Who is Dunsin Oyekan

Who is Dunsin Oyekan?

Dunsin Oyekan is a powerful Nigerian gospel artist and songwriter who has won the hearts of many and risen to a significant level of influence. Who is he? What do we know about him? Keep reading this article to find out the fine details.


Dunsin Oyekan is a Nigerian worship minister born on Monday, the 5th of November, 1984 in Ilorin, Kwara state. Minister Dunsin Oyekan is a native of Ilorin and he grew up in the ancient town as the only son of his parents.

He attended the Airforce Nursery and Primary School, Ilorin, and then proceeded to the prestigious Federal Government College (FGC), Ilorin. However, he completed his secondary education at the Baptist Model High School, Ilorin. 

Minister Dunsin got his first degree from the University of Ilorin, where he graduated as an Industrial chemist. 

Who is the Father of Dunsin Oyekan?

Did you know that Dunsin Oyekan’s Father wanted Dunsin to study Music at the university? 

Yes, that’s right. Dunsin Oyekan’s Father, Pastor Gbadebo Oyekan was a major influence in Dunsin Oyekan’s music career. 

Pastor Gbadebo Oyekan led the Ilorin-based music group: Spiritual Singers. He took Dunsin Oyekan to several Christian concerts and gospel music events. 

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Which church is Dunsin Oyekan from?

Minister Dunsin Oyekan’s Father was the General Overseer of the Evangelical Baptist Church. So, Dunsin Oyekan grew up as a member of the Evangelical Baptist Church. He is a full member of the Evangelical Baptist Church. 

What is Dunsin Oyekan’s Marital status?

On the 2nd of February 2013, Dunsin Oyekan married Adedoyin his University sweetheart. Their union was blessed with two children. Unfortunately, he lost his wife Mrs Adedoyin Oyekan on 18th May 2019- six years after the wedding. 

She died after a brief illness- which wasn’t disclosed to public knowledge. It has been four years since her death and Minister Dunsin Oyekan has not remarried.

What Musical Instrument does Dunsin Oyekan play? 

Due to his family’s influence, Minister Dunsin was introduced to the world of Gospel music at a young age. Dunsin Oyekan started playing the guitar at age 10. 

As time progressed, Minister Dunsin learnt to play the keyboard and drums. So, along with his voice, Dunsin Oyekan is a proficient player of the guitar, keyboard and drummer.

He has functioned in several choirs as a singer, instrumentalist and music director.

Music Career

Minister Dunsin Oyekan was once a Music director at the Ilorin branch of the Commonwealth of Zion Assembly (COZA). 

His music style is a fine blend of African tunes and Contemporary music. His desire is to fill the atmosphere with the heart of God, witness God, and stir revival in the power and wisdom of God. 

He officially kicked off his music career in 2016 with his first album ‘Code Red.’ Since then, he has released four other albums including his latest 2023 album, The Birth of Revival. The Birth of Revival is a 14-track album that spreads the sound of Revival on the earth. 

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The Eagle, as he is fondly called, is the pioneer of the Code Red movement.  A spirit-led movement that is intentional about hosting the presence of God through Prophetic worship. Code Red’s mission is to create and support avenues where the saints unite under the blood of Jesus. The movement is further divided into two events: The upper room and The Outpouring. 

The Upper Room is an on-site and online meeting where believers gather to receive from the Holy Spirit just like the account of the Upper Room in the Book of Acts. 

The Outpouring is a live, non-denominational revival meeting that is held as led by the Holy Spirit. Abuja, Lagos, and Ilorin are some Nigerian cities where The Outpouring has been held.

Minister Dunsin is renowned for his powerful worship sessions; his songs are channels of intimacy with God. This dynamic young minister has over 30 songs to his name. 

What record label does Dunsin Oyekan belong to?

Minister Dunsin Oyekan opened his record label which he calls Dunsin Oyekan’s Records. 

How many Awards has Dunsin Oyekan won?

 Dunsin Oyekan is reportedly one of the 100 Most Influential People in the Nigerian Christian Ministry. His song, Imole De, was nominated for Song of Excellence at the Africa Gospel Music and Media Awards (AGMMA) in 2019.

For a very long time, Minister Dunsin’s songs have been nominated for awards. He currently has five Headiest Awards, two Nigerian Entertainment awards and an Africa Gospel Music award. 

Beyond the shores of Africa, Minister Dunsin Oyekan has attained global recognition and has shared the same platform with Tasha Cobbs, Kim Burrell and many others. 

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Was Dunsin Oyekan in an accident?

Yes, he was in an accident. On Saturday, September 3rd 2023, Minister Dunsin Oyekan and his crew were involved in a ghastly auto accident. The Eagle, as he is fondly called was on his way to Ibadan, Oyo state for a ministration when the accident occurred. He shared the testimony during his ministration at Ibadan. In his words, “The devil tried everything not to make me come here today. If you saw the accident scene that I came out of you can never believe that I walked out alive.

“To think we were coming here, and I said let me sleep a bit so that I can be refreshed for the meeting and the next thing. I just knew we were somewhere, and the jeep had gone under the trailer”. He finished with this statement: If you are looking for a miracle, this is a miracle standing here.”

Who is Dunsin Oyekan’s Spiritual Father? 

Dunsin Oyekan identifies Pastor Paul Idoko Enenche, the senior pastor of Dunamis Int’l gospel centre (DIGC). 


Dunsin Oyekan is the man who has been graced by God to create an atmosphere of worship and intimacy. 

There are many things to say about the Eagle but one prominent character is his love for God and the people of God. If you want to access the throne of heaven through worship, then listen to the sound of minister Dunsin Oyekan.

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