Top 10 Richest Musicians in Africa

Top 10 Richest Musicians in Africa 2024

Music is the soul of life as they say… In the African continent, music is an expression of culture, languages, and emotions. Africa has groomed several musicians in several levels of wealth. Keep reading to discover the top 10 richest musicians in Africa in 2024.

The beautiful African continent is known for its love of music. It is home to diverse music genres and several musicians. The music industry has produced many great talents who have grown their wealth through music. Who are these elite persons? what is their country of origin? And what is their net worth? All these will be discussed in today’s post.

Top 10 richest musicians in Africa 2024

  1. Youssou N’dour
  2. Akon
  3. Black coffee
  4. Davido
  5. Wizkid
  6. Burna boy
  7. Don Jazzy
  8. 2 face idibia (2Baba)
  9. Tiwa Savage
  10. Fally Ipupa

Richest Musicians in Africa 2024

From the shores of Western Africa to the coasts of Southern Africa, young musicians have been emerging. Each expresses their unique voices, talents, and styles. Some of these young talents have impacted the continent and their influence has spread to other continents. They are now recognized on the global level. Their influence has brought a lot of wealth to them. Hence, from the wealthiest to the less affluent, these are the Forbes top 10 richest musicians of Africa 2024.

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1.  Youssou N’dour ($146 million)

Senegalese-born Youssou N’dour got his wealth from a diversified portfolio. Renowned for his powerful voice and influence in world music, Youssou N’Dour’s wealth extends from his prolific music career as a songwriter, composer and politician. N’dour is a political activist who served his country as the minister of Tourism. He also stepped into the movie industry where he played the roles of actor, writer and producer.

Since N’dour came into the limelight in the ’70s, he has recorded over 20 albums and featured in several movies including Amazing Grace, 2006.

Net worth: $146 million

2. Akon ($83 million)

Aliaume Thiam- Akon is a Senegalese born in St. Louis, Missouri. His multicultural background played a crucial role in shaping his musical style, blending elements of R&B, hip-hop, and African rhythms. Akon’s breakout came with his debut album “Trouble” in 2004, featuring hits like “Locked Up” and “Lonely,” which catapulted him to international fame.

He has over 5 Grammy awards nominations in different categories, with 30+ songs grossing as gold and Platinum tracks. Akon has groomed a name for himself as a songwriter, producer, record label CEO and philanthropist

Net worth: $83 million

3. Black Coffee ($60 million)

Nkosinathi Innocent Maphumulo popularly called Black Coffee stands as a cultural ambassador, not only for South Africa- his home country but for the entire African continent. Through his music, he has shattered stereotypes and showcased the diversity and richness of African musical traditions. His collaborations with artists from around the world serve as a bridge, bringing African rhythms to global audiences and earning him a well-deserved place as a pioneer in the globalization of African music.

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From record labels to fashion and design, he has diversified his portfolio while staying true to his roots.

Net worth: $60 million

4.  Davido ($38 million)

David Adedeji Adeleke is a trailblazer in the Afrobeat genre. Fondly called Davido, his success extends from chart-topping music to lucrative brand endorsements. Davido’s journey to wealth began with his breakthrough into the music industry. With hit songs like “If,” “Fall,” and “FIA,” he has consistently dominated charts and amassed a massive fan base, leading to musical opportunities and sold-out concerts solidifying his status as one of Africa’s richest musicians.

Furthermore, Davido is a strong Social media influencer and a strategic investor in the Fashion and Real Estate industries.

Net worth: $38 million

5. Wizkid ($26 million)

WizKid, born Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun, burst onto the music scene in the late 2000s and quickly became the face of Afrobeats modern resurgence. His infectious beats and soulful lyrics resonated not only in Nigeria but around the globe, earning him collaborations with international icons like Drake and Beyoncé.

 Like his colleagues in the music industry, Wizkid invested in other lucrative industries. His wealth can be attributed to his musical success, fashion line, and investments in the tech industry especially app development.

Net worth: $26 million

6. Burna Boy ($21 million)

Burna Boy, born Damini Ebunoluwa Ogulu, embarked on his musical odyssey in the early 2010s. His distinctive sound, a fusion of Afrobeat, dancehall, and reggae, struck a chord with audiences worldwide. With critically acclaimed albums and chart-topping singles, Burna Boy solidified his place as a global music phenomenon.

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With a Grammy to his name and an eye for fashion investments, Burna Boy has not only elevated the status of Afrofusion but has also secured his place as one of the richest musicians in Africa.

Net worth: $21 million

7. Don Jazzy ($21 million)

Don Jazzy, born Michael Collins Ajereh, was the co-founder of the iconic Mo’ Hits Records. After the collapse of Mo’ Hits Records in 2012, this brilliant Nigerian producer built the Marvin record label. From producing chart-topping hits to nurturing talents like D’banj, Don Jazzy has been instrumental in shaping the Nigerian music industry. Apart from the music industry, Don Jazzy’s interest in tech startups has significantly increased his wealth.

Net worth: $21 million

8. 2 face Idibia (2Baba) ($16 million)

Innocent Ujah Idibia, the singer of the popular ‘African Queen’ hit, built his wealth and fame from his music empire. Beyond his R&B and Afrobeats music hits, 2face also has wealth in the hospitality and real estate industries.

Net worth: $16 million

9. Tiwa Savage ($15 million)

Nigerian-born Tiwa Savage is the only female to make the list of the top 10 richest musicians in Africa. This remarkable is due to her exceptional songwriting, music label, fashion line, and collaboration with world-class musicians.

Beyond the shores of Nigeria and Africa, Tiwa Savage has made a name for herself on the global platform.

Net worth: $15 million

10. Fally Ipupa ($13 million)

Fally Ipupa is an exceptional musician and dancer from the enchanting landscape of central Africa. His unique music style has gotten global attention. Further works with renowned global singers have earned him a place in the Forbes Hall of Fame for African musicians.

Net worth: $13 million

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