Schools To Learn UI/UX In Lagos

Best Schools To Learn UI/UX In Lagos, Nigeria

Lagos, often regarded as the economic hub of Nigeria, has proven to be a renowned centre for technology and innovation. As many companies establish offices here, more of this city’s residents work towards acquiring training that will allow them to meet the most sought-after skills like UI/UX. In this article, we talk about the Best Schools To Learn UI/UX In Lagos.

With the demand for skilled professionals in the area of User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) design rising, several educational institutions in Lagos have taken on the duty of providing comprehensive training in this industry. 

The following best schools to learn UI/UX in Lagos, provide specialized courses that fit into the versatile and evolving landscape of UI/UX design. Through their world-class curriculum, cutting-edge facilities, and industry-experienced faculty, these schools equip learners with the practical skills and theory knowledge they require to succeed in a fast-growing digital design field.

7 Best Schools To Learn UI/UX In Lagos

1. Nerdyeye

2. Pluralcode Academy

3. Torilo Academy

4. LS Academy

5. Digitalspot Academy

6. Lagos Data School

7. Earlybell

Best Schools To Learn UI/UX In Lagos

If you are going to learn UI/UX in Lagos, then you must do so the right way. When choosing a school, don’t just go by the first thing you see. 

Instead, you should look out for more valuable things such as – how hands-on their teaching approach is, if the tutors are committed to assisting students, and the possibility of you gaining a straight entrance to the job market after your course.

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On that note, these are by far the best schools to learn UI/UX in Lagos:

1. Nerdyeye

Nerdeye is one of the best schools to learn UI/UX in Lagos. Their Product Design course is a clear career path, where you’ll learn the principles, processes, and skills needed to design and develop innovative products. 

You’ll also master core concepts like – Design Thinking and User-Centered Design, Prototyping and Testing, User Experience (UX) Research, User Interface (UI) Design, Design Principles, Design Systems, Mockups and Presentations, Portfolio Building, and lots more. 

As a product designer trained by Nerdeye, you can work for various tech firms and startups, enter into freelancing, and build a future-proof career. This course is good for people who would love to learn how to design products that create fantastic experiences and beautiful interfaces.

Address: 35 Adebisi Street, Yaba 101212, Lagos.

2. Pluralcode Academy

Pluralcode Academy’s Product School was created to help you begin a successful career in product design (UI/UX), Agile Projects, and Product Management. It equips you for jobs in manufacturing, consultancy-based design/management, and creative industries (graphics, marketing, research).

With the course, you can learn UI/UX from scratch without needing to write a single line of code. Master how to design high fidelity interface with FIGMA, design journey mapping, and empathize with users.

Location: 4B, Toyin Street (Trapazium House Ikeja, LGA, 100212, Lagos).

3. Torilo Academy

Torilo Academy is another of the best schools to learn UI/UX in Lagos. With their Product Design (UI/UX) course, you can launch your career as a UI/UX Designer. You’ll also gain the necessary knowledge on how to establish usable solutions that excite the user, understand user behaviour, and design solutions that attain user and business goals.

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This Torilo program is a series of enrapturing training courses that launch you from the beginner level and assist you in navigating the journey to becoming an expert in your industry.

It is an 8-week training that can be done in-person or online and contains milestone projects, and portfolio building.

Address: 1, Olaniyan Close, Mobolaji Bank Anthony Way, Off Abule Bus Stop, Ikeja.

4. LS Academy

LS Academy has a Product Design (UX/UI) course that will help you master the fundamentals of UI/UX and the business value of UX design. You’ll also learn Figma, Notion, Adobe Illustrator, and Balsamiq Wireframes in 12 weeks.

LS is one of the best schools in Lagos to learn UI/UX. The class is 100% practical with hands-on projects that are created to improve your learning. You can get a certificate and internship after your training.

Address: 2, Akinwale Street, Ogba.

5. Digitalspot Academy

Digitalspot Academy is one of the best schools to learn UI/UX in Lagos. This UI/UX Design Course teaches you user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) from scratch, and how to design impactful user experiences for products in today’s digital landscape. You’ll gain the necessary experience for securing a job as a product designer or UI/UX designer.

This UI/UX Design course at Digitalspot features a design-oriented approach to user interface and user experience design and provides practical, skill-based instruction focused on the visual communications perspective.

Digitalspot uses this program to teach all the stages of the UI/UX development process that span, user research, defining a project’s strategy, information architecture, high-fidelity prototyping to post-launch analysis. 

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Address: Polystar Building, 2nd Roundabout, Lekki Phase 1, 105102, Lagos.

6. Lagos Data School

Lagos Data School offers a UI/UX design course that teaches you how to make prototypes for mobile or web-based applications. The school as a whole, exists to help budding designers to be proficient in all the competencies required to land a job and have an advantage in a cut-throat job industry with competitive salaries, wherever they find themselves.

The UI/UX design course is taught by qualified instructors who tutor with real-life examples and 100% project-based sessions to improve your ability to acquire proficiency in every tool you need to create working designs.

Location: No.12, Abiodun Shobajo Street, Agidingbi, Ikeja, Lagos State.

7. Earlybell

If you are looking for the best schools to learn UI/UX in Lagos, you should consider Earlybell. Earlybell has a UI/UX Design and Prototyping course that provides unique training in this city. This course has helped many professionals take a successful leap to better careers.

The UI/UX course at Earlybell is ideal for you if you are someone who wants to develop yourself further and earn more financially from the comfort of your house. Past students who have taken the UI/UX Design and Prototyping course, are now doing excellently with with jobs and contract gigs. You can join today to get opportunities too.

Earlybell samples two different software for this course, which are Adobe XD and Figma, which are used by most user interface designers across the globe.

Address: No 5, Alhaji Alli Ln, Ogba, Ikeja, Lagos State.

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