Loan Apps Without BVN In Lagos, Nigeria

Do you need an app that can give you a loan without asking for your BVN? If yes, Best Lagos has created this article on Loan Apps Without BVN In Lagos, Nigeria to point you in the direction of what you are looking for. 

Loan apps that do not ask for your Bank Verification Number (BVN) are rapidly popping up in Lagos. These apps offer fast and simple access to loans for individuals, without them needing to present any traditional method of identification or collateral.

Most of these no BVN loan apps, apply alternative methods of verification, like requesting for your phone number, email, or utility bills, to validate your identity. This makes it easy for you to still get a loan if you don’t have a BVN or remember it.

Furthermore, the loan app without BVN in Lago can also dispense loans to people without a credit history, which makes building your credit over time possible. 

But, before you go ahead to contact the apps we listed in this article, you should note that there are potential drawbacks to consider. No matter, they are still a priceless option for getting quick money when you’re stranded.

What Is A BVN?

BVN (Bank Verification Number) is a distinct 11-digit identity number for every customer registered across the Banking industry in Nigeria. It was introduced by the Central Bank of Nigeria to curb and reduce illegal bank transactions in the country. BVN acts as a modern security measure that protects all your monetary transactions from fraud.

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Why Do Loan Apps Request For BVN?

While there are numerous loan apps without bvn in Lagos, Nigeria available for you, there are still some lending platforms that request your BVN before approving your loan request. Below we have provided an explanation for why loan apps request for BVN.

1. Identity Verification

Loan apps use a Bank Verification Number to validate your identity.

2. To Determine Loan Amount

With your BVN, loan apps will gain a look into your financial health, which helps determine how much to lend you.

3. Monthly Financial Insights

By evaluating BVN data, they can learn about the amount entering and leaving your bank account every month.

4. Banking Details

Loan apps use BVN to know which banks you have an account with.

7 Loan Apps Without BVN In Lagos, Nigeria

1. FairMoney

2. Jumia Lending

3. Aella App

4. Carbon

5. PalmPay 

6. Eyowo

7. FlexiCash

Loan Apps Without BVN In Lagos, Nigeria

The apps we mention here are the most reliable and best loan apps without bvn in Lagos, Nigeria 

to turn to for quick and secure loan approval. They offer fast loans without asking for your bank verification number, documents, or physical office visit. 

These apps are also legit and you can get money from them in a few minutes, provided you have a smartphone that is connected to the Internet. They won’t also invade your privacy, harass your contacts, or send defamatory messages to you.

1. FairMoney

FairMoney Microfinance Bank is one of the loan apps without bvn in Lagos, Nigeria. It prides itself as the number 1 most downloaded fintech app in the country. This bank has disbursed over 10,000 loans daily and has more than 5 million users who enjoy banking, savings, and investment services. FairMoney is the ultimate go-to app where you can get financial tools and assistance in Lagos.

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On FairMoney, you can access Personal Loans of up to ₦3,000,000 in 5 minutes with no collaterals and easy repayment terms. You can also get Business Loans (FairMoney SME Loans) which run into ₦3,000,000. 

2. Jumia Lending

Jumia Lending is a new initiative from Jumia that offers you the chance to establish and grow your business by giving you access to fast and easy short-term working capital.

To get this loan, simply:

  • Tap ‘Register’ to create a personal account with your Seller Center registered email address. Or ‘Login’ if you already have a JumiaPay account.
  • Go to ‘Loans’ and click ‘Connect your Store’.
  • Go to ‘Loans’ and click ‘Get a Loan’.
  • Select a loan offer from the offers open to you on the platform.
  • Provide the required personal information.
  • Review and submit.

3. Aella App

Aella is another loan app without bvn in Lagos, Nigeria available for you. When you use this platform, you’ll be joining the 2 million people who have become life partners with Aella and are now enjoying easy and efficient financial services.

On Aella, you get smart financial solutions made just for you, access to loans, pay bills, save, insure your health, and lots more. This app is a step ahead in the tech ecosystem and is the future. They adopt positivity in all they do and have no bad vibes. 

4. Carbon

Carbon is a bank and its superpower is giving customers access to credit, instant loans, buy now pay later, savings, and lots more. 

With the Carbon Instant Loans, you can get loans easily, with no guarantors, collaterals or long forms. You can apply at any time of the day or week and your Carbon account will be instantly credited. Unlock higher loan amounts and lower interest rates by paying your loans on time.

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5. PalmPay 

PalmPay is among the best loan apps without bvn in Lagos, Nigeria. This app is an intuitive digital wallet that offers account opening, money transfer, and bill payments in one platform. You’ll be earning as you spend.

This platform is revolutionizing the payment experience for consumers and businesses in Africa by providing more accessible and affordable financial services.

6. Eyowo

Eyowo is one of the loan apps without bvn in Lagos, Nigeria. In addition to offering you a loan, Eyowo can make you become better with money, as it provides you with the necessary tools to improve or change your relationship with money. These resources ensure that money works for you and your business.

Additionally, the money on Eyowo is protected by military-grade security and fraud systems. It is also ensured by NDIC.

7. FlexiCash

Flexi Cash is a financial service run by PalmPay that lets you facilitate and receive overdrafts for the sole aim of sorting other or emergency situation such as paying bills, buying airtime, or data.

There are two ways Palmpay provides its customers with overdrafts based on a scale, they are Flexi Cash and Flex Limit, the two ways you can borrow money from Palmpay.

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