Nice places to Take Pictures in Lagos

Lagos is home to some of the most photogenic places in Nigeria. It offers a myriad of picture-perfect spots that attracts photographers and content creators alike.

With popular places like the Garden, the Melrose Loft, Eric Kayser, and more, there’s no shortage of Instagrammable locations to take the perfect shots.

Finding places to take pictures in Lagos should be easy. But with so many options, it can be quite challenging. To help you out, we’ve curated a list of the 10 best places to take pictures in Lagos.

10 Nice places to take pictures in Lagos

  • The Melrose Loft 
  • The Garden
  • Mood Lagos
  • Vendome
  • AAF Lagos
  • Lagos Watercraft at Landmark 
  • Crack Wings
  • Eric Kayser
  • Vintage Africana
  • Gallery at Landmark 

Nice places to take pictures in Lagos

If you enjoy taking pictures, Lagos has some incredible places waiting for your artistic lens. Grab your camera, head to these amazing spots, and click away to capture some great pictures!

The Melrose Loft 

Welcome to The Melrose Loft, a distinctive creative studio space nestled in the heart of Victoria Island, Lagos. This one-of-a-kind venue showcases a minimalist interior design, making it the perfect haven for crafting high-quality content. The cream walls and exquisite furniture serve as a unique backdrop, exuding a natural and simplistic ambiance that elevates every picture taken within. 

With a tasteful and minimalistic interior, the attention is drawn to the magnificent view, leaving ample space for your creativity and vision to shine through in your photoshoot. Step into this artistic haven and capture mesmerizing moments in The Melrose Loft.

Reservations are fixed per hour and they keep a very strict schedule so ensure you’re early for your reservation.

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Address: Victoria Island, Lagos

Opening Hours: 9 am – 6 pm Monday to Saturday, Closed on Sunday.

For Content Creation 

RoomsPrices per hour
Sunset Rooms75,225 – 140,000 naira
Santa Monica Room65,225 – 80,225 naira 
Wilshire Room65,225 – 80,225 naira
Melrose Hallway120,000 naira

For Pre-wedding and Family Portraits

RoomsPrices per hour
Sunset Rooms140,225 – 250,225 naira
Santa Monica Room100,225 – 200,225 naira 
Wilshire Room100,225 – 200,225 naira
Melrose Hallway160,000 naira

The Garden

The Garden Ikoyi is a beautiful space surrounded by colorful nature. The scenery is simply breathtaking, offering a lovely ambiance that gives your pictures the perfect outdoorsy vibe. As you step into this space, you’ll be captivated by the sight of flowers, the gentle flow of water fountains, and the tranquil atmosphere that surrounds you.

Every corner of The Garden Ikoyi is perfect for a picture, illuminated by warm, glowing bulbs that enhance the beauty of your photos. Beyond its photogenic allure, it also provides a relaxing setting for intimate gatherings, recreation, and memorable dining experiences. The peaceful atmosphere is perfect for spending quality time with friends and capturing precious moments. Embrace the charm of The Garden Ikoyi and let your creativity flourish as you find your perfect shot.

Address: 8 Bayo Kuku Rd, Ikoyi 106104, Lagos

Opening Hours: 9 am – 11 pm Tuesday to Saturday, 12 – 11 pm Sunday, Closed on Mondays.

Average Spend: 5000+ naira

Mood Lagos

Mood Lagos is an opulent rooftop restaurant in Lennox Mall, Lekki Phase 1. It has beautiful Instagrammable spots for taking striking photos.

It is always busy, so make sure to go either early in the morning or during the week when there will be fewer people around if you want to snap a quiet shot.

Address: The Lennox Mall, Admiralty Way, Lekki Phase I 106104, Lagos

Opening Hours: 2 pm – 1 am Monday to Thursday, 2 pm – 2 am Friday to Sunday.

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Average Spend: 4,000 – 40,000 naira


Vendome is not only known for its delicious menu but also has a beautiful ambiance unlike any other. The restaurant’s interior is refreshing and artsy, with warm colors, large windows, and plenty of flowers, making it a great location for capturing cozy and intimate photos. What makes Vendome truly photo-worthy, however, is its lighting. 

