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Top 10 Dunsin Oyekan’s Songs 2024

Dunsin Oyekan has over 30 songs and five albums. Among these songs, some of them have become household names. In today’s post, we will explore the top 10 songs of Dunsin Oyekan. 

Dunsin Oyekan and his Songs

Dunsin Oyekan is a Nigerian gospel singer, songwriter and instrumentalist with a song for his generation. He has carved a niche for himself in the realm of worship music, captivating audiences with his soul-stirring compositions and powerful lyrics. He is best known as the Eagle, a name his friends attribute to him because of his visionary ideas. 

His songs are vehicles that help you ascend the throne of heaven through worship. Below are the top 10 best songs by Dunsin Oyekan. 

Open Up

A resounding anthem that invites believers to open up their hearts to God’s presence, “Open Up” is a powerful worship ballad that sets the tone for intimate encounters with the Divine. It begins with a plea for God to open up the heavens, signalling a desire for a divine connection beyond the ordinary. The lyrics artfully express a yearning for a deeper, more intimate relationship with the Creator. As the song progresses, it transforms into a passionate declaration of surrender, as Oyekan encourages believers to lay aside inhibitions and invite the presence of God into every aspect of their lives.

Imole De

Translating to “The Light has Come,” this song is a celebration of the light of Christ breaking forth into the darkness. Oyekan’s lyrics echo the biblical narrative, affirming the advent of light in the form of Christ. The song is a declaration of the transformative power of God’s light bringing believers into a realm of enlightenment, revelation, and divine presence.

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Dunsin’s passionate delivery and uplifting instrumentation make it a standout track

Fragrance to Fire

“Fragrance to Fire” is a call to believers to be consumed by the fire of God’s love and to radiate His fragrance in a world in need. The song invites listeners into a transformative journey of worship. 

The title itself, “Fragrance to Fire,” suggests a process of transformation from something subtle and aromatic to a powerful and consuming force. Dunsin Oyekan begins with an exploration of the fragrance, a metaphor often associated with worship in the Bible. The delicate aroma represents the sincere adoration and devotion of the worshiper, setting the stage for a divine encounter.

The song’s dynamic arrangement and compelling lyrics make it a favourite among worshipers.


A prayerful ballad, “Breathe” invites the Holy Spirit to breathe life into every aspect of the believer’s being. It opens with a gentle piano melody and Dunsin Oyekan’s tender vocals, setting the tone for an atmosphere of intimate worship. The lyrics, like a whispered prayer, invite believers to enter into a sacred space where they can breathe in the presence of the Almighty. The song is an invitation to linger in the divine, to inhale the essence of God. Its tender melody and sincere lyrics create a space for reflective worship.

At All Cost

“At All Cost” is a declaration of commitment to following Christ regardless of the challenges or sacrifices. It opens with an invitation to consecration. The lyrics echo the sentiments of a heart committed to pursuing God, regardless of the challenges or sacrifices that may arise. Oyekan’s vocal delivery and gentle instrumentation create an atmosphere of introspection, setting the stage for a deep and personal encounter with the divine.

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Dunsin’s emotive vocals and the song’s anthemic quality make it a stirring worship experience.

I’ll Be Here

This heartfelt ballad is a beautiful expression of God’s unwavering presence and faithfulness. “I’ll Be Here” resonates with listeners as a reassurance of God’s enduring love. Oyekan navigates through the complexities of human experience, assuring believers that God’s presence is an enduring anchor. The song becomes a comforting embrace, reminding the worshiper that they are never alone on life’s journey.


True to its title, “Amazing” is a worship masterpiece that extols the incredible nature of God. The song’s rich lyrics and captivating melody create an atmosphere of adoration.”Amazing” is more than a song; it is an invitation to the extraordinary. Its lyrics, spiritual revelation, theological richness, and global resonance are top-notch.

 As believers engage with this song, they come to a place of profound awe and wonder. The greatness of God becomes not just a concept but a living reality in their worship experience.

 You Are Good

In “You Are Good,” Dunsin Oyekan celebrates the goodness of God. It is a heartfelt journey into the profound goodness of God. The theme of the song is an invitation to enter into a space of heartfelt appreciation.

The song’s catchy chorus and uplifting message make it a favourite in worship gatherings.

 I Proclaim

“I Proclaim” is a bold declaration of God’s sovereignty and the believer’s authority in Christ.

The lyrics act as a catalyst, empowering believers to step into their God-given authority and declare His promises boldly. It is a transformative moment where faith is not just professed but activated. The worshiper is encouraged to take hold of the promises of God with unwavering confidence.

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 Dunsin’s passionate delivery and the song’s powerful lyrics inspire believers to boldly declare God’s promises.


Closing our list is the triumphant “Hallelujah.” This song is an exuberant expression of praise, lifting high the name of Jesus. “Hallelujah” is a proclamation of victory, echoing themes of triumph and exaltation. The lyrics convey the idea of celebrating the goodness and faithfulness of God in every season. The song is an anthem for victories and a source of encouragement for those navigating challenges. It reminds them that praise is a weapon that ushers in triumph.

 Its infectious energy and spirit-stirring lyrics make it a fitting conclusion to our top 10.


Dunsin Oyekan’s music goes beyond melodies; it’s a journey into the heart of worship. The top 10 songs mentioned here only scratch the surface of his profound ministry. As believers continue to be impacted by his anointed sound, Dunsin Oyekan remains a beacon in the world of gospel music, leading hearts into deeper realms of adoration and communion with the Almighty.

Listen to Dunsin Oyekan’s worship below.

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