Who is Vladislava Galagan (Height and Weight)

Who is Vladislava Galagan (Height and Weight) 

Although the human body has many limits, it is very adaptable. Several individuals have stretched the limits of their bodies and are currently enjoying it. One of these people is Vladislava Galagan. 

Vladislava Galagan

Vladislava Galagan is a professional athlete, fitness enthusiast, and social media influencer. The Russian native is a bodybuilder who has been in the media spotlight quite recently. As a bodybuilder, she has a masculine physique but still maintains feminine facial features.

 Due to the difference in her face and body, people believed her muscles were fake and photoshopped. Well, she soon proved them wrong. Her inspirational physique has inspired a lot of people and motivated several of her fans to work out.


Vladislava Galagan has not revealed certain details of her life yet. For example, her parents and date of birth are unknown. So, let’s share what we know 

Vladislava Galagan was born and brought up in Temryuk Russia. She has spent most of her life in her hometown. Vladislava holds a Russian nationality. She is a follower of the Christian religion but she is not a practicing Christian.

 Currently, Vladislava is spending her time between Germany, Prague, and the Czech Republic.


Her LinkedIn profile states that she studied fine arts at the Municipal Art School in Russia from 2010 to 2013. She then enrolled at the American University in Bulgaria, where she earned her degree in Teaching English as a Second or Foreign Language. She also pursued advanced education at the University of New York in Prague, SUNY Empire State College, and the International Centre of Modern Education.

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Love life

 Vladislava Galagan has the physique of a well-built fitness coach and the face of the prettiest, most innocent girl. Long shiny dark hair, warm brown eyes with curly lashes and a charming smile somehow go along with the widest female shoulders. When selecting her outfits, Vladislava emphasizes biceps and well-built legs so that her achievements don’t go unnoticed.

She maintains a professional stance on her Instagram page, she doesn’t share photos or videos of family, a partner or a spouse. This leads us to believe that the beautiful bodybuilder is single. 


Vladislava held a variety of jobs before devoting her full attention to bodybuilding. Her LinkedIn profile states that she spent five months in 2015 working as the head banquet waiter at Restaurant Beluga. She has also used her Degree in English to work as a private tutor, instructing Russian-speaking people in English. 

However, she loved exercises and fitness challenges from childhood. 

 “I always liked physical activity,” Vladislava stated while smiling. She started with gymnastics, then moved to athletics and sprinting, and then gradually developed her passion for bodybuilding. Her very first impression of beauty found in a muscled human body was when she attended the local competitions. “For the first time, I saw advanced athletes, the relief muscles on their calves. Also, some girls were in good shape with beautiful leg muscles. It amazed me. When I was 16, the exposure caused major changes in my mind.”

At the age of 15, her coach enrolled her in the sprint contest, though she was barely ready for it. Unfortunately, Vladislava didn’t win. But the worst was the mocking from the coach of the other, winning girl, “How does it feel to lose to somebody of a lower age? ” Despite the obvious devastation, she channelled that rage into training.  “I wasn’t thinking about bodybuilding at that time, I just worked out for myself. But I liked to notice how my legs were slowly becoming toned, my shoulders and back stronger. I was slowly developing and I enjoyed building my body.”

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A year later, she attended the same competition. Her hard work eventually paid off when she beat her opponent- the same girl from the previous year. Standing on the same starting line, she was more confident and 100% ready. “I heard the shot and I started running and I noticed that my competitor was not within eyeshot. For a second I wondered where she was; then I realized she was way behind my back,” Vladislava smiles again, “This mocking trainer didn’t say a word as though he had swallowed his tongue.” That was the first time she realized that her hard work paid off, and she liked how it felt.

Vladislava Galagan Height and Weight

Vladislava Galagan stands at 5’9” tall and weighs anywhere from 175 lbs to 185 lbs  These physical attributes are part of what contributes to her success as a bodybuilder and model, as she has crafted a great physique with muscle mass that stands out, yet she keeps her feminine features. It is also worth noting that Galagan truly has a good frame to put muscle on.

Social media

 Vladislava Galagan originally gained fans through her Instagram page. She has over 800k followers on Instagram. The spread of her fame caused her to open an OnlyFans account. 

Her OnlyFans account has greatly helped out with bringing in an extra stream of income. The account was earning her over $10,000 a month. Although she has an OnlyFans, Galagan does not do anything X-rated but did say that she has gotten some strange requests. 

Galagan claims that people like arm wrestling videos and that she gets many requests for those, which is somewhat similar to Sally McNeil, the female bodybuilder who would wrestle men (by request) as a side hustle. 

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Anyway, Vladislava has perfected the image of being muscular with a good face.

Vladislava Galagan Net worth and Nickname

Due to her pretty face and impressive body, Vladislava is called the “Kendall Jenner of Bodybuilding.” People also call her She-Hulk. 

Both names work well for her because they increase her fame and bring more financial opportunities to her. She currently has an estimated net worth of $1 million. 


It’s not every day you see a pretty feminine face on a toned masculine body. While Vladislava Galagan’s physique has inspired many people to do bodybuilding, it is noteworthy that she admits that she occasionally takes steroids. So, if you don’t have the same results as Vladislava Galagan, don’t be bothered.

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