Best Printing Companies In Lagos

Printing companies handle branding activities for your business. These include design, slogans, letters, official documents, logos, flyers, banners, stickers, and packaging. If you’ve just launched your business and now require any of these services, check our post to find the  Best Printing Companies In Lagos. 

Advertisement in this part of Nigeria is largely dependent on print media, as it is one important way of getting a good number of customers for your product.

Although there are hundreds of printing companies in Lagos who advertise their services to similar companies like yours, there are only a few trusted ones who can truly capture your business’ essence. In this article you’ll discover the 7 Best printing companies in Lagos, what they do, and where to find them.

What To Consider When Choosing Printing Companies In Lagos

There are an array of printing services vendors to select from in Lagos. But because not all of them can handle a project this important, you must do research before approaching any of them. This will save you money and time. 

On that note, these are some things to consider when choosing printing companies in Lagos.

1. Range

Versatility is one quality to search for in a printing company. Companies that provide a vast range of services, give you more choices to select from. This increases the chances of you achieving your desired result.

Organizations should be able to print business cards, ID cards, booklets, flyers, stickers, bags, etc. They should have a catalogue you can look through, but also keep open the option of you requesting a specific design. 

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2. Excellent Customer Service

For the entire project duration, the company should indulge and communicate with you frequently. This can be through calls, text messages, emails, or other online means of communication. 

They should pay personal attention to you. Your questions and concerns should also be addressed promptly and professionally. Ensure that their customer service is top-notch before hiring them.

3. Experience

Before working with a printing company, consider how long they’ve been in this industry. This sector is extremely competitive and constantly evolving. And longevity is a good indicator of a business’s credibility.

If they have succeeded for years, you’ll rest easy knowing they possess the knowledge and expertise needed to effectively manage your projects.

4. Value For Money

Value is a vital factor when buying anything. Every business wants quality printing delivered at an affordable price. There are few printing companies in Lagos that can provide this balance, so it is essential to find one.

Besides fair prices, a good printer can provide value in other ways. This could be deals and discounts. It may also be characteristics like easy to work with, attentive to customer’s needs, ready-to-address quotes and providing accurate quotes that add value for your money.

5. Speedy Delivery

A great printing company always keeps its promises. When you order, they should set the exact timeframe for its completion from the start.

It is not every company that can deliver a larger number of printed materials within a timely period, so it is important to find one whose delivery is quick.

Best Printing Companies In Lagos

Now that we’ve discussed the factors to consider when looking for printing companies in Lagos, we will move on to listing the best printing companies in Lagos. For each organization, there is a summary, a list of services they provide, and where in the state they are located.

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1. Digital Reality

Digital Reality is a leading commercial printing company reputed for providing quality. It leads the best printing companies in Lagos. Its dedication to excellence and passion for innovation makes it the preferred choice for businesses across Nigeria.

Services they offer include – offset printing, awesome large format printing, intricate laser cut engraving, and vibrant direct-to-garment printing. Digital Reality applies a forward-thinking approach and technical expertise to its services. It’s a good large format printing company in Lagos.

Location: 78-89 Commercial Avenue, Oyadiran Estate, Sabo-Yaba, Lagos.

2. Ryteprint

Ryteprint is one of the top printing companies in Lagos. They are an online provider of customised promotional corporate gifts, lanyards, business printing, marketing materials, clothing, built environment printing, signage, and photo and digital art products.

This company designs standard double-sided business cards, customised lanyards, executive A5 notebooks, and embroidered custom caps for individuals, small offices home offices, Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), and corporate organizations.

Location: 70 Shipeolu Street, Palmgrove, 100231, Lagos.

3. Kiakiaprint

Kiakiaprint is another best print companies in Lagos, they help business owners access premium, professional, and visually appealing print items. They understand the relevance of print and custom marketing materials to your brand.

At Kiakia, you can get branded envelopes, letterheads, magnets, marketing brochures, custom mugs, souvenirs, wedding stationery, greeting cards, fliers, handbills, paper bags, etc.

Location: 9, Bajulaiye Road, Somolu, Lagos.

4. Kong Marketing

Kong Marketing uses several Digital Marketing and Traditional Advertising strategies to give companies who want to distinguish themselves, a voice to grow their sales in Nigeria. They provide marketing campaigns via Digital Marketing and Offline marketing channels.

Kong is also among the label printing companies in Lagos, offering high-quality large format, wide format printing services. They print brochures, business cards, wedding cards, church programs, envelopes, flyers, leaflets, posters & banners.

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Location: 19 Okunfolami Street, Anthony, Ikeja, NG-LA 101283, Lagos.

5. Lexoft Media Limited

Lexoft Media Limited is a website design company that is on the list of good fabric printing companies in Lagos. They provide web design and internet marketing solutions, graphics design, and printing solutions. 

Things you could get done at Lexoft include – promotional gifts and souvenirs, branded t-shirts, plastic ID cards, notepads and jotters, name tags, lapel pins, badges, signs and digital signages, rubber stamps, company seals, etc.

Location: 5 Agbaoku Street, Allen 001234, Opebi Ikeja, Lagos.

6. Academy Press Plc

Academy Press Plc is on the directory of go-to printing press companies in Lagos where you can get anything printed on paper and board. Their product list ranges from educational, scriptural books, autobiographies, brochures, annual reports & accounts, journals, security prints, etc.

Your choices in methods of finishing are wire stitched, perfect bound, casebound, etc. to give your work the aesthetic and professional finish that is fitting for it.

Location: 28/32, Industrial Avenue, Ilupeju Industrial Estate, P.O. Box 3445, Lagos.

7.  Eloquent Touch Media

Eloquent Touch Media is part of the printing companies in Lagos Nigeria that can rate itself in not just creating world-class designs but also in crafting exquisite products, developing the best marketing strategy, and producing the desired results.

Touch Media offers a comprehensive variety of dynamic services that meet your graphic design need for Logo Design, branding works, and Print Design. Although these services are available for Advertisements, Business Cards, and Brochures/Flyers, they can also be applied to Postcards, Magazines, Souvenirs, and CD/DVD covers. 

Location: 9 Fadeyi Street, By Ikeja Bus Stop, Off Awolowo Road, Ikeja, Lagos State.

Wrap Up

No matter the print needs you have, working with a reputable printing company in Lagos, ensures that your ideas are actualized and the promotional materials you want for your brand, do a good job of marketing your business. 

Now that you have this list of the 7 best printing companies in Lagos, you can start contacting them to find out the ideal company for your project. 

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