Vistalog earning platform scam or legit

Vistalog earning platform scam or legit? (Revealed)

There is a new earning platform called vistalog and there have been several questions about the legitimacy of the website.

Vistalog earning platform is a scam, and we discovered a few facts about the website that we’d like to share with you. Continue reading to learn more.

What is Vistalog?

Vistalog claims to be an income-earning website app that pays registered members for activities and tasks performed on the site.

They claim you can earn as an affiliate and no affiliate, and they will:

  • They will pay you N4000 for each invite you make to purchase and use their services.
  • They will pay you N300 per invite and N100 in third-generation sales commissions.
  • Will pay $200 for a daily login to their website.
  • Earn a total of 800 by engaging with their daily advertisement posts and guides on YouTube.

Vistalog also claims the registration fee is only ₦5,000, providing access to all benefits and innovations.

Vistalog is a SCAM

Sorry, there is no two way about it, Vistalog is a scam platform.

This is not the first time this type of platform has emerged. They all follow the same pattern: they make tempting offers and then take your hard-earned money.

Most people discussing the Vistalog platform simply want to bring you in because the platform claims they can profit from being an Affiliate. Money doesn’t come cheaply.

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Why Vistalog is a scam (Reasons)

1. Vistalog Domain

The Vistalog domain is too new. It shouldn’t be trusted.

It was registered on January 1, 2024, and it already promises massive benefits and payouts.

2. No Contact US page

We looked through the website and couldn’t find a contact page, address, or phone number. A business without a means of communication is a big red flag.

3. No social media page

We also discovered that the Vistalog website social media page icons are not working. A legitimate company should have a working website with all its features accessible.

4. No Media Backup

There is no media backup of the website available on the Internet.

If you search the internet, you will notice that no major news publications are discussing the platform.

If it was legitimate, you would have seen the launch and all of the platform’s details in the news.


Stay vigilant; the ball is in your court. BYE FOR NOW.

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    1. Heeeeeeeeee🙆I don put money ooooo
      I thought as much that if it is a legit platform it should have backup,
      No working website too oh my goodness .
      And the person who informed me of this vistalog do post how much she earns in a week could that be a lie coz she is someone that I know very well though we are far from each other now

      1. The person that introduce you is not lieing that’s how they first use to do so if so many people have registered they will now run away with all the money

        1. Don’t panic , I don’t listen to what people say , cuz in this life everything is all about risk , to be honest with you I have earned as well too

      2. The thing is platforms like this normally pay members at first so as to attract more customers. Just be careful, invest what you can afford to loose.

      3. U will receive ur Money…
        First, there’s a social gathering..
        They have Group chat and there’s contact where u get Ur coupon of the 5k…Someone sent u a Coupon.Atleast, that’s contact.
        Then,there’s a chat forum online when u download the app..U will see it clearly..
        Finally, I won’t say its a Scam or not A Scam..But As far as U get back more than Ur 5k within few days…What else matters as Nigerian is Concern right now…
        We’re trying through one means or another to Survive…
        I registered last week and I’ve seen my money in two folds within affiliate..or inviting anyone..
        Then, what matters again…

        1. Pls I just registered yesterday,how do I get back my money because they claimed I won’t be able to withdrawal until I earn up to #25 000

  1. Thank you very much this was very helpful,cos I almost join, but I had to search out and get fact about it first,thank very much for this information

    1. Same here they have been posting it on my WhatsApp status sweet talking about the payout but I have to search it first too before paying interest in it

      1. Thanks alot, this is really helpful..i wanted to join but after being scammed by argocoin, Gemini and super shop I’ve learned my lesson the hard way. Thankful now I don’t join anything without checking reviews. Your info really helped. Once more thank you

      1. Me too oo😂🙆🏻‍♀️
        I even want to register now
        But my mind said I should search first 😳
        Thank you Jesus 🙏🙏
        My hard earned money 🥹🥹

    1. Always good to do your research on this online affiliate marketing before you put your money in them. They’ll have the same strategy and after sometime they website will disappear

      1. This is not Affliate Marketing is my brother or sister, this are scamming site rubbing people of their hard earned money

    1. Guy nah u try pass, omo SCAMMERS are everywhere. And the mumu man is telling me is not a Ponzi scheme,

      This is more than a Ponzi scheme.

    1. Thanks Mr Victor,
      Honestly, that offer was tempting and there’s really not much resistance in reaping such harvest they promised us with just 5k. Hmm!

      A normal Nigerian man who’s unable to gather facts about it would think his normal fatsing or maybe some prayer program he attended has eventually paid off this new year. Lolz.

      Waitoo, Ads no gree me talk for this your page oo. Can u do something about it, they’re really becoming nuisance.


      1. Thanks so much, my cousin is disturbing In my DM now that are should join….. So I came here to confirm. Is too helpful 👋👋😘😘😘

  2. Thank u for the piece of information. I almost joined but my instinct keeps telling
    me that they are not real. Thanx once again.

  3. Thank you o…cause I Was wondering how someone can earn 1million within 2weeks 😂 as claimed in the broadcasts

  4. Hmmm I almost fell for it o cus it’s so tempting seeing a friend of mine on WhatsApp posting her withdrawal of 115k just for a week… Thanks for this info

  5. I have register two vistalog ask am taking to you now they are not working again it started on 1-19-2024 I can’t login again

    1. Maybe you have withdrawed they don’t want you to chop them twice…that’s how a friend introduced me to plu app last year ending when I was so broke…I lost 12k ni..all this rubbish app na Ponzi ,

  6. Thanks so much for this information.
    I have to come here and verify my curiousity because AIM had shown me she last year, I have to be wise this year

  7. These people are too much online now..I fell for one few weeks ago claiming to give me job online to do some mobile work..they scammed me of my 160k..Duro media all of them full everywhere now shine ur eyes well abeg o!

  8. Not only in Nigeria ooo. Even here in Cameroon,my friends won’t let me be,asking me to join. Omo,I go use the money buy fish chop,I won’t suffer to feed lazy people 🙌

  9. Same here they have been posting it on my WhatsApp status sweet talking about the payout but I have to search it first too before paying interest in it

  10. You are a life saver🙏🙏 .. My friend no give me breathing space because of this vistalog ..Na so she introduced one to me wey dem carry my money go
    Thanks for the update ..Make I go use my 5k buy wetin I go dey see inside my room .

  11. I have registered already
    I haven’t cashout since this days
    Nah 25th Dem tell us oo for the non-affiliate part cos I no see anybody refer

  12. Omo I no fit make that mistake of going into something without making a research oooh,tho they’re posting evidence but I can’t rush into it without investigation despite who is telling me about it, Qnet taught me a lesson,Thanks .

  13. Lol…shut up.your mouth if you lack what to say…I have been credited severally…I will be making withdrawals today as a matter of fact

    1. Alhamdulillah I didn’t fall into the trap money way be say na my last card. My instinct his just saying check Google before you transfer to your reference thanks bro 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  14. I believe what ever my heart says it’s keeps telling me to ask Google because send the money to the money I was referred to
    Alhamdulillah I didn’t fell into the trap

  15. I give 3days to the person in charge of vistalog to fix my account oh else you won’t only suffer but you will.. ………. And, boy don’t take my word play. Like I go play you hard little boy , listen you are trying to scam the wrong person, try me and you will see me I don’t need your number to track you down

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