Who is Tim Godfrey

Who is Tim Godfrey?

Songs, praise, and melodies are the default settings of Tim Godfrey. Apart from his musical prowess, what else do you know about Tim Godfrey? In today’s post, we will unravel the person of Tim Godfrey.

Tim Godfrey

   Tim Godfrey is a 44-year-old Nigerian Gospel artist. Well known for his hit song Nara. His full name is Timothy Chukudi Godfrey and he is the second child of his parents Mr and Mrs Victor Godfrey among 6 children. Although, he hails from Abia state. He was born and brought up in Kaduna State. There he completed his primary and secondary school education. He attended the Trinity International University of Ambassadors Georgia, United States where he graduated with a Doctorate in Fine Art and Musicology in 2018. Tim Godfrey is a successful gospel artist who has founded a record label which he called ‘Nox Nation’ as well as the Xtreme Crew. 

   Early Life

   Tim Godfrey was born in Kaduna state where he completed his primary education. As a child, he used to sing for his church’s choir and now several years later, the talent he had shown years ago, has come up to repay him.

Tim Godfrey was a footballer before he came into the music industry, he had played under Pepsi before he officially started his music career in 2004. Since then he has released many hit songs which are sung all over Nigeria. Right now, Tim Godfrey is a music director, conference speaker, voice instructor, producer, instrumentalist, presenter, music and art training consultant, musical concert clinician, and writer. 

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   Who Signed Tim Godfrey? 

   Tim Godfrey was not signed by anybody. He released all his songs under his name and was not a part of any record label. After many successful years of his career, he created his record label named ‘ROX (Republic of Xtreme) Nation’. After the creation of his record label, he went ahead to sign four talented gospel artists. They are Okey Sokay, IBK, Blessyn, and SMJ.

These four people together with Tim Godfrey make up the ROX Nation record label. He is also the founder of the Xtreme Crew which has been in existence for about ten years. Members of the Xtreme Crew include IBK, Mairo Ochocho, Nana, Blessing Okocha and Samuel Giveson aka SMJ. The crew was formed before his record label. 

   Is Tim Godfrey a Nigerian? 

   Yes, Tim Godfrey is a Nigerian. Despite going to the United States to complete his tertiary education, Tim Godfrey hails from Abia state and was born in Kaduna State Nigeria where he finished his primary and secondary school education. 

   How Old is Tim Godfrey? 

   Tim Godfrey is now a middle-aged man at 44 years old since his birth in 1979. He has been in the music industry for over fifteen years though and he can be considered to have been a young man when he started his career as a gospel artist. 

   Where is Tim Godfrey Studio Located? 

   Tim Godfrey’s Studio also called the ROX Nation headquarters is located in Lagos at a place called Gbagada. Along with audio recording, an area of the studio is dedicated to live and video recording too. Besides this another area goes to movie production. Tim Godfrey has big plans for his studio. 

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   Is Tim Godfrey Married? 

   At 44 years of age, Tim Godfrey has gotten married to a woman known as Erica Katrina Jones (EKJ). They’ve been married for a little more than a year now. The gospel artist would have married much earlier however, after pressure from her mother, the girl he loved before had left him to marry a man who worked in NNPC. This happened in 2004.  She would probably regret her decision now. 

   Tim Godfrey’s Net Worth and Awards

   Tim Godfrey is one of the richest gospel artists in the World. With a net worth of about $1,000,000. This is not surprising considering the multiple hit songs he has released in his career. Other properties of his are not known however, he once bought five new cars as a gift to his crew members (Xtreme Crew). 

   Tim Godfrey is a very talented artist, this shows in the number of awards he has won which is a lot and also the awards he has been nominated for. Some awards and nominees he has gotten are BEFFTA Award UK in 2011, Best Artiste of the Year nominee at the Future Awards in 2012, NEA Award USA as the Best Gospel Artist/Group of the Year in 2012.

He also has Nine nominations at the Crystal Award, Eight nominations at the Africa Gospel Awards (AGAFEST) in 2018, Male Artists of Excellence at Africa Gospel and Media Awards (AGAMA) in 2019, The Musical Group of Excellence award at the Africa Gospel and Media Awards (AGAMA) in 2019.

Some of these awards he won on his own and others he won with his crew. Possibly in the next few years, the number of awards he will win as well as get nominated for will be twice the number listed here. 

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   Tim Godfrey’s Songs

   Tim Godfrey has sung a whole lot of amazing gospel songs. These songs help in the building of the spiritual life of many Christians at the same time they serve as encouragement to the weak and the weary and give hope to those in despair. Some of top Tim Godfrey songs are:

  • Nara
  • God Turned It Around
  • Greater
  • Morning Devotion
  • Dependable God
  • Omewoya
  • Fearless
  • Worship Chant
  • Na You Be God
  • iWorship
  • Hallelujah
  • Kosi
  • Audience Of One
  • Agidigba
  • Bright Lights City Lights
  • Ahaa
  • So Good
  • Jehovah
  • Agidigba Medley
  • Already Won

  Social Presence 

   Rich and Talented gospel music artist Tim Godfrey has a lot of presence on social media. On his Instagram account, he has about a million followers and above four hundred thousand followers on TikTok. He is also active on many other social media platforms including Facebook and Twitter. 


   Tim Godfrey is a powerful minister who has blessed and impacted the lives of many people both Christian and non-Christian. His music can be said to be his unique ministry which he uses to draw people to Christ. We look forward to his growth in the next few years. Do you know more about Tim Godfrey or other gifted gospel ministers? Let us know in the comment section below. 

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