What Are The Names Of The States In Lagos State

What Are The Names Of The States In Lagos State?

Lagos State is located in Southwestern Nigeria, on the coast of the Bight of Benin. It is flanked on the north and east by Ogun State, Benin to the South, and the Republic of Benin to the west. While Lagos is not the largest state in the country, it does have one of the highest populations in Nigeria. The territory is split into two parts: The Island and the Mainland. In this article, we answer the question, What Are The Names Of The States In Lagos State?

From the year 1914 to 1954, the area included in Lagos was administered by the British as part of the colony of Nigeria. With a land area of 351,861 hectares, the state is made up of five administrative divisions, namely – Ikeja, Badagry, Ikorodu, Lagos [Eko], and Epe. Under these 5 divisions, there are a total of 20 Local Government Areas and 37 Local Council Development Areas (LCDAs).

Stick with us, as we discuss further, the names of the states in Lagos State, which local government areas fall under them, and their various accompanying Local Council Development Areas.

5 States In Lagos State

  1. Ikeja
  2. Badagry
  3. Ikorodu
  4. Lagos (Eko)
  5. Epe
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The Names Of The States In Lagos State

As Nigeria’s economic and cultural epicentre, Lagos is one of the most important and dynamic states in the country. It is further made up of five main administrative divisions, that round up the entire state into Local Government Areas and Local Council Development Areas. 

In this section, we give a summary of these states in Lagos State.

1. Ikeja

Ikeja is the capital and administrative centre of Lagos State. The division is filled with medium and large-scale industries within the Mushin-Isolo-Oshodi and greater Ikeja industrial complex. 

The also has a vast agricultural area in the rural Alimosho, Kosofe, and Agege districts. The developing Alausa/Agidingbi Central Business District and Murtala Mohammed Airport can be found in the divisional headquarters, Ikeja.

8 Local Governments In Ikeja

Ikeja Division is dominated mostly by the Aworis, consisting of eight local government areas and 13 LCDAs.

Ikeja (State Government and the divisional headquarters).
Local Governments In Ikeja

Local Council Development Areas In Ikeja

Odi Olowo-Ojuwoye
Local Council Development Areas In Ikeja

2. Badagry

The Badagry Division is a cultural zone that is a mix between the Ogu and Awori, including an international border region. It enjoys a reputation as a place in West Africa that had the earliest contact with Europeans. 

As a coastal town of the Western littoral, Badagry was a major slave outpost and market in the pre-colonial era. It was also the point of entry for Christianity in Nigeria, being the place where the Bible was first preached in 1842, under the Agia Tree.

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Local Governments Under Badagry

Badagry serves as a divisional headquarters, with four Local Governments and six Local Council Development Areas.

Local Governments Under Badagry

Local Council Development Areas Under Badagry

Badagry West
Local Council Development Areas Under Badagry

3. Ikorodu

Indigenes in the Ikorodu Division are mainly traders, farmers, and fishermen. It is one of the states in Lagos State. Fishing thrives mostly along the foreshore of the Lagos Lagoon on the Cradoo (Ikorodu) Lake waterfront, Ipakodo, where the Nigerian Ports Authority Lighter Port Terminal is located.

This Division houses the Ikorodu Local Government and five Local Council Development Areas. Due to its situation, Ikorodu acts as a gateway to the country’s outerlands. It is a strong commercial/energy centre and national broadcasting gangway as the transmitters of the Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria [FRCN], Voice of Nigeria [VON], and those of the State Broadcasting Corporation, [Radion Lagos/Eko F.M. and LTV], are found here.

Local Government Under Ikorodu

Ikorodu Local Government
Local Government Under Ikorodu

Local Council Development Areas Under Ikorodu

Ikorodu North
Ikorodu West
Local Council Development Areas Under Ikorodu

4. Lagos (Eko)

Lagos (Eko) is the core of Lagos State, a highly urbanized Division, and is the most powerful of all the states in Lagos State. The City of Lagos is the pad that launched the development of the ever-growing Megacity and the divisional headquarters. The centre and the most developed of the Island chain, Lagos Island, is referred to as ‘Eko’ by indigenes.

Eko is the major commercial, financial, and maritime nerve centre of Nigeria with seaports situated at Apapa, Tin Can Island, Roro Terminal Ports, and Ijora Container Terminal. Its expanding Central Business District spans Tinubu and Victoria Island. 

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As Nigeria’s economic capital and major port of Africa’s most populous nation, Lagos has welcomed immigration from all over the country and beyond, including entrepreneurs and companies from Africa, Europe, Asia, and the Americas.

Local Government Areas Under Lagos

Lagos Island
Lagos Mainland
Local Government Areas Under Lagos

Local Council Development Areas Under Lagos

Lagos Island East
Coker – Aguda
Eti-Osa East
Iru/Victoria Island
Local Council Development Areas Under Lagos

5. Epe

Epe is another of the states in Lagos state, the inhabitants of this Division take on fishing and farming as their major occupations, which also consist of the Eko Aworis. Epe is situated about 89 kilometres northeast of the City of Lagos. 

One distinct feature of Epe is the long range hills, which divide the coastal town into equal parts. But, the unique features of Ibeju-Lekki are artisanal fishing, sandy beach, and coconut-fringed Atlantic coastlines which adorn the environment that has massive tourism potential.

Local Governments Under Epe

Epe Division is made up of two Local Government Councils and three Local Council Development Areas

Ibeju Lekki
Local Governments Under Epe

Local Government Under Epe

Local Government Under Epe

Wrap Up

Each of the states in Lagos State has different settlements that fall under their local governments. The Ikeja division alone has over 50 settlements with places like Okota, Oshodi, Mende, Ojodu, and Ilupueju forming part of it. 

Every Local Government Council Development Area is run by a chairman who oversees its affairs. Learning about the different states in Lagos State shows you just how diverse Lagos is, in terms of indigenes and groups.

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