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Hotels To Find Sugar Mummy In Lagos

Is finding a sugar mummy in Lagos possible? Are there places someone can go to meet rich older women looking for a boy toy to take care of? If these questions have ever crossed your mind, then you’ll certainly find this article on Hotels To Find Sugar Mummy In Lagos helpful.

A sugar mummy can be a married, divorced, never married, or widowed woman who has enough money to find herself a younger man to fulfill all her sensual desires. This type of woman is usually M**s and has enough money to change your life.

In the past, an older woman moving around the city with a younger man would have raised a lot of eyebrows. But, the days of being discreet are long gone, as the relationship is now more open and accepted by society.

If you are serious about finding a sugar mummy, a hotel; especially those in Lekki, Victoria Island, Ikoyi, and other high-brow areas in Lagos is the surest place to find an older woman in serious need of some good loving. In this article, we’ll list out certain hotels to find sugar mummy in Lagos.

Qualities Of A Good Sugar Mummy In Lagos

What are some qualities of a Lagos sugar mummy? How do you know that the woman you are moving around with has enough cash to spend on you? We answered these questions in this section. 

1. They Are Well Monied

A good sugar mummy has enough money to spend on their partner in exchange for mindblowing fun. They send cash immediately and do not withhold payment after your services are done.

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2. Independent

Sugar mummies are often independent about the choices they make. They choose anybody they want to be with.

3. Possessive

Usually, a woman being controlling and jealous of her romantic partner is a red flag, but in this case, you’d want your mummy to be a bit possessive of you; in a good way of course. When she’s possessive, that means she’s acknowledged the fact that you are hers and she’ll take care of you.

4. Adventurous

Meeting with a woman who shares your adventurous side will spice up your relationship unless the whole thing becomes boring. She should be willing to try new experiences so that you can both enjoy each other’s company more. You must, however, be willing to please her.

5. Generous

Many men have amassed wealth and established themselves simply by dating sugar mummies. Reread the first point if you’re wondering how you, too, can do this.

How To Make Yourself Perfect For A Sugar Mummy In Lagos

You know we want you to succeed, right? That’s why we have taken the time to share this part about finding a sugar mummy in Lagos.

When you are trying to link up with one, below are the main things to avoid, so that you don’t become a walking red flag and scare all your potential benefactors away. 

1. Do not look desperate: This gives off a signal that you’re JUST in it for the money. Of course, we know you are, but they don’t have to know that, especially from the first meeting. 

2. Avoid being toxic or harming yourself by trying to play them: You should know that these women are well experienced and you can’t deceive them. 

3. When you meet her for the first time, woo her into courting you and take excellent care of her: Ensure that you give her anything she needs within that period. When you two are closer and she’s taken by you, you can then start making demands.

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Hotels To Find Sugar Mummy In Lagos

There are a lot of hotels where you can visit to find rich older women in Lagos who need companionship and someone to fulfill their desires.

These places often have lounges or bars where you can go to scout for ladies who might be interested in you. On that note, these are the hotels to find sugar mummies in Lagos.

1. Maison Fahrenheit Hotel

Maison Fahrenheit Hotel

Maison Fahrenheit Hotel is one of the best hotels to find sugar mummy in Lagos.

Maison is an urban oasis that is located minutes from reputable clubs, high-profile business organizations, art galleries, parks, and the Atlantic Ocean.

This hotel’s proximity to other business centres makes it an ideal location for Lagos’ elite to flock to, including the rich woman you are looking for.

Maison Fahrenheit hotel

Fahrenheit Hotel also has a rooftop Lounge which serves a choice selection of international wines, champagnes, spirits, and cocktails, which you may go, to scout for a sugar mummy. 

Location: 80, Adetokunbo Ademola Stree, Victoria Island, Lagos.

2. L’eola Hotel

L'eola Hotel

L’eola Hotel is located for business travellers and individuals, attracting all kinds of executives within Lagos and outside the city.

Its name is coined from the Yoruba phrase ‘Ile Ola’; meaning “House of wealth’, a nod to the wealth of comfort and sophistication this hotel provides.

They offer a total experience, with sparkling décor, improved and world-class guest facilities, and cuisine that will inspire and impress any food critic. L’eola is an ideal hospitality solution for business and leisure visitors.

Location: 1 Mogambo Close, Maryland Estate, Ikeja, Lagos.

3. The Regent Luxury Suites Ikeja, Lagos

The Regent Luxury Suites Ikeja, Lagos

The Regent Luxury Suites, Ikeja, Lagos is another of the hotels to find sugar mummy in Lagos, and rightly so.

It is one of Ikeja’s most fashionable hotels, situated at the crossroads of GRA and Maryland; it is the first property to make a debut in the new regent brand.

This hotel’s name stands for style, luxury, and class; the core essential component is their guest’s comfort, which is all about ‘Affordable Luxury’.

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Regent is a name that is synonymous with timeless elegance, intelligence, and discovery, and that is exactly the calibre of women who frequent this place.

Location: 25 Joel Ogunnaike Street, GRA Ikeja, Lagos.

4. The Corniche Hotel

The Corniche Hotel

The Corniche Hotel got its name from the 1970 Rolls Royce Corniche. The company’s dream was to create a discreetly luxurious hotel providing high-quality services in a setting that features a tasteful, stylish, and relaxing décor.

Corniche has 17 rooms and suites, a restaurant where you can dine, and a bar where you can relax while looking out for sugar mummies. This hotel ushers you into an intimate, warm, and elegant setting.

Location: 2 Olaitan Senbanjo Street, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos.

5. The Yacht Hotel

The Yacht Hotel

The Yacht Hotel is among the best hotels to find sugar mummy in Lagos. This Luxury hotel built something special that offers guests the privacy of an elegant, serene environment complemented with top-notch personalized service.

Founded in 2020, the Yacht Luxury Hotel strives to provide its elite guests the best of both worlds; being situated at the heart of bustling upscale Lekki Phase 1. 

Location: 17 Admiralty Road, Off Admiralty Way, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos.

6. Hotel Bon Voyage

The Hotel Bon Voyage is another hotel in Lagos to find rich women who are looking to spend money on younger men.

It is a luxury and affordable boutique hotel in Victoria Island, that gives its guests elegant, comfortable, and modern rooms, tasty meals, and other amenities to make their stay relaxing.

No matter which part of Bon Voyage you go to, you will be welcomed by the staff’s friendly smiles. And the considerate service that makes your stay a wonderful and memorable one.

Location: 57 A.J. Marinho Drive, Lagos, Nigeria.

7. Kelin Hotel & Suites

Kelin Hotel & Suites

Last on the list of hotels to find sugar mummy in Lagos is Kelin Hotel & Suites. Kelin provides an exquisite home away from home experience, which it invites elite quests to experience. Its comfortable suites furnished with free high-speed wireless Internet and air conditioning, provide a kind of luxury your potential sugar mummy will be drawn to.

Each of the guest rooms and suites at Kelin are furnished with modern art-deco style, and feature deluxe amenities, plush furnishings, marble baths, internet access, and lots more.

Location: 2, Bola Shadipe Street, Off Adelabu Street by Alhaji Masha, Surulere, Lagos State.

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