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7 Best Secondary Schools In Lagos

Every parent wants their children to get quality education. Those that can afford it, pay lesson teachers to tutor their wards privately or get them enrolled in world-class secondary schools. But since this is Lagos and there are hundreds of schools in this city, how do you know which ones to send them to?  7 Best Secondary Schools In Lagos answers this question.  

Teenagers are at the stage of their lives where their minds are being moulded into becoming responsible adults in society. This means as a guardian, you should be careful what you let your wards be exposed to. Whether it’s at home or school.

Now, you can monitor what your child does at home but you can only control what they do at school to some extent. That responsibility falls solely on the school administration and your children’s teachers. 

Whichever school you enroll your child into, will be your eyes and ears monitoring their affairs closely when you have gone to your place of business and can’t watch them the whole day. This is why you must get them into a school that doesn’t just care about their education, but their well-being too. 

But where will you find a school that goes beyond classroom work and extracurricular activities to instill good life values into your child? The 7 schools we listed in this article have what you need to make a good decision about your child’s secondary school education. 

How To Choose A Secondary School In Lagos

The secondary school you choose for your child is what will shape their perspective of life for the next 6 years. This task shouldn’t just be pawned off to anyone because you have a neighbour whose child is in the same school. Keep your eyes open when making this decision.

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However, there is no other sure way to know how good a school is except by testimonials, which frankly, can be biased. Use these 5 criteria when choosing a secondary school in Lagos.

1. The school’s achievements in terms of WAEC and NECO results. Do they make As? Are their students considered the best in the state according to results? Check these things.

2. Availability of social, sports, practical, and basic facilities that educationally and socially facilitate learning.

3. Their ranking in interschool events within the state and across the nation.

4. Local and international awards bestowed on them.

5. Debates, competitions, and quizzes they have participated in and won in both intellectual sports and entertainment-wise. 

Best Secondary Schools In Lagos

1. Greensprings Schools

2. King’s College

3. Queen’s College

4. Vivian Fowler Memorial College

5. Meadow Hall School

6. Caleb British Academy

7. Grenville International School

7 Best Secondary Schools In Lagos

Below is a list of secondary schools in Lagos that don’t just outrank other schools in terms of being the best, but they reinforce this notion by appearing on several other lists like this one across the internet. 

While you decide where your child best fits, let’s take a closer look at each school.

1. Greensprings Schools

Greensprings Schools is an independent, non-partisan school that teaches students to be lifelong learners by imbibing confidence, respect, and consciousness of society’s needs in them. They are one of the best secondary schools in Lagos. 

The school strives for improvement in teaching and learning. They provide a conducive learning environment that caters to all abilities and learning styles. Greensprings supports academic success as well as talents in arts, drama, music, or sports.


  • 32, Olatunde Ayoola Avenue, Anthony
  • Ibeju-Lekki (After Crown Estate), Awoyaya.
  • 12a Reeve Road, Ikoyi.

Admission Requirements

  • 2 recent passport photographs (no later than 6 months old).
  • Student’s birth certificate or international passport data page.
  • Recent academic reports from the last 2 years.
  • Character testimonial from the kid’s current school.
  • Immunization record and medical report (after admission offer has been made).
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2. King’s High School

King’s High is on a mission to shape Secondary school-aged children through the attainment of academic excellence, discipline, hard work, instilling of sound leadership attributes and good virtues to reach self-reliance.

This college appears on a list of the top 30 best secondary schools in Lagos, they seek to produce academic excellent students who can take on global challenges. 

Location: Awomolo Estate, Alaba Okiri Street, Off Abule Ado Bus Stop, Satellite Town.

Admission Requirements

  • Fill out the application form provided on the KHS website.

3. Corona Schools

Corona Schools is one of the top secondary schools in Lagos, with a vision to become the leading educational institution in Nigeria committed to producing dynamic youths empowered for continuous learning, personal mastery, and leadership.

The school provides standard education to students while also infusing moral and ethical values in them as they are prepped for lifelong learning, service, and fulfillment.

Locations: Ikoyi | Victoria Island, Apapa, Gbagada, Agbara, Lekki.

Admission Requirements

  • Fill out the application form for the Corona campus you’ll like your child to attend. 
  • Download a list of centres to take the entrance exam.
  • Pay the admission fee of ₦15,000. 

4. Vivian Fowler Memorial College

Vivian Fowler Memorial College is a leading all-girls school in Nigeria established to support individuals who are passionate about excellence. 

Fowler is among the top 5 best secondary schools in Lagos, it provides balanced learning that develops student’s personal qualities to help them thrive in life at universities within and outside the country. 

Location: Plot 5 Billingsway, Oregun, Ikeja.

Admission Requirements

  • Fill out the Online Application Form.
  • The form may be sent via email after proof of application fee payment is received. Completed forms can be returned to Fowler via email.


  • Get a registration form from the school office and pay ₦15,000.
  • Bring the completed form back with two passport photographs, a copy of your daughter’s birth certificate, and photocopies of her school reports for three past successive years.
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5. Meadow Hall School

Meadow Hall School earns a spot on the top 10 best secondary schools in Lagos. They work toward setting the pace in innovation and the provision of excellent education in West Africa.

Hall will develop your child’s multiple intelligences and attend to their specific needs through the application of an integrated curriculum, state-of-the-art technology, and an expert team.

Location: Meadow Hall Way, Alma Beach Estate, Lekki-Epe Express Way.

Admission Requirements

  • Pay the registration fee of ₦25,000.
  • Submit 2 passport photographs.
  • Photocopy of Immunization Record.
  • Photocopy of Birth Certificate.
  • Transcript or Photocopies of previous school records for three previous and successive years if that child has been in a school that long.

6. Caleb British International

Caleb British International is a private co-educational Day and Boarding Christian school that offers its students high-quality education and prepares them to secure their academic future. 

CBIS is among the good private secondary schools in Lagos, its hallmark of education is High Academic excellence. Since its establishment, students have achieved outstanding examination results.

Location: Caleb Adebogun Crescent, Abijo GRA, Lekki.

Admission Requirements

  • Complete the registration process online after downloading the Entrance Form below or fill one out on the website.
  • Fill in the required fields in the downloaded form, scan it, and send to  or drop it off at the CBIS reception at Abijo GRA, Lekki.

7. Grenville International School

Grenville International School provides a well-rounded package of academic programs founded on the British Curriculum Pre-school, Primary Year Programmes, Checkpoint, and Cambridge IGCSE, and the OSSD Programme. 

If you are looking for good secondary schools in Ikeja, you should consider Grenville. They run other academic programs on request like training for WAEC, JAMB, SAT, TOEFL, and DELF.

Location: Joel Ogunnaike Street, Ikeja, GRA. 

Admission Requirements

  • Fill out the application form on Grenville’s website.

Wrap Up

This list of schools is not the only good one in Lagos, you can do more research to find more schools in your area or just use our list. Regardless, ensure your child is getting the best quality education for their secondary school year. 

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