa Cruz Private Beach

2. Atican Beach

3. Barracuda Beach

4. Coney Island

5. Lekki Leisure Lake

Best Private Beaches In Lekki

In this section, we will be sampling the seven best private beaches in lekki that you should check out next time you feel like basking in the sun. These beaches have lots of activities that can make you feel alive.

1. Santa Cruz Private Beach

Santa Cruz Beach is a spectacular serene beach that shares a boundary with Atican Beach and is situated in a serene environment. Cruz has seen many celebrity beach parties and is always an entertaining place to be, which makes it the best private beach in lekki.

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Furthermore, Santa Cruz is immaculately clean. It provides a bar where you can drink and a variety of activities for people of any age. This beach is so beautiful that you could even have a wedding here. You wouldn’t have to worry about your guests’ safety as security is tight here.

Gate Fee: ₦2,000.

Location: Off Abraham Adesanya Estate, Negombo Road, Lekki Phase 2.

2. Atican Beach

Counted as the best private beach in lekki, Atican Beach is a world-class tourism destination in Lagos. It is renowned for its sparkly sand and clean environment. Atican is less crowded than the other beaches in this city, as it is far removed from the city. Although there are few options for entertainment here, you can still relax or work at this beach.

Atican Beach has a restaurant and bar where you can get reasonably priced drinks and meals. For activities, there is a kids’ play area, swimming pool, basketball and beach volleyball courts, snooker table, etc.

This beach is one of the better-kept beaches in the area. Facilities available include – overnight accommodation, beachside chalets, concert platforms, nightclubs, barbeque and sun stalls. Atican is the ideal location for a weekend getaway.

Gate Fee: ₦500 – ₦1,000.

Location: Off Abraham Adesanya Estate Road, Okun Ajah Town, Lekki-Ajah, Lagos.

3. Barracuda Beach

Barracuda Beach is an exquisite resort with cosy accommodations that feature standard rooms to go for up to $150-200 per night. Activities you can enjoy here include – horseback riding, access to refreshments, swimming, etc. 

At Barracuda, you can take in the stunning landscape with breathtaking views. This resort is ideal for hosting a wedding, going on a solo date, or having a picnic with friends.

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Gate fee: ₦1,000 (adults) – ₦500 (children).

Location: Okun Ajah Road, Okun-Mapo Village, Aja, Lekki, Lagos.

4. Coney Island Lagos

Visiting Coney Island signifies the start of an amazing adventure. It is one of the most beautiful beaches you’d find in Sub-saharan Africa, located within the Okun-Ajah metropolis and ten minutes from Ogombo road; a developing layout of Lagos’ most dynamic real estate luxury.

At Coney, you can enjoy a daycation in a serene and aesthetically satisfying garden or on the beach, as it is a fusion of both settings. Here, you’ll get the best views of the Atlantic Ocean as you sip on a “Coneytail”. 

Coney Island Lagos provides an excellent beach experience with a team of dedicated staff that is eager to serve and share some of their light and warmth with you. And if you want, you can also receive a massage on the beach.

Gate Fee: ₦5,000

Location: Eti-Osa, Ajah, Off Lekki Epe Expressway, Lagos.

5. Lekki Leisure Lake

Lekki Leisure Lake is the No.1 and cleanest premier beach in Lagos that has a tranquil and stunning environment. It is grouped under the best private beach in lekki. Whether you go to the Lake for a weekend or weekday hangout, with your friends or business partners, Lekki Leisure can help you create a truly memorable getaway.

Lekki Leisure provides a relaxing and entertaining respite from the hassle of Lagos life. It spots oceanfront activities, exquisite indoor, restaurants, bars, and fine dining, which are all designed to ensure you have a fantastic time at this beach. Leisure Lake houses the prestigious Waves Sports Lounge, Ocean Terrace, Gabions, and exotic event spaces that you can rent. 

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Here, you can organize and host any event that ranges from beach weddings to receptions, birthday parties, and all types of celebrations. Lekki Leisure Beach creates a family-friendly environment where you and your loved ones can relax. The Lake also has ironclad security available at all of its fronts.

Gate Fee: ­₦2,000 (Adult) | ₦1,000 (10-14 years) | Free (below 10 years).

Location: Adekunle Animashaun Drive, Marwa, Off Lekki Phase 1, Lekki, 106104, Lagos.

Wrap Up

When it comes to going to private beaches in Lekki, Lagos, you can never go wrong. Whether you go on a weekend or weekday, you’ll find something that’ll pique your interest. Beaches are a a great way to have safe fun, if you don’t want to go to a club. 

The best private beach in lekki is ideal for relaxation and having a good time with family, friends, and your colleagues too. So, take your loved ones out to any of these private beaches in lekki. We guarantee that you will have a good time.

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