Why is Drake trending on Twitter

Why is Drake trending on Twitter? Alleged Leak Video Spark Reactions

Drake is trending on Twitter after an alleged video of him “getting down on business” got leaked. The video is really sparking up reactions.

We understand you want to watch Drake’s leaked video, but we are unable to post it here. Look it up on Twitter.

Note that we cannot confirm that the person in the video is actually Drake, as the face is mostly covered by the phone.


As of this writing, the video has received over 3 million views, with thousands of comments.

“Lmao, Rihanna is definitely going to go back to drake”, Someone reacted.

Another said; “What if it was itching. Y’all like to assume things”.

One also said; “Yk what I ain’t even mad I thought it would be smaller”.

A Twitter user said; “I see why Nicki said she wanted to have the moment for LIFE”.

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