Top Strongest African Military in 2023

Top 13 Strongest African Military in 2024

Can African countries adequately defend their continent from external invasion? Out of the 54 nations, what 13 African military forces have the best firepower?

The strength of a Nation’s military forces determines the security of the Nation. History has tales of War between many prominent countries- where victory was acceded to the most outstanding military power.

The 2023 Global Firepower Military Strength Ranking released its list of the 145 most powerful Militaries in the world. Countries like the USA, Russia, and China took the top three positions. Yet, what are the top 13 African military nations in the world? The 13 strongest military countries have indices ranging from 0.2224 to 1.7701, while an ideal index of 0.0000 signifies the perfect military country.

The top 13 strongest military in Africa 2024

  1. Egypt
  2. Algeria
  3. South Africa
  4. Nigeria
  5. Ethiopia
  6. Angola
  7. Morocco
  8. Democratic Republic of the Congo
  9. Tunisia
  10. Sudan
  11. Libya
  12. Uganda
  13. Kenya

The 13 strongest military in Africa in 2024

1.  Egypt

This superpower country of Northern Africa has a large arsenal of military power. Egypt’s Military was established in 1820, with its historical background, Egypt’s military has a strong influence in the Middle East.

Factors like Population, Manpower, Firepower, Airpower, Land power, Financials, Naval power, geography, and many more were considered in the Global and African ranking.

Its military covers the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Air Defense Forces. Egypt’s Firepower: Modern tanks, sophisticated artillery, infantry weapons, and many more would definitely cause significant damage in war. The Manpower section was its strongest sector with about 134.2, while its financials had a low score of 104.3. The high score of the Man sector is likely due to the presence of Active, reserved, and other paramilitary bodies who are ready to support the military.

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Additionally, Egypt has invested in domestic defence production to enhance self-sufficiency. Suppliers of its weaponry include the US, the UK, France, Russia, Spain and other military-savvy nations. Egypt’s military plays a crucial role in regional security and peacekeeping efforts.

2. Algeria

Algeria maintains a robust military force in North Africa. The People’s National Army (ANP) is the principal branch, encompassing the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Territorial Air Defense Forces. It formerly held the name, National Liberation Army at its launch in 1954, but the name was changed in 1962. Unfortunately, Algeria had a decline in the recent annual ranking.

A whopping 93% of Algeria’s Landpower inventory goes to armoured vehicles while self-propelled guns have a measly 0.6%.

In comparison to Egypt, Algeria has good Airpower but Egypt took the lead in other sectors. However, Algeria has a healthy financial status compared to Egypt.

 Algeria has emphasized defence self-sufficiency, developing a domestic defence industry. Its fighting power is broadly similar to Thailand and Canada.

3. South Africa

South African National Defence Force (SANDF), addresses domestic and regional security challenges.

Encapsulated in the SANDF are the Army, Air Force, Navy, and Military Health divisions. They stand as a pillar of regional stability and contribute significantly to international peacekeeping efforts.

South Africa’s government invested in its military capabilities, utilizing a mix of indigenous and imported equipment.

The SANDF possesses a range of assets, including fighter aircraft, naval vessels, and armoured vehicles. Notable equipment includes the Rooivalk attack helicopter, Gripen fighter jets, and the locally designed Ratel armoured vehicle.

South Africa’s fighting capacity is broadly similar to Czechia, Norway, and Sweden.

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4. Nigeria

Nigeria’s military forces are comprised of the Army, Navy, and Air Force. The Nigerian Army is the largest component, responsible for land operations and maintaining internal security. The Nigerian Armed Forces which was founded in 1960, is ranked 36 in the global ranking.

A comparison overview between the South African Military and Nigerian military shows that SA has stronger Land power and Naval power while Nigeria takes the lead in other areas including Financials and Logistics.

The Armed Forces of Nigeria has low land weaponry but makes up for it in its Naval power, artillery, and Natural resources.

Its attack power is broadly similar to North Korea, Sweden, and Norway.

5. Ethiopia

Ethiopia’s military forces, comprising the Ethiopian National Defense Force (ENDF), ensure national security and stability. The ENDF is a unified military force responsible for safeguarding Ethiopia’s territorial integrity and maintaining internal peace. It consists of the Ethiopian Army, Air Force, and National Service. The military’s primary roles include defence against external threats and supporting peacekeeping missions.

ENDF is actively involved in addressing these issues, notably in regions like Tigray.

6. Angola

The Armed Forces of Angola (NAF) was founded in 1991,

Angola has a high Airpower of 100.4, but a very low firepower ranking. Although the Republic of Angola had a crisis in 2022, the NAF military index experienced a boost.

Countries like Peru, Hungary, and the United Arab Emirates ( UAE) share similar rankings.

7. Morocco

The Northern country of Morocco has a global ranking of 61 and an African ranking of 7. According to the GFP Military ranking, Morocco had a decline in its military prowess. With an index of 1.0524, Morocco is in the same category as Bulgaria, Belarus, and Uzbekistan.

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8. Congo

Like most African countries, Congo has a high manpower of 88.3 but a ridiculously low Naval power of 20.1. It was ranked the 72nd strongest global military. It’s currently ranked with Ecuador, Sri Lanka, and Tunisia.

9. Tunisia

In the past few years, Tunisia’s military index has been at a stable 1.3242. Its strongest asset is its financials which puts it in the same category as Afghanistan, Omar, and Jordan.

10. Sudan

Similar to its counterparts, Sudan has a high manpower but low Naval power. Its Air forces can pull its weight. Sudan has similar rankings with Sri Lanka, and Yemen while it shares geographical proximity to Egypt and Sudan.

11. Libya

In the GFP annual ranking, Libya suffered a decline. With an index of 1.4718, Libya is ranked 80 of the 145 countries that participated in the ranking.

In comparison with other factors, Libya has a good financial health of 120 and a poor Land power of 47. While its naval fleet (Corvette and Frigate) are globally ranked among the top 20.

Countries like Kuwait, Jordan, and Bahrain share similar rankings with Libya on the global plane.

12. Uganda

Uganda observed a surge in its 2023 GFP index which earned it a power index of 1.6264 and the 83rd rank. Uganda has a strong financial status but an almost non-existent naval power. Chad, Slovenia, and Zimbabwe share a widely similar fighting capacity.

13. Kenya

Kenya’s firepower asset lies in its missiles, military vehicles, and air fleet. As the 87th strongest country in the world, it broadly shares the same category as Georgia, Slovenia, and Paraguay.

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