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The Place Club: Full Guide And Review

The Place Club takes the lead for the best nightclubs in Ikeja. It offers non-stop fun and a haven where you can recover from stress. This club is considered to be among the hottest spots in the city, so we’ve done this article on The Place Club: Full Guide And Review, to tell you if the claims are true.

Entering The place ushers you into an exciting world of enchanting experiences. They feature skilled DJs, plus a fine blend of music, lights, and an ambience that makes your night out 10 times better. This club is the perfect place to kickstart or end your night.

Besides the endless partying, you can host birthdays, hen nights, bachelors eve, and office hangouts at this place. You can also order food and drinks from its extensive menu. 

Read till the end of our review to find out how the rest of Lagos feels about this nightclub and to know if it’s worth a visit.

About The Place Club

The Place Club ensures you have fun always. Here you can step away from all the hustle and bustle of Lagos and step into an exciting and mind-blowing nightlife experience like no other. 

With meticulously chosen DJs, Music, lights, and ambience created to improve your experience.  Its Nightclubs, Bars, and Lounges offer the ideal venues to start your night or end a long day at work. 

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The club also provides personalized services for special occasions such as birthdays, hen night, bachelors Eve, office night-outs, etc. with a specialized menu from a vast range of drinks and foods.


The Place Club has multiple nightclubs across different areas in Lagos. Depending on where you’re based you can attend any of these branches:

  • Surulere – 36, Adeniran Ogunsanya Street, Surulere
  • Ikorodu – 45, Ayangburen Street, Ikorodu

Opening Hours

  • Surulere – Wednesday to  Sunday, 10:30 p.m. – 5 a.m.
  • Ikorodu – Wednesday to  Sunday, 10:00 p.m. – 5 a.m.

Events To Attend At The Place Club

Different branches of The Place Club, host different events to entertain and engage their respective patrons. But, the good news is, the activities at both clubs are thrilling and no matter the branch you find yourself in, you’ll have fun. 

The Place Surulere

Below are the events to expect when you attend the Surulere wing of The Place Club.

  • Loud Wednesday (Ladies Night)

Loud Wednesdays happens on Wednesdays and is hosted to celebrate ladies. Every lady present at the club gets a free bottle of premium vodka or a free flow of premium cocktails (gin & tonic and vodka cranberry).  As long as you are a woman, you still get free drinks even if you come to the club alone. 

  • Cruise Thursday

Cruise Thursday provides a laidback vibe for pleasurable mingling. The music, atmosphere, and tone of the event are set to allow a free-spirited and youthful audience to interact and have loads of fun without restrictions.

  • Back To Bang

Back To Bang is an explosive night where ballers and fillers come together to create Banging magic. In this event, there are no holds barred. Anything goes and whatever happens at the club stays there. This place is the only club where you’ll feel at ease to be yourself. 

  • Spotlight Saturday
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Spotlight Saturday is for A list and Up & Coming artists, events, and partners to show their talents and offerings. 

  • Live Band Sundays

Every Sunday at The Place Surulere, you get the chance to bop to live music from the best bands in the state. They place highlife, folk music, trendy pop and oldies. The doors open by 7 pm and the DJ takes over by midnight.

The Place Ikorodu

The Ikorodu branch of The Place Club hosts the following events to keep you entertained on different days of the week:

  • Damsel Wednesdays

Damsel Night is a risqué event with a salacious title that’ll excite any woman. Ladies get signature drinks ranging from spirits and cocktails for free until midnight. 

The best-dressed women may also get the opportunity to sit at the table with top ballers or celebrity guests for the Night.

  • Expensive Friday

Expensive Friday is the night when the crème de la crème of Ikorodu comes out to play. These people don’t hold back or take any prisoners with their display of wealth. 

They want to splurge cash and as such deserve a place that provides the best. This night has Baller celebrations, bunnies, fireworks, and the most alluring women you’ve ever seen.

  • Playhouse Saturday

If you are naughty or like naughty things, then Playhouse Saturday is a good time to visit The Place Ikorodu. This event is seductive, and sensual, and has alluring women on parade.

  • Live Band Sundays

This branch has its own version of Live Band Sundays. From 7 p.m. guests can enjoy live music, food, and drinks delivered in a relaxing atmosphere. Then the DJ takes over at midnight.

  • The Place Food And Drinks Menu 
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The Place Club serves various foods and drinks at each of its branches to ensure that clients are well-fed with delicious meals. Here is a sneak peek of the menu:

Catfish Pepper soupTequila
Grilled croaker fish + friesJohnnie Walker (Black Label)
Peppered SnailsCocktails
The Place Food And Drinks Menu 

The Place Club Reviews

The Place Club is one of the few nightclubs in Lagos (possibly the only one), that has different branches across the city. 

Each wing offers you an unforgettable experience that is impossible to recreate anywhere else in the city. Don’t believe us? See what other people had to say about this club.

1. The Most Chilled Place In Surulere

The club is said to be the most chilled place in Surulere, and there is no rooftop lounge cooler than it in the area. They make good croaker fish and delicious strawberry daiquiri. The serving size of the fish is good too and can feed 2-3 persons.

2. Cool Rooftop Lounge

The rooftop lounge is cool and a has nice view. Sitting here feels better at night, as you can overlook the city while relaxing with drinks.

3. Lovely Ambience

Lovely ambience, excellent light and sound effects, and always worth the visit. It’s a cozy place to be and you’ll enjoy every moment.

4. Limited Parking Space

There is a limited parking space at the Place Club Surulere.

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