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7 Best Swimming Pools in Lagos

Looking for swimming instructors and the best swimming pool in Lagos? We’re here to help you find the top places to take a cool dip in the city.

Amidst the hustle and bustle in Lagos, it is necessary that you take time off to unwind and de-stress. Swimming is the perfect way to relieve stress and cool off in the hot weather in Lagos. When you can’t make it to the beach, Lagos has really nice pools to visit. 

There is no shortage of amazing swimming pools in Lagos. Whether you’re swimming for fun or fitness, there are many benefits that come with swimming, improves joint movements, elevates heart rate, and enhances strength and flexibility.

So, grab your sunscreen, suit up, and enjoy our pick of the best swimming pools in Lagos.

Best Swimming Pools in Lagos

  • Lagos Continental Hotel Swimming Pool
  • Lily Gate Swimming Pool
  • Eko Signature 
  • The Good Beach
  • Ocean Parade Towers
  • Crawford Swimming Pool
  • Radisson Blu Anchorage Swimming Pool

7 Best Swimming Pools in Lagos

Our list of Lagos’s best swimming pools features luxury resorts, hotels, and top tourist spots to go for a swim in the city. Check below for the best swimming pools in Lagos.

Lagos Continental Hotel Swimming Pool

If you’re looking to make a splash, head on to the 5th floor at Lagos Continental Hotel for a fun and relaxing day at the pool.

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The hotel is located at Kofo Abayomi St, in a beautiful neighbourhood in Victoria Island, Lagos

This outdoor pool features an incredible view of the Victoria Island Landscape with pool beds where you can lie to soak up the sun.

It is open for 24 hours and can only be accessed by in-house guests at the Lagos Continental Hotel. It is a fun place to be if you want to spend a fun and relaxing time out with family and friends.

Location: 52a Kofo Abayomi St, Victoria Island 101241, Lagos

Lily Gate Swimming Pool

Second on our list is the exclusive swimming pool at Lily Gafe Hotel in Lekki Phase 1.

Lily gate hotel boasts of a restaurant, on-site gym, swimming pool, and free wifi. It is a fun spot to cool off and spend time with friends, surrounded by rows of lounge chairs for relaxation and outdoor recreation. 

The pool is located next to the restaurant so you can also enjoy a snack and drinks by the poolside after your swim. 

Location: 2 Olubunmi Owa Street, off Admiralty Way, Lekki Phase 1 105102, Lagos

Eko Hotel

With luxury accommodation and a Lounge area, the Eko Signature swimming pool offers the full package. Its iconic architecture is a perfect blend of the glamour and vibrant nature of Lagos City.

Enjoy a refreshing day relaxing at the pool. Whether you’re a good swimmer or you want to splash around in the shallow ends, there’s plenty of pool space for you. Lined with pool lounges and stylish cabanas designed for the comfort of guests. The pool is large enough for family, friends, and lovers to relax together.

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Inhouse guests get free access to the pool while outsiders have to pay a fee to use it. 

Opening time is from 8 am – 8 pm, Monday to Sunday.

Location: Plot 1415 Adetokunbo Ademola Street, Victoria Island 106104, Lagos

The Good Beach

The Good beach pool offers the perfect setting for relaxation, and games. It features pool beds, and a pool bar, ideal for enjoying the cool ocean breeze, glistening sand, and the sweeping view of the skies. 

The pool is shallow, perfect for cooling down in the hot weather. For an immersive swimming experience, head over to the good beach to enjoy a playful, wild, and fun day. It is the perfect destination to host a party and let loose with your friends.

Location: Plot 10B, Water Corporation Road, Trinity Ave, Victoria Island 106104, Lagos

Ocean Parade Towers

There is no pool in Lagos more relaxing than the pool at Ocean Parade Towers. It is an ultra-modern pool facility perfect for both children and adults. 

Located on Banana Island, away from the chaotic scene in Lagos, you’ll find two large pools, comfortable lounge areas, free Wi-Fi, and a breathtaking view of the Lagos Atlantic. It is a great place to bond with family and relax.

Location: 1st Avenue, Banana Island 106104, Lagos

Crawford Swimming Pool

Want to learn how to swim? Look no further than Crawford Swimming Pool. It is a public pool located at Onike Yaba, great for taking swimming classes. 

They offer a wide range of swimming and fitness programs to cater to adults and kids.

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You can join any of the intensive 10-session swim classes, the pool is open at Yaba from 10 am – 5 pm (Monday- Saturday) and 12 noon on Sundays.

Lekki, from 9 am to 4 pm (Saturday and Sundays) and at Ogudu from 9 am to 12 noon (Saturday and Sundays). Classes range from 35,000 naira for adults to 40,000 for adults.

After your swim, you can spend time at any of the facilities which includes a spa, group fitness studio and bicycle spin room, a sauna and steam room and so much more.

Keep your laps up, and enjoy an energetic day at Crawford Swimming Pool.

Location: 1A Shonny Hwy Shonibare Estate Maryland Ikeja, 100001, Lagos

Radisson Blu Anchorage Swimming Pool

Located in the upscale neighbourhood, Radisson Blu Anchorage in Ikeja GRA. The hotel features one of Lagos’ most sleek swimming pools. The vibe is intimate with beautiful views over the Lagos Lagoon.

While the pool is only available to guests, the public can access it by purchasing tickets.

Within the hotel and the pool, you can take cool Instagram-worthy pictures or relax in one of the many lounges. If you’re looking to splurge with friends, book one of the rooms at the luxury hotel.

Location: 38-40 Isaac John St, Ikeja