Best Tailors That Sew Senator Wears For Guys In Lagos

Senator wears are very popular clothes in the Nigerian fashion industry. This is apparent, as many people often prefer it to conventional traditional or foreign outfits. One of the reasons why people like Senator wear is because the material is durable and can be sown in different styles and patterns. For whatever occasion you find yourself needing to wear this clothing, a skilled tailor is an essential you don’t want to miss. In this article, we’ll point you to the Best Tailors That Sew Senator Wears For Guys In Lagos.

Furthermore, the senator wears are trendy clothing that has been quickly adopted in this city’s fashion line. It has become an acceptable and unified official wear for most men, women, and even children.

This clothing is preferred due to the fact that it isn’t limited to just one style, but rather comes in various classifications, patterns, and designs. The key to a good senator as you’ll soon learn, is having an equally good tailor sow it for you. In this post, we’ll share some of the best tailors that sew senator wears for guys in Lagos.

7 Best Tailors That Sew Senator Wears For Guys In Lagos

1. Deji And Kola

2. Oversabi Stitches

3. De Royale Couture

4. Magnum Stitches

5. Okxeel

6. Elvcombswears

7. Instant Tailoring Service

Best Tailors That Sew Senator Wears For Guys In Lagos

Senator materials are important clothing that requires the touch of professional tailors to get the job done. And if you want to sow one, you’ll need to employ the services of a highly experienced fashion designer who can make the best styles out of its material. 

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If you’ve always wondered who to take your material to, to get the best senator style, in this section we’ll list out 7 best tailors that sew senator wears for guys in Lagos and where you can find them. 

1. Deji And Kola

Deji and Kola are the best tailors that sew senator wears for guys in Lagos. Established in 2017, this designer has remained one of the pioneers and leaders in making quality custom-fit, made-to-order suits, shirts, pants, Agbada, and Kaftains. They remain unique in their approach, fusing research in designs, and technical innovation with top-notch materials and tasteful clothing design.

At Deji and Kola, you are at the heart of its distinct business model which starts from design, production, distribution, and sales through its store, experience centers, social media, website, and other e-commerce platforms.

The wear is sown to represent fine and well-detailed craftsmanship and elegance that suits the aesthetic taste needed for a positive and lasting impression.

Location: No 5, Tokunbo Omisore Street, Off Wole Olateju Crescent, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos.

2. Oversabi Stitches

Oversabi Stitches is a professional unisex tailoring service, with the aim of redefining tailoring in Lagos by offering easy, efficient, satisfactory, and timely service at budget-friendly prices. They use the latest technologies and follow recent trends applied in a highly creative environment.

If you have your design and would like to turn it into an outfit, but can’t find any design or don’t have anyone in mind, Oversabi can help you figure that out. They provide a cafeteria approach from fabric selection to design selection and outfit Production. They can interpret your design and turn it into a fabulous outfit, that’ll leave you turning heads.

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Location: Shop H18, Road 3, Ikota Shopping Complex.

3. De Royale Couture

De Royale Couture is one of the best tailors that sew senator wears for guys in Lagos. They are essentially a one-stop shop to find top-quality, fashionable clothing at affordable prices.  De Royale caters to any type of outdoor event outfit.

This designer’s ready-to-wear collections are classy-comfy outfits that suit all types of body shapes and sizes. They also provide comprehensive training classes on different fashion pieces.

Location: 34 Prince Abiodun Adebambo Street, Alimosho 100275, Lagos.

4. Magnum Stitches

Magnum Stitches is an indigenous tailoring and luxury goods brand men, dedicated to serving men with quality taste. A keen eye for detail is this tailor’s guiding principle.

At Magnum, African craftsmanship and passion for tailored details came together with a distinct sense of style, complemented by simplicity mixed with class, to create this company. It is a brand that is designed to cater to men with top taste and style.

Location: 3, Ilupeju, By-Pass, Ilupeju, Lagos.

5. Okxeel

Okxeel is an esteemed suit maker with the highest standards and service situated in the center of Lagos. This designer makes elegantly crafted luxury wedding suits, tuxedos, formal suits, native wear/kaftans, Agbada, and asoke from the prestigious Savile Row tailor. You can book or order this tailor online.

Location: 98 Obafemi Awolowo Way, 100001 Ikeja, Lagos.

6. Elvcombswears

Elvcombswears is among the best tailors that sew senator wears for guys in Lagos. They sew all types of Native wear seamlessly (in and outlining) top-notch with any accessory of your choice. Their work is delivered based on an individual scale of preference with quality fabrics and consistent prompt delivery.

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This tailor is a gifted brand that provides quality services with commendable customer service. It features remarkable creativity while still creating space to appreciate customers’ choices and inputs in making bespoke wear. Elvcombswears offers insightful advice and convenient delivery. 

Here, your clothing and fashion needs are met at a very pocket-friendly price.

Location: 30 Bishop Oluwole Street, Victoria Island 101241, Lagos.

7. Instant Tailoring Service

Instant Tailoring Services is a leading apparel-producing company that provides a captivating selection of designs for clothes used in every industry and sector, including medical, hospitality, industrial, public safety, sport, and education sectors.

Located in Lagos, Instant Tailoring Services is placed amongst the best tailors that sew senator wears for guys in Lagos. This designer has knowledge and skilled professionals who serve and provide you with fashionably innovative designs that won’t sacrifice style or comfort.

Location: 85/87, Akanro Street, Ilasamaja, Lagos.

Wrap Up

The job of a fashion designer is the most vital aspect of getting a clothing material sown. Basically, tailors who sew senator materials for guys in Lagos will do the following:

  • Cut and measure the fabric based on a pattern or design.
  • Sew the clothing by hand, with a needle and thread, or with a sewing machine.
  • Fit the senator wears on you to decide if they need to make any extra changes.

However, there are many tailors in Lagos that sew senators. To get the best outfits, it is better to use any of the best tailors that sew senator wears for guys in Lagos which we mentioned in this article.

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