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Who is Ebuka Songs?

Many gifted Christian musicians have come to fame over the years. It seems like with each new decade, a new set of musicians rise to carry the mantle of gospel music. In this article, we will be focusing on Ebuka Songs, a vibrant Christian musician whose songs have impacted the lives of many Christians and helped to draw them closer to God. 


   Ebuka Emmanuel Hillary stage name Ebuka Songs is an upcoming gospel music artist under the record label SPOTLITE Nation belonging to famous gospel musician Moses Bliss. Ebuka Songs is known for his impacting chants and deep vocalizations. A man truly gifted with the art of singing as his songs have touched the hearts of many people. 

Ebuka Songs can be said to be a role model for many youths, steadily following God has led him to where he is now. Most likely, some hills and plains had tried to block him yet he still pushed ahead and followed his dream to where he is today. 

Early Life

   Ebuka Songs was born and raised in the Obinle Area of Imo state. He was born in a Christian home and his parents diligently led him on the path to Christ which he also followed. He went to Imo State University (IMSU) where he bagged a degree in theatre arts. He pursued his passion for singing in the university where he led worship sessions organized by the University church leaders. Even then, he had been commended for the way he connected people to God during his worship sessions. 

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Very few people have the willpower to chase their dreams, as they grow up and face the reality of life, they tend to change what they were interested in into something they can do. However, Ebuka was not like that. He knew what he wanted, pursued it diligently and it led him to where he is now as one of the upcoming musicians in Nigeria. 

Career and Awards

   Since the start of his career in 2018 after he graduated from Imo State University (IMSU) when he released his first single album ‘Midnight Cry’, Ebuka Songs have released a lot of more powerful songs which have impacted Christians nationwide. Some of his best works include: I Will Pray, Soaked Worship, Total Submission, outpouring, fellowship, Jesus My Love and many others.

This year, Ebuka Songs won two awards, the African Rising Star Award and an award for his hit song ‘I Will Pray’. When interviewed about the song, he said that the song was a call to Christians to recognize the value and power of prayer when dealing with spiritual entities. It should be noted that Ebuka Songs has not been in the music industry for very long, although he sang in his university, his official career started in 2018 which means he has been a musician for about six years yet his growth in this period is nothing short of explosive. 

Age and Married Life 

   Ebuka Songs is in his early 30s as he was born in the early 1990s. He remained focused and dedicated to his music career even going as far as studying theater arts in the university to further develop himself. 

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   There have been no records of him getting married or going through a divorce so it can be concluded that he is single. Most likely, the gifted minister wants to focus and build his career more, before settling down to build his family. 

However, considering the age of the gospel singer, he would have to get married quickly as time seems to be moving faster and faster every day. Besides, there is every possibility that there is pressure from his family concerning his marriage. From these, there is every possibility that wedding bells will jingle in a few years. 

Family and Net Worth

   Ebuka Songs can be considered a very private person as he has managed to keep the eyes of the press away from his parents, siblings, properties, and net worth despite the fame he has garnered. However, it is known that he was gifted an SUV by Moses Bliss after a performance in Delta State. The gospel singer was overjoyed after receiving this gift.

We can assume Ebuka Songs is established, although we don’t have a good view of his net worth, with how far his songs spread, we can assume that he is living quite well. Despite successfully hiding his family and net worth from the press, Ebuka Songs would have to be careful as the eyes of the press are always open and ready to grab the slightest information concerning this area of his life. 

Social Presence

   As a youth, Ebuka Songs is very active on social media. This has helped to build up his popularity as most of his songs have been released to his social media accounts. Furthermore, he gets invitations to come perform at events from his accounts. With this, anybody can contact him as it might be quite gruelling to contact him via his phone number. 

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On Instagram, he has about 450 thousand followers and about 3 thousand followers on Twitter. He also has an account on TikTok and a YouTube page. Being active on social media is a very good way to boost one’s popularity and career and Ebuka Songs has taken full advantage of the services the 21st century has offered. Most likely, more and more invitations to sing at iconic places will keep flooding his accounts. 


   Ebuka Songs is a very gifted musician, his songs have impacted the lives of many Christians. If he continues like this, in a few years he’ll likely be among the top Christian musicians in the country. There’s always the possibility of him becoming a worldwide singer with enough dedication, connections and the direction of God. 

Ebuka Songs is proving to be one of the most talented gospel musicians, as long as he remains on this part, no one can say where his limit will be. Do you know more details about Ebuka Songs? Let us know in the comment section. 

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