Who is Chaya Raichik

Who is Chaya Raichik? (Full Details)

Chaya Raichik, a former real estate, is in charge of the Twitter account for Libs of Tiktok. The account became famous in 2020 for posting controversial content. This allowed her to gain a lot of fans in conservative circles, but she is still strongly disliked by progressives.

Chaya Raichik started gaining popularity in 2021 after stumbled upon TikTok during the Covid pandemic, which inspired her to create the Libs of TikTok account. Prior to that, she experimented with different usernames and topics on her Twitter account, including @cuomomustgo and @houseplantpotus

After settling on @libsoftiktok, she promised to deliver ‘cringe-worthy’ content for her followers. Following that, Raichik began sharing compilations of TikTok videos of members of the LGBT community, accompanied by hostile and occasionally derogatory remarks. Her posts were primarily aimed at bullying teachers, healthcare workers, children’s hospitals, and LGBT venues.

One time, Libs of TikTok claimed that Boston Children’s Hospital and the Children’s National Hospital were providing gender-affirming hysterectomies to minors. These reports were later found to be false, but the fallout from them resulted in multiple harassment campaigns and bomb threats against both hospitals.

She has become a prominent figure on the right-wing in the past few years, and even appeared on Tucker Carlson’s show. Raichik had initially kept her identity hidden, but it was eventually revealed by software developer Travis Brown and journalist Taylor Lorenz from The Washington Post.

Even though her account has been accused and reported of promoting hate speech, it continues to grow, gaining significant traction among conservatives and the right-wing political factions in America. Additionally, famous podcast host Joe Rogan has promoted the account, and it has also been featured on several news sites, including the New York Post, the Federalist, and the Post Millennial.

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The account has received lots of suspensions on TikTok and Twitter. While Libs of TikTok briefly had a TikTok account of its own, it was suspended for violating community guidelines. The account has also been suspended from Twitter on a few occasions for violating the platform’s rules on targeted harassment.

libs of tiktok

In June 2022, Libs of TikTok had some of their tweets removed after posting the locations of drag-focused events in the United States.

Some of her controversial views include the belief that adults teaching children about LGBT identities is harmful and she has also called for teachers who come out as gay to their students to be fired immediately.

Raichik has also claimed that being an ally of the LGBT community is a sign of mental illness, and on multiple accounts, the 28-year-old has deliberately misgendered transgender people. These views have caused the user’s tweets to go viral, including some that have been considered inappropriate.

Many doubts have been raised about whether Raichik is the sole operator of the account despite her claims of running it alone. When a trademark was filed by Grant Lally, a Republican operative and attorney, for Libs of TikTok as a “news reporter service” in August of last year, many followers were convinced that there was more than one face behind the account.

However, it has not been confirmed whether Lally is involved in the running of the account with Raichik.

In 2023, Raichik shared that her upcoming children’s book, No More Secrets: The Candy Cavern, will be published by Brave Books in 2023. According to her, she aims to teach children and parents about identifying “predatory” behavior.

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Brave Books canceled the book’s promotion event due to concerns about certain ideas being promoted.

Today, Raichik’s Libs of TikTok account still runs on Twitter and she currently has 2.6 million followers.

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