Popular Flood Areas in Lagos

Lagos is surrounded by water and most of the city is characterized by lowlands. This makes the city particularly susceptible to flooding.

During the rainy season, typically from April to October, heavy downpours can easily flood the city’s drainage systems and cause flooding in many areas.

The effects of a flood can be devastating and cause extensive damage to buildings, essential facilities, and transportation systems.

In this article, we’ll discover popular flood areas in Lagos. It’s best to steer clear of these locations during the rainy season. If you find yourself in Lagos during the rainy season, make sure to take the necessary precautions when visiting these 7 most flooded areas in Lagos.

Popular Flood Areas in Lagos

  • Eti-Osa
  • Elegushi
  • Apapa
  • Ajeromi-Ifelodun
  • Surulere 
  • Ketu
  • Ikorodu

7 Popular Flood Areas in Lagos

Most parts of Lagos are surrounded by water. It’s therefore no surprise that the city is prone to flooding, especially during the rainy season.

Join us as we cover the 7 most popular flood-prone areas in Lagos.

1. Eti-Osa

Eti-Osa is a popular LGA in Lagos State. In English, it translates to “by the Lagoon” and encompasses Ikoyi, Victoria, Lekki Phase 1 & 2, Ajah, and some parts of Sangotedo.

It is home to upscale real estate, numerous business districts, and corporate offices. Despite its economic growth, Eti-Osa is plagued by severe flooding, particularly during rainy seasons and harsh weather conditions.

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The area’s rapid urbanization has resulted in increased construction and land reclamation, which can disrupt natural water flow and exacerbate flooding. 

During heavy rain, neighborhoods in Eti-Osa become nearly impassable for both pedestrians and drivers. Unfortunately, despite the recurring problem, there is still no proper drainage system for the area.

If you are considering renting or purchasing a property in the vicinity of Eti-Osa, it may be advisable to schedule a visit during the rainy season so you can avoid any future loss of property.

2. Elegushi

Elegushi is a popular community in Lagos State. Flooding is a recurring problem in Elegushi, largely due to its proximity to the Atlantic Ocean and the fact that it is situated on low-lying land. This issue is more pronounced during the rainy season.

Whenever there’s excessive rainfall in the area, the water gets trapped with nowhere to flow, this is often caused by insufficient drainage infrastructure and inadequate urban planning.

Almost every year, flooding causes major damage to properties and also really bad traffic congestion in the area. It’s not uncommon for residents to be unable to drive due to the severity of flooding during these times.

3. Apapa

Apapa is a prominent port and local government area in Lagos. In August 2023, the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) listed Apapa among the communities likely to witness flooding.

The primary cause of flooding in Apapa is the inadequate drainage infrastructure. The drainage channels and canals in the area often get blocked with debris and waste, impeding the proper flow of water.

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During the peak of the rainy season in Apapa, a severe flood crisis occurs and most times, the heavy rainfall hides potholes on the deteriorating roads, resulting in numerous property loss, and accidents.

4. Ajeromi-Ifelodun

Ajeromi-Ifelodun, a local government area in the Badagry area of Lagos State, is a bustling and vibrant community with a high population density. Sadly, the community is highly flood-prone due to the poorly managed drainage and sewage infrastructure. 

Whenever Lagos experiences heavy rainfall or unstable weather conditions, Ajeromi-Ifelodun is one of the most affected areas.

We strongly advise avoiding the area during rainy seasons if possible to prevent accidents and property loss.

5. Surulere

Surulere, located in Lagos Mainland, is a thriving community known for its bustling commerce, real estate, and sports scene. As exciting as it is to live or visit Surulere, the area is heavily disturbed by flooding issues.

Anytime it rains heavily, The area gets flooded easily and the water fills up the road, making it difficult for residents to move around. The streets are often left in disarray and littered with heaps of garbage.

For years now, residents have reported major losses in properties, roads, and businesses, and up until now, there hasn’t been any real solution to the flood problem.

6. Ketu

Ketu, a bustling and diverse neighborhood in Lagos, Nigeria, is a major transit point for commuters traveling within the city and beyond. 

Despite its significance, the area faces several challenges typical of Lagos, including traffic congestion, inadequate infrastructure, and waste management and sanitation issues.

One of the most pressing issues in the area is flooding, which is worsened by the bad roads that make commuting challenging for those passing through.

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7. Ikorodu

Ikorodu is a vibrant city located in the southwestern region of Nigeria situated alongside the Lagos Lagoon. The city’s proximity to these water bodies increases the likelihood of flooding, as there is a lack of proper drainage and road infrastructure.

On bad days, this flooding can have really terrible consequences for residents, as it can cause damage to homes, loss of property, displacement, and health risks due to contaminated floodwater.

Wrap Up

The areas listed above are the 7 most popular locations that are likely to experience flooding during the rainy season in Lagos.

As these flooding challenges persist, there is a dire need for a sweeping, long-term strategy to manage and reduce the impact of flooding in the city. 

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