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Club Royale: Full Guide And Review

Chances are if you live in Ikeja or its environs; then you’ve probably heard about Club Royale. It is considered to be one of the best clubs in Ikeja and is usually flocked by loyal patrons looking for an escape. If you plan to attend there, read this piece on, Club Royale: Full Guide And Review. 

Club Royale is a great spot to catch thrills and chills on a budget. The place has good music and a vibrant lounge that will appeal to club-going Lagosians, especially the ones who stay on the mainland.

Partying at Royale is something you don’t want to miss, and as long as you know to blend in with the vibe, you’ll enjoy yourself. The 5-star nightclub has a bar, it also has a spectacular design and finishing complemented with incredible world-class decor and lighting. 

Club Royale is usually busy and bursting with activities from Monday – Sunday, but it is busiest on Fridays through Sundays. Its doors are open to mature funseeking people. Keep reading this guide, to find out what else you should know about this elite club.

About Club Royale

Club Royale is a five-star nightclub in Ikeja, designed to transform the elite nightlife in Lagos with its sophisticated design and finishing complete with sensational and classical unique decor and lighting.

Royale is one of the more popular clubs in Lagos’ capital, as it is a favourite hangout spot for mainlanders. What makes this place cool is that it’s affordable and still serves top quality. The club has great music and is very lively too.

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Location: 24B Oba Akran Avenue, Ikeja, 101233, Lagos, Nigeria.

Timings: Monday – Sunday; Open 24 Hours.

Why You Should Attend Club Royale

Besides the vibes and the fact that it is situated in one of the state’s hottest areas, there are a lot of other reasons why you should consider adding Club Royale to your list of nightclubs to visit in Lagos. 

We laid out some of the below:

1. Celebrity Sightings

Seeing a celebrity isn’t an uncommon occurrence in Lagos, especially since the city is teeming with them. At Club Royale, you can keep this culture going, by taking pictures or sharing drinks with your favourite entertainer.

2. Free Music Performances

Here, you can enjoy a concert from a talented musician for free. 

3. Cheap Drinks

Royale is known for selling high-quality drinks that are still affordable. It is one of the few clubs in Lagos where you can drink to your fill on a tight budget.

4. Hosting A Birthday Party

Club Royale is a fun place to host your birthday party if you’re looking for an upbeat vibe for this special occasion. 

They already have a fantastic venue, so, all you need to do is take your friends to the place. You could also enjoy certain privileges from the club’s management as the celebrant.

Events To Attend At Club Royale

One good thing about Club Royale is that you’ll never be bored. We say this because the club is packed with various activities and events that are sure to keep you entertained throughout the night. That way, patrons won’t just be stuck drinking and dancing, they’ll do other interesting things too.

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Here are some events to look out for at Royale and the days they’re held, so that you don’t miss out on the ones that pique your interest. 

EventsDays & Time
Made Men Night Mondays – 9 pm
Tuesday Vibes Tuesdays – 10 pm
Dance To Fame Tuesdays – 8 pm or Sundays – 6 pm
Divas Night Wednesdays – 9 pm
Baller’s Night Thursday – 9 pm
Nectar Night Friday – 10 pm
Poppers Friday Friday – 10 pm
VIP Saturday 9 pm
Sunday Rendevous Every Sunday, from 4 pm
Sunday Night Rave Sundays – 9 pm
Club Royale events

Club Royale Review

This a review for Club Royale, written based on patrons’ assessment of the facility and their personal experiences at the club. Look below to see what attendees had to say about it:

1. Pocket-friendly Club

Few tables and lounges at Club Royale have a minimum requirement for what you can order; you can get a beer or buy drinks for less than N10,000. The club is cosy, pocket-friendly, and good generally in terms of ambience and entertainment. It’s a cool spot for cheap thrills and chills.

2. Good Vibe

This club is a great place to party all night on the mainland. If you know how to go with the flow and vibe with different types of people, you’ll enjoy yourself here. 

The DJs at Royale are skilled and keep patrons plied with good music that gets them dancing non-stop. Lounges here are vibrant too, which is why it is a favourite spot for mainlanders.

3. Busy Area And Always Open

Club Royale is open 24/7. The establishment may not be very big in terms of space, but it is always busy and packed with people, contributing to Ikeja’s thriving nightlife. No matter what time of the week you come here; Mondays through Sundays, you’ll be allowed into the club.

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4. Security Conscious

The club’s management is security conscious and the crowd here is controlled. If you don’t mind being around lots of people, then you’ll be fine staying here. 

Wrap Up

Although Club Royale is not as flashy as Quilox or any of the other clubs you’ll find on the Island or at Lekki, this place still pulls a large crowd and has had its fair share of celebrity appearances. 

It is close to Ikeja under the bridge, linking New Garage and the expressway. Its location puts Royale right on the road so that it can’t be missed by regular patrons and people looking to explore the area.  

Club Royale is a happening place and besides non-stop fun, it is also a good place to take your friends too if you are pressed for funds but still want to have a great time. The club is loud and has the perfect atmosphere to unburden you after a long week at work. 

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