Top 10 Songs of Ebuka Songs

Top 10 Songs of Ebuka Songs

   There are a lot of good gospel songs from various gospel musicians. These songs, depending on the genre, help to lift the spirit of the listener. In this article, we’ll be looking at the top 10 songs of gospel musician Ebuka Songs, a powerful musician known for his engaging chants and vocalizations. 

Top 10 Songs of Ebuka Songs 2023

   Ebuka Songs is an upcoming gospel musician who studied Theater arts at Imo State University, after his graduation, he actively started pursuing his career as a musician. He released a lot of songs, many of which are sung in churches and Christian-based gatherings. His top songs are:

I Will Pray

   This is the most popular song released by gospel singer Ebuka Songs. This song was also the song that fetched him an award at the CLIMA Africa Awards. The song is a call to all Christians to remember to dedicate their time to prayer if they want to survive the assault of the enemy.

The powerful vocalizations of the song touch the deepest parts of the listener and help them connect to God. Ebuka Songs outdid himself with this singular. The song was released in 2023.

Jesus Christ is Seen

   ‘Jesus Christ is Seen’ is another powerful worship song led by Ebuka Songs. This song has deep vocalizations and powerful meaning. It shows Christians that when they are in Christ, Christ will also be in them. Following them wherever they go and assisting them in all they do.

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‘Jesus Christ is Seen’ is an encouragement and a confirmation that God is with us always. This song was released in the early parts of 2023 and till now it is still one of Ebuka Song’s most powerful worship songs. 

Midnight Cry (vol 1) 

   The first volume of Midnight Cry is a one hour long worship session which is intended to lift the spirits of the listener and connect them to God. The slow instruments and vocalizations in the song have a way of making the listener want to worship and pray to God.

Ebuka Songs incorporated many of his more popular songs into this first volume of Midnight Cry. Among his popular songs, Jesu My Love and I am the Presence of God can be found in this volume 

Midnight Cry (vol 2)

   The second volume of Midnight Cry much like the first has slow instrumentation and deep vocalizations intended to connect listeners to the realm of the spirit. However, the duration of the second volume is 30 minutes.

In this song, Ebuka Songs speak about the Christians who are waiting for the arrival of Jesus Christ, the difficulties, trials, and temptations that they face in trying to remain holy in this sinful world as they wait patiently. The two volumes of Midnight Cry are powerful worship ministrations which would benefit any Christian who listens to them. 

What I Preach 

   What I Preach is a worship song which works as a plea to God to help Christians act on the things they preach. Many Christians today go by the mantra ‘do as I say’ rather than the initial mantra ‘do as I do’.

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They preach against lying, stealing and many other sins yet still engage in these same acts. The song serves as a reminder that Christians are not meant to live a life where they act on the things they preach against. This song was released in 2021.

Jesu my Love

   Jesu My Love is a gospel song released by Ebuka Songs in 2023. The song is a proclamation of Christians’s love for Christ. The song has a deep meaning as it shows the hunger and want that Christians have as they desire to know Jesus Christ more, to please him more, and to make him happy. 

Oji Oku Eri Ajah (Consuming Fire)

   Consuming Fire is a worship song which portrays the power of God, it’s a song that shows God as the ultimate power. It is a very good song for personal time with God as it energizes the spirit of the listener. The combination of the instrument, lyrics, and vocals gives a mighty quality to the song, and given the right conditions, there’s some kind of pressure which fills the atmosphere.


   This song was released in the later parts of 2023. In this song, Ebuka Songs showed his willingness to answer the call of Christ to go wherever he is told to go.

Besides this, it is also seen in the song that he is ever ready to answer the call no matter how many times a command is issued, just like a diligent soldier who finds himself on a battlefield receiving orders from the chain of command. 

Total Submission

   This eleven-minute worship song by Ebuka Songs is a request to God to direct the path of his people as they surrender their lives to him.

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The essence of the song is that Christians can do nothing and achieve nothing on their own so they submit their lives totally to God so that the perfect will of God may be fulfilled in their lives. 

Jesus Oh

   Ebuka Song partnered with popular gospel singer Moses Bliss to sing this four-minute song of appreciation. The song speaks about Jesus’ unfailing love and how grateful Christians are for this because even in times when we go against the will of God he’s still there to help us when we get in trouble. God’s love truly is the ultimate form of love which has never been seen before in the world. 


   Ebuka Songs is a very talented individual, especially in the area of worship songs and chants. He can be considered one of the top gospel musicians of this year just based on these two aspects.

His songs invites believers to focus on God and be more conscious of their primary assignment. The general message of Ebuka Songs is consecration and total commitment to the things of God.

Do you know any more of Ebuka Song’s songs? Let us know in the comment section. 

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