The restaurant’s generously sized windows welcome ample natural light, infusing your pictures with the perfect colors and contrasts.

Address: 5 Adetokunbo Ademola Street, Victoria Island 106104, Lagos 

Opening Hours: 5 pm – 12 am Monday to Friday, 12 pm – 12 am Saturday & Sunday.

Average Spend: 20,000 – 100,000 naira

AAF Lagos

If you’re looking for the perfect spot for your aesthetically pleasing Instagram photos, AAF is the place you’re looking for.

African Artists Foundation is a nonprofit organization and art space in Victoria Island. It is a very colorful art gallery that features amazing artwork by African artists. Visit AAF to get the perfect artsy shots today.

 Address: 3B Isola Oyekan Close, Off Adeleke Adedoyin St, Victoria Island, Lagos

Opening Hours: 9 am – 5 pm Tuesday to Friday, 11 am – 5 pm Saturday, Closed on Mondays & Sundays.

Average Spend: Free

Lagos Watercraft at Landmark 

On top of a ledge overlooking the Atlantic Ocean sits the stunning Lagos Watercraft at Landmark Leisure Beach. It is one of the best spots for taking sunset views photos because of the beautiful views of the sparkling water. So before you go for a dip in the water or engage in various water sports, take your camera for a quick photo session with your friends. For the best pictures, make sure you’re facing the ocean so the natural light can enhance your photos.

Address: Landmark Beach, CFC2+9CM Lagos, Oniru 106104, Victoria Island, Lagos

Opening Hours: 12 pm – 10 pm Tuesday to Sunday, Closed on Mondays 

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Crack Wings

Crack Wings is a colorful and fun restaurant in Ikeja. The lively ambiance is amplified by the colorful walls, creating a stunning aesthetic that sets the stage for capturing vibrant pictures.

Not only does Crack Wings have a visually appealing atmosphere, but it also tantalizes your taste buds with a mouth-watering menu of tasty and spicy wings. To take pictures here conveniently, we recommend purchasing a meal.

The best part is, you don’t have to break the bank to enjoy the delicious meal at Crack Wings. With affordable food prices, you can relish a tasty platter of delicious wings and chips for just 5000 naira. So, come on over, and immerse yourself in a feast for both the eyes and the taste buds at Crack Wings!

Address: 11b Isaac John Street Ikeja, 101233, Lagos

Opening Hours: 11 am – 10:30 pm Tuesday to Sunday, Closed on Mondays

Average Spend: 5,000 – 20,000 naira

Eric Kayser

Nestled at 9 Osborne Rd, Ikoyi, Eric Kayser offers a chic ambiance for capturing those Instagram-worthy shots. With colorful walls, this restaurant is an ideal backdrop for cute and captivating photos.

But it doesn’t end there – Eric Kayser also offers scrumptious desserts and breakfast meals. The food not only tastes good but also arrives beautifully presented, which makes for the perfect Insta story. So, step into this elegant space, indulge in tasty meals, and capture moments that are sure to make your followers swoon.

Address: 9 Osborne Rd, Ikoyi 106104, Lagos

Opening Hours: 7:30 am – 10 pm Monday to Sunday 

Average Spend: 10,000 – 20,000 naira

Vintage Africana

Vintage Africana is the destination for stunning backdrops, vintage art pieces, and delicious food. It is located in Oko-oba, 6 William Elliot St, Ifako-Ijaiye, Lagos. 

It is the perfect location for a photo shoot, video shoot, or short film. The bright colors, and playful backdrops make it great for capturing striking pictures.

Address: Oko-oba, 6 William Elliot St, Ifako-Ijaiye 101232, Lagos

Opening Hours: 11 am – 8 pm Monday to Sunday

Gallery at the Landmark 

The Gallery at the Landmark is a beautiful art museum in Landmark Center, Victoria Island. It has a stunning collection of contemporary artworks of emerging and established artists from different parts of the world.

The gallery offers a serene and inviting atmosphere that is perfect for capturing beautiful photos. 

Address: Landmark Center Plots 3 & 4 water corporation road Oniru Road, Victoria Island, Lagos

Opening Hours: 12 pm – 6 pm Tuesday to Friday, 11 am – 8 pm Saturday, 12 – 8 pm Sunday, Closed on Mondays.

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