Top 20 Best Art Courses in Nigeria

Top 20 Best Art Courses in Nigeria

If you’re interested in finding the top 20 best art courses in Nigeria to study, you’re in luck. With so many art courses available, it can be challenging to choose the right one to pursue. However, in this article, we’ve got you covered with a list of the top 20 art courses.

Whether you’re already an art student or an aspiring artist, this list will provide you with valuable insights to help you make an informed decision.

20 Best Art Courses in Nigeria 

  1. Economics
  2. Psychology
  3. Foreign Language
  4. Sociology
  5. Film and Media Arts
  6. Communication Studies
  7. History
  8. Archeology
  9. Philosophy
  10. African and Asian Studies 
  11. Law
  12. International Relations 
  13. Mass Communication 
  14. English Language
  15. Theatre Arts
  16. Political Science 
  17. Linguistics
  18. Criminology and Security Studies
  19. Music
  20. Fine & Applied Arts

Best Art Courses

Here are the 20 Best Art Courses to Study in Nigeria


In Nigeria, Economics is considered one of the best art courses to study due to its unique blend of analytical thinking and nuanced comprehension of societal dynamics.

The course provides an opportunity to apply theoretical frameworks to real-world problems and interpret them.


Psychology is one of the best art courses to study in Nigeria. It presents an opportunity to delve into the complexities of human behavior and thought processes. The field of study offers several areas of specialization, enabling students to focus on their preferred topics.

Whether it’s clinical psychology, organizational psychology, or educational psychology, there are multiple paths to pursue depending on personal career goals.

Foreign Language

Foreign Language is another lucrative art course to study in Nigeria. Studying International relations or foreign languages like Spanish, Mandarin (Chinese), German, French, or Russian can make it easy for you to gain employment at the consulates/embassies.

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Additionally, language skills are highly appreciated by many employers, which increases the chances of securing a job right after graduation.


Sociology is a course that deals with the comprehensive exploration of society, culture, and human behavior.

With a Sociology degree, graduates can pursue careers in areas such as social work, research, policy analysis, community development, and advocacy.

Film and Media Arts

Studying Film and Media Arts provides a dynamic platform for creative expression and cultural representation.

Although it is not a very popular course, it’s still very lucrative and there are so many things to learn in it.

Also, with Nigeria’s thriving film industry, studying Film and media arts provides opportunities for students to connect with industry professionals, gain practical experience through internships, and work in the industry.

Communication Studies

Studying Communication Studies in Nigeria provides a comprehensive understanding of communication theories, media practices, and cultural dynamics within the country. 

The course duration is usually four years and it is available at almost every federal, state, and private university.


Studying History in Nigeria can be an excellent choice for those interested in art courses. Unlike other art courses such as Law and English Language, History courses have fewer applicants.

This means that gaining admission to study History in an approved educational institution in Nigeria is relatively easy for students.


Archeology is a great art course to study in college. This course involves exploring human history through the excavation and analysis of artifacts, structures, and other physical remains.

As an Archeologist, you can work in a variety of settings, including forensic archeology, universities, museums, and other specialized areas. 


Philosophy graduates frequently have a wide range of opportunities available to them post-graduation, which is a well-known fact.

As a result, studying Philosophy makes it one of the most desirable art courses to take in Nigeria. 

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African and Asian Studies

African and Asian Studies is one of the best arts courses to study in Nigeria and the best undergraduate courses in Nigeria.

You can work with a good degree in this course. After earning a degree in African and Asian arts, some of the places you can work and the positions you can hold are translators, media personnel, consulting, researcher, and politics.


This is one of the top professional programs offered by universities in Nigeria. Law is one of the oldest academic fields in the world. It is an in-demand qualification that gives you further career opportunities and advancement.

With a law degree, you can work as an advisor to individuals, businesses, corporations, and government organizations on legal matters. 

International Relations 

International Relations is an amazing field of study to study in college. Studying international law gives you an insight into the principles and laws that guide the hand of international justice while also helping you apply them to the world stage.

With a degree in International relations, it is easy for you to gain employment at the consulates/embassies.

Mass Communication 

Mass Communication is one of the most popular art courses. It involves learning about communication through the use of media.

By studying mass communication, you learn the process of creating, sending, receiving, and analyzing messages to a large audience, using verbal and written media. 

With a Mass Communication degree, you can work in TV stations, radio, newspapers, events, etc.

English Language

English is the international language of business, education, and travel. More than 1.5 billion people speak English, making it the most widely used language

The demand for English graduates at corporations is on the rise, especially outside Nigeria. With a degree in English Language, You can work almost anywhere.

Some common careers in this field are writer, editor, reporter, public speaker, public relations specialist, high school teacher, and many more.

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Theatre Arts

Studying Theatre Arts can be a rewarding experience. It gives you a chance to explore your passion. The Theatre arts industry in Nigeria is booming so there are a variety of job opportunities for you to pursue.

By studying Theatre arts, you can decide to become a scriptwriter, stage manager, stage director, costume designer, makeup artist and so much more.

Political Science 

Political Science is a great art course to study. It is the study of power and politics at both local and international levels.

If you are passionate about politics or leadership, this is the best course for you.

As a political scientist, you can pursue a career in law, journalism, international affairs, teaching, and politics.


Linguistics is the study of languages and the science behind it. It is a very wide course with many subfields that cover phonetics, syntax, semantics, sociolinguistics, psycholinguistics, and more. 

As a graduate of Linguistics, you study languages from different parts of the world and can pursue jobs in academia, research, language technology, publishing, journalism, and more.

Criminology and Security Studies

Criminology and Security Studies is an intellectual art course that can lead to a career in law enforcement, security management, and various related fields. 

In Nigeria, several universities offer Criminology and Security courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

Given the security challenges faced in the country, this field is expanding now more than ever. Therefore, getting a degree in this field can be an advantage to yourself and the country. 


Nigeria is known for its rich and diverse musical traditions, including Afrobeat, Highlife, Juju, and more.

Currently, the music industry is one of the fastest growing in the country. Studying music in Nigeria provides an opportunity to explore these traditions and their cultural context.

If you study Music, you can explore careers as a musician, composer, songwriter, music teacher, therapist, music producer, and more.

Fine & Applied Arts

Fine and Applied Arts is one of the best art courses to study, especially if you are a creative person. Art courses typically cover topics such as painting, drawing, sculpture, printmaking, photography, and more.

If you study Arts, you can pursue a career as a digital artist, art therapist, illustrator, sculptor, animator, art designer and so much more.

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