Is MetroOpinion Legit

Is MetroOpinion Legit? (Honest Review)

   Making money has come a long way from simply opening a business or working under a superior to online deals with foreigners. With the introduction of the internet and social media, money-making has been made relatively easier yet has also become more complicated.

There are currently so many sites on the internet that offer one business deal or the other. While some of these sites may be legit, some of them aim to steal your time, services, and even money. 


   Some business sites offer you a task to complete to be rewarded with some amount of money yet when you complete the task, so many excuses pop up that explain why they cannot pay you or the owners of the business outright avoid contact with you. Because these so-called business opportunities were gotten from the internet without meeting each other, there’s nothing to be done if one side voids the agreement. 

About MetroOpinion

   MetroOpinion is a survey site that offers money in exchange for answering questions. The site serves as a third party between manufacturing industries and consumers. The questions asked to the individuals reveal what products they need and like. Answers are given to companies who strive to create these products for consumer usage. 

   This all sounds nice but the problem stems from the question ‘Will I be paid after answering survey questions?’. This particular question has raised many opinions on the site. Both positive and negative. 

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Issues with MetroOpinion 

   So many different reviews about MetroOpinion have risen on the internet for so many reasons. It has been confirmed that the site does pay for answering survey questions. However, unlike what was portrayed in the advertisement, MetroOpinion does not pay instantaneously but accumulates the money to a certain amount before releasing the payment. This is because a certain quota has to be met before money can be released to users. 

   However, because of the meagre amount of money released per survey and the large quota to meet before payment is released, many people do not have the patience and endurance to keep answering surveys and stacking the money until the quota is met. Leading them to call the site a scam. Unfortunately, the amount of people who successfully meet the quota is far less than the amount of people who give up along the way leading to a high number of negative reviews. 

   The main issue with MetroOpinion is the misleading advertisement it uses, leading people to think that it is a site that offers money quickly in exchange for something as easy as answering survey questions not knowing that it’s not a get-money-fast scheme but an avenue that gives money slowly in exchange for tasks (survey) completed. 

MetroOpinion Requirements for Surveys 

   Another feature of MetroOpinion is that while the site pays a certain amount of money for surveys completed if surveys are not offered, there will be no avenue for money to be generated. Surveys are either sent to emails of people who registered or they can be found on the front page of the MetroOpinion site.

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However, if there are no surveys, there will be no money. High invitations to complete surveys depend on the amount of information filled during the registration process and also on location. While MetroOpinion spreads its influence across different continents in the world, not all countries are eligible to participate in their surveys.

Registering from a country that is not accounted for is already an instant reason why an individual will not be invited to partake in surveys or won’t see survey opportunities on the home page. 

   Location and information filled both have a high effect on money made from MetroOpinion as with the low invitation to complete surveys comes low amounts of money made, making it much harder to complete the quota necessary before a withdrawal can be placed. This will eventually lead to wariness until the individual can no longer endure the long wait and quits depending on the site. In the end, both time and money are lost. 

   MetroOpinion has come through a lot of improvements since its founding in 2015. With these upgrades, the site has become more user-friendly, even offering a FAQ (frequently asked questions) panel to aid users who have difficulty during registration of their accounts and survey completion. If the problems persist even after the FAQ section has been visited. The user can contact the site for help via email. 

Best Ways to Utilize MetroOpinion

   It would be preferable if MetroOpinion is used as an auxiliary money-making source as it’s not a good site to be used as a primary financial source. However, if there is nothing to do at the moment it can be used, after all, something is better than nothing. 

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   MetroOpinion is best used by students, stay-at-home moms, and unemployed people searching for business opportunities. 

   Although MetroOpinion seems like a good and legitimate site, it’s better to be careful of the kind of information that is revealed. After all, MetroOpinion is not the only survey site and while some of them may be legit, there will surely be some survey sites out to scam people. These scam survey sites may pose as MetroOpinion and collect vital information which can be used against their users. 


   In summary, MetroOpinion is a genuine online money making site with surveys as their main source of paying their users. However, unlike how it’s portrayed, the rate of making money from the site is quite slow and patience is required as invitations to complete surveys may not always be there. Even if there is an invitation to complete a survey, the chances of there being a high reward for the survey is quite low making the difficulty in meeting up with the quota harder. Although it works on all continents, some countries are not eligible for their service. 

   Due to these issues and the fact that scam sites are posing as MetroOpinion to steal information that can be used against people, MetroOpinion is often flagged as a scam site. However, this is not the case and hopefully, more positive reviews about MetroOpinion will come up. 

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