Meaning of CMS in Lagos

Meaning of CMS in Lagos

CMS stands for the Christian Missionary Society, which was a highly influential organization during Nigeria’s colonial period. Its headquarters is located in a tall building situated at the bus stop in Marina, Lagos – an area of immense historical significance, particularly during the colonial era when it played a crucial role in establishing educational and religious institutions.

In addition to its historical significance, the CMS building is also an architectural marvel, boasting a unique blend of colonial and modern designs that attract visitors from far and wide.

Today, CMS remains one of the most prominent landmarks on the island, and is one of the three major bus stops alongside Obalende and Idumota.

The CMS bus stop is a widely used transportation hub, catering to the travel needs of numerous commuters who frequent Broad Street, one of the most significant economic arteries of Nigeria. This street houses the corporate headquarters of many top banks making it a crucial business district.

Also CMS’s proximity to Victoria Island and Ikoyi makes it a popular stop for those traveling to these areas. The bus stop is also an essential stopping point for people commuting to Lekki and Ajah. Almost every part of Lagos can be accessed by bus from CMS but you might have to ask where to board the bus heading to your destination because of the different parks they operate from.

Along the Marina, you will notice many abandoned boats and ships that are still sea-worthy. This area also has a dock where ferries transport people to and from places like Ikorodu, and Badagry. Although sea travel is not the best form of transportation in Nigeria, many people still use ferries that dock at CMS to access the Island every week.

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During the morning rush hour, there is usually a lot of traffic at CMS, caused by the unregulated parking of commercial buses, ‘agberos’ and workers rushing to get to work on time.

CMS is also close to the popular Lagos markets, Idumota or Obalende, where you can shop for almost anything in Lagos. The popular CMS bookshop which stocks Christian and secular books is also located at CMS.

CMS and the Marina axis is well-lit at night and has some level of activity at every hour; day or night. However, hoodlums have been reported to take advantage of the early morning traffic to rob drivers in traffic, threatening to smash windows if they don’t willingly hand over their valuables.

CMS is a bus stop most visitors to the Island will pass through and it is also very important for a large number of the millions that commute to the Island every day for work or trade. It is one of the most historic and popular bus stops in Lagos, you should see it if you are visiting.

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