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7 Best Places To Get Used Cars For Sale In Lagos

There are a lot of reasons why you would want a used car. They are cheaper than new cars, offer the same quality and satisfaction for half the price, and are your best bet for getting a ride if you are on a tight budget.  If you’ve considered buying a secondhand vehicle but you’re not sure where to go, visit any of these 7 Best Places To See Used Cars For Sale In Lagos.

When buying a car in Lagos, there are two options that are open to you. They are, buying a new car or opting for ‘fairly-used’ ones. The option you choose is influenced by your reason for wanting to get a ride and how much money you have. 

While both options are good, there are certain discrepancies between the two which you should consider before visiting the auto dealership. We’ll discuss them briefly, before moving on to where to get used cars for sale in Lagos.

Brand-new cars are mainly imported into the country and sold by licensed and authorized dealers of major car companies. They go for high prices and have special bonuses and packages like longer warranties and after-sale services.

Used cars on the other hand have been driven by people in other parts of the world and imported into Nigeria. They make up a large percentage of the cars sold in Lagos because of the high demand for them; which is because they are more cost-effective and affordable than brand-new cars.

Now that we’ve cleared that up, use our list to find out the best places to see used cars in Lagos, their locations, and the car brands they sell.

Best Places To See Used Cars For Sale In Lagos

1. Cars45

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2. Spicyauto

3. Naijauto

4. Carmart

5. Carbuyersbroker

6. Autochek

7. Jiji

7 Best Places To See Used Cars For Sale In Lagos

Where you’d find used cars for sale in this city, depends on your preference and budget. You could visit a land-based dealer to pick out one the old-fashioned way, or buy and select a car online from a verified dealer. 

Below is a rundown of some of the popular auto dealers who sell or swap good quality secondhand cars.  

1. Cars45

Car45 is the best place to see used cars for sale in Lagos, they give you a detailed inspection report compiled on 200+ parameters, to guarantee that the condition of the car meets your expectations.

In addition to having 34 inspection centres in the state, Car45 also assesses and verifies the documents of the car you’re buying so that you don’t have any problems after the transaction.

Location: 3rd Floor, Epic Tower, 235 Ikorodu-Ososun Rd, Ilupeju.

Cars Available On Cars45

Toyota Higlander 2016₦15,750,000
Lexus GX 2020₦43,365,000
Ford Edge 2012₦3,037,500
Chevrolet Trax 2014₦4,500,000
Toyota Camry 2011₦3,780,000

2. Spicyauto

Spicyauto Limited is a virtual car marketplace dedicated to becoming the most preferred and reliable auto dealership. It is a great place to see Nigerian used cars for sale in Lagos, as they have a wide variety of top-notch vehicles in the city.

Please note, Spicyauto does not sell cars directly, they are a standard advertising medium for people to buy and sell cars, vans, bikes, trucks, etc.

Location: Block 3, flat 7, 41 Rd ‘C’ Cl, Festac Town 102312, Lagos.

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Cars Available On Spicyauto

2014 Audi₦25,000,000
2013 Honda Accord₦4,500,000
2016 Mercedes Benz GLE 350₦21,000,000
2016 BMW X6₦35,000,000
2021 Kia Rio ₦1,300,000

3. Naijauto

Naijauto is a one-stop online car-for-sale vendor with a vast collection of new and used classic cars sourced from reliable dealers across Nigeria. It is a sure place to see cheap nigeria used cars for sale in Lagos, with hundreds of deals and pictures of cars on sale to check.

This dealer has Nigerian-used vehicles submitted by owners and tokunbo cars imported from international car auctions. You will find trustworthy sellers on Naijauto.

Location: James Robertson Road & Alhaji Masha Rd, Suruelere 101241, Lagos.

Cars Available On Naijauto

2022 Toyota TRD V6 Automatic₦13,664,890
Volkswagen Golf ₦430,000
Range Rover Sport₦1,000,000
Kia Rio₦550,000
Nissan Altima₦480,000

4. Carmart

Carmart Nigeria is where you can find used cars for sale in Lagos by owners. The platform partners with car owners to sell their cars for good prices from the comfort of their homes.

They ensure that sellers get excellent offers and sell their vehicles faster by doing the heavy lifting for them. Every car you see here is in good shape and put up by the original owner.

Location: Online.

Cars Available On Carmart

Opel Zavira 2004 Model₦1,200,000
Foreign Used Lamborghini Urus 2020₦260,000,000
Bentley Mulsanne₦285,000,000
Jaguar SRV 2021₦65,000,000
Posh Cayenne₦9,200,000

5. Carbuyersbroker

Carbuyersbroker directs you to marketplaces where you’ll find foreign used cars for sale in Lagos. They also help you in importing vehicles from Germany or buying locally used cars.

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First-time or experienced importers may try the free consultation offered by Carbuyersbroker on the importation of vehicles to any African country.

Location: Okeho Street, Isaga Tedo 102214, Lagos.

Cars Available On Carmart

Lexus IS250 2014₦10,900,000
Hyundai Sante FE 09₦200,000,000
Volkswagen Sharan₦200,600,000
Avensis I 2.0₦2,126,813
Citroen Van 2016₦4,253,625

6. Autochek

Autochek makes the process of car ownership easier for you. They provide the necessary assistance to ensure that the process of getting your dream car is hitch-free. Autochek also provides part payment plans and loans.

When you buy a vehicle from Autocheck, you’ll get high-quality used cars for sale in Lagos state, access to competitive financial offers, and outstanding sales service to keep your car in standard condition.

Location: 1, Slyvia Crescent, Anthony Village, Anthony, Lagos.

Cars Available On Autochek

2011 BMW 328i₦9,315,000
2013 Acura MDX₦8,415,000
2014 Toyota Coaster₦17,515,000
2014 Nissan Pathfinder₦8,815,000
2016 Honda Accord₦9,415,000

7. Jiji

Jiji is a massive online marketplace where you can buy just about everything you’re looking for, even fairly used cars for sale in Lagos. They have more than a million car advertisements which you can choose from by simply using the search panel and filters on their website.

To purchase used cars for sale in Lagos on jiji ng, you can chat or call the seller on the phone, discuss details with them, and negotiate on the price if you, please.

Location: Online.

Cars Available On Jiji

Dodge Challenger 2018₦18,500,000
Volvo V70 2.0 T Automatic 2005₦3,700,000
Alfa Romeo 2600 2013 ₦13,000,000
Aston Martin Vanquish 2018₦23,000,000
Audi Quatro 2019₦45,000,000

Wrap Up

When buying cheap foreign used cars for sale in Lagos or Nigerian used cars for sale in Lagos state, keep your eyes open to avoid being defrauded and scammed. 

Ensure that the fairly used cars for sale in Lagos Nigeria displayed by the auto dealer or online are thoroughly inspected, have receipts from the owner, and complete parts before paying.

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