Best Restaurants In Yaba

Do you need recommendations for top restaurants in Yaba? Yaba is one of the areas in Lagos that houses most of the city’s hidden gems in terms of eateries. This is because many people concern themselves with eating in other more sophisticated areas. If you need places that serve a variety of dishes, are healthy, and sell food at the cheapest prices, this article on the best restaurants in Yaba is all you’ll need. 

Yaba is a great area in Lagos ideal for entertainment, recreation, and business. It is distinct from other areas in Lagos, as it has mastered how to blend all of these three elements, to keep residents busy enough but still create space for them to let loose and have fun.

The area hosts various companies, industries, and multinational corporations. In the midst of all these, many restaurants have also taken root here, serving both the investors that come to Yaba and regular residents looking for a good meal.

As always, our post will sample these best restaurants in Yaba and where they’re located. 

7 Best Restaurants In Yaba

1. Nylah’s Food Express

2. Lihao Chinese Cuisine

3. Nkwobi Palace and Richbite BBQ Spot

4. Sweet Sensation

5. Purple Bistro

6. Silver Cafe

7. Finicky Restaurant

Best Restaurants In Yaba

This section samples different eateries in Yaba, to help you find which ones are truly the best. Each of them sells food at affordable prices, while still delivering quality. You do not have to worry about wasting your money on food that is tasteless or of inferior quality.

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1. Nylah’s Food Express

Nylah’s Food Express leads the best restaurants in Yaba, due to its reputation for having a distinct quality and flavour that is different from other eateries. It is unmatched in the area, and you’ll be impressed with their dishes. 

Nylah closes by 10 p.m. every day. They have an online catering service you can easily use to order any of their delicious foods from the comfort of your home. All you need to do is place an order,  and you’ll get it in minutes.

There are a variety of meals you can eat at Food Express, these include – Egusi, Edikankang, Eforiro, curry chicken sauce, burger, coconut, and fruit bread. There is a variety to select from, so, your tastebuds will be excited.

Location: 61 Queen Street, Alagomeji, Yaba, Lagos.

2. Lihao Chinese Cuisine

Lihao Chinese Cuisine serves remarkable oriental meals, with a long list of various dishes you can try out. This restaurant leaves you smacking your lips and your taste buds craving more.

Lihao can be easily accessed by people on the mainland without much stress. They used their space well and beautified it with exquisite decor.

The meals they serve in this Chinese cuisine are pork shumai, pan-fried dumplings, and shredded chicken spring rolls.

Location: 2, Thurborn Avenue, Sabo, Yaba.

3. Nkwobi Palace and Richbite BBQ Spot

Nkwobi Palace and Ricbite is one of the best restaurants in Yaba. It offers you a taste of Nkwobi, which other places in Yaba cannot give you. When you’ve gone here and gotten a taste of the meal in question, you’ll know why the Palace is on our list.

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Richbite BBQ is situated at the federal neuro-psychiatric hospital, Yaba. It is a popular spot for both students and working-class people in the area. 

Here, you’ll enjoy a sweet and well-seasoned Nkwobi, served alongside a bottle of your favourite drink, to give you an authentic memorable experience.

Location: 45, Thorburn Avenue, Sabo, Yaba 101245, Lagos.

4. Sweet Sensation

Sweet Sensation is a pioneer in the fast food industry, a position that rightfully earns it a spot on our list of best restaurants in Yaba. It was one of the first diners to introduce African cuisine and intercontinental meals into this sector.

Sensation serves a vast range of quality and affordable meals delivered in a relaxing environment. Its signature meals are Yam Pottage, Jamboree Rice, and Bullah Rice. 

They are also a one-stop shop for all things food and thrill and work with several exciting brands such as OMG Cakes, Sweet Heart Bread, and Funsation.

Location: Sweet Sensation, Herbert Macaulay Way, Alagomeji, Bus Stop, Yaba, Lagos.

5. Purple Bistro

Purple Bistro is a contemporary fusion diner situated in Yaba, Lagos. It provides a budget-friendly menu and an incredible ambience that puts you in the right mood to enjoy its tasty meals.

The Bistro is cozy and good for taking Instagram-worthy pictures. It is great for dining as a group and mid-day hangout. It operates from 11 AM – 11 PM. 

One good thing about Purple is that their meals are truly sumptuous, yet still affordable so that people can get a great meal without breaking the bank.

Location: 3 University Road, Opposite First City Monument Bank, Yaba 101245, Lagos.

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6. Silver Cafe

Silver Cafe is a lavish lounge that features an African restaurant and sports bar, offering various local and continental dishes, drinks, live entertainment, etc. Silver is considered among the best restaurants in Yaba, as it is the ideal night-out spot in the area. It is secure as well.

Activities at the Cafe, are usually low in the mornings and afternoons. But in the evening time, the place comes alive with people. It is spacious and is strongly recommended for individuals or groups. There is a shared garage for cars on the ground floor, with enough guards to help you find your way around this place.

Location: 1-11 Commercial Avenue, Sabo, Yaba 10245, Lagos.

7. Finicky Restaurant

Finicky Restaurant is another eatery to consider when searching for the best restaurants in Yaba. In addition to helping you relax, this restaurant provides the tastiest local and international dishes for a cheap price.

Finicky is situated at Jibowu Street, Yaba, and it closes by 9 p.m. every day. The restaurant also has a fully-conditioned event centre, a shawarma plug, and a lounge where you can relax.

They serve a variety of meals like – Ofada rice, egusi soup, goat meat, vegetable soup, and other international cuisines. Each dish is delivered hot, ensuring that the flavour is preserved and the meal is tasty.

Location: 8 Jibowu Street, Yaba, Lagos.

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