Where Can I Meet Billionaires In Lagos?

Who doesn’t like meeting billionaires in Lagos? Nearly everyone does because it’s human nature to want to be associated with good, wealthy, and affluent people. You’ll like hanging around the rich, as you believe some of their riches will rub off on you. However, it’s one thing to desire to meet affluent people, and it is another to go to the exact places where you’d meet them. So, in this article, we’ll be answering the question Where Can I Meet Billionaires In Lagos?

First, you must understand that you won’t just find rich people at any location in Lagos. They mingle with each other most of the time. Therefore, if you’d love to meet them, you have to be ready to go the extra mile by visiting the destinations where they are known to hang out. 

Our post will we’ll list out some of the best places where you can meet billionaires in Lagos. Thankfully, most of these places are open to the general public, so you won’t have to worry about anyone kicking you out.

7 Places Where You Can Meet Billionaires In Lagos

1. Murtala Muhammed Airport

2. Radisson Blu Hotel 

3. Nigerian Stock Exchange Events

4. Art X Lagos

5. Ikoyi Club 1938

6. Churches

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7. Lagos Country Club

Places Where You Can Meet Billionaires In Lagos

Lagos, as you already know is home to some of the richest people in the country, it houses the most foreign and local organizations headed by top magnates in Nigeria. If you are planning to meet billionaires in Lagos, we have listed out some sure places you can rub shoulders with one or two of them below.

1. Murtala Muhammed Airport

Murtala Muhammed is a fantastic place to meet billionaires in Lagos, as it’s no secret that the rich and powerful prefer to travel by air. Therefore, whether you go to the local or international airport, you’ll certainly meet wealthy travelling for or returning from a trip.

A tip to help you interact with rich people at Murtala Muhammed, you can offer to go pick up a friend or family member who’s just coming from a journey. You may also decide to take a flight for your next trip.

2. Radisson Blu Hotel 

One location where rich people always hang out in Lagos is in fancy hotels. For example, Radisson Blu Hotel. At Radisson Blu, you don’t need to lodge in any of their rooms, because of how expensive they are. But, you can eat at their restaurant or go for a swim in the pool. You may also chill in the lounge or reception area.

Many billionaires play games, blow off steam, relax, and dine at fancy hotels. So, going to more places like this will help your quest to meet wealthy people. Other hotels in Lagos to consider include – the Sheraton Hotel, Oriental Hotel, Eko Hotel, Intercontinental Hotel, and Wheatbaker Hotel.

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3. Nigerian Stock Exchange Events

The Nigerian Stock Exchange hosts an array of events that are attended by the Lagos’ financial elite. So, if you are the sapiosexual type, you could attend one of their conferences to rub minds with people with the same interests as you.

Stock Exchange events are a hub for insightful conversations on market trends, investment opportunities, and economic forecasts.

Furthermore, it is quite common to meet Nigerian businessmen such as Tony Elemelu or Jim Ovia at gatherings like this, which makes them an excellent place to meet billionaires in Lagos.

4. Art X Lagos

Art X Lagos is the premier international art fair of West Africa, which attracts art connoisseurs, collectors, and the culturally affluent from across the globe. Billionaires you’ll meet here are Nike Davies-Okundaye or Tunde Folawiyo who come to admire the exquisite art pieces on display.

If you like art or artsy people, this cultural feast provides a special opportunity for you to mingle with the artistic and wealthy elite of Lagos.

5. Ikoyi Club 1938

Ikoyi Club 1938 is another good place to meet billionaires in Lagos. 1938 is a symbol of heritage and opulence in Lagos State. This exclusive membership club is a regular hunting ground for the city’s high society and elit, members include Herbet Wigwe and Abdulsamad Rabiu.

The Ikoyi Club provides a serene environment where you can relax, play sports, and network, making it a top location for meeting some of the richest people in Lagos.

6. Churches

Churches are actually the best places to meet billionaires in Lagos because there everyone is friendly, chatty, and in high spirits. Rich people also go to church, so after service, you could easily approach them and introduce yourself. If you are good at conversations, you could impress them with your words and start up a mutual friendship from there.

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Some of the major churches in Lagos to meet billionaires are House on the Rock (Rock Cathedral), Daystar Christian Centre, Enthronement Assembly, and RCCG City of David.

7. Lagos Country Club

Just like the Ikoyi Club 1938, the Lagos Country Club is a prestigious family club in the centre of Lagos. This place is a fortress for the wealthy, where members such as Ibukun Awosika and Tonye Cole come to enjoy various recreational activities.

The Country Club’s exclusive events and peaceful environment offer an ideal setting for forming connections with the wealthy residents of Lagos.

Lagos Country Club’s setup and rich clientele are what make this place one of the best locations to meet billionaires in Lagos. Although since this place is exclusive, you could work on getting yourself a membership, so you gain unrestricted access.

Wrap Up

Meeting billionaires in Lagos can be an exciting experience, especially if you are someone who’s always been fascinated with what the rich and powerful get up to in their free time. These meetings can provide insight into the lives and methods of individuals who have scaled the ladder of financial success in one of the world’s most vibrant cities.

By visiting the places we mentioned in this article, you improve your chances of meeting the richest people in Lagos, which allows you to in turn grow your network, gain insights, and probably, build lasting connections with the city’s elite.

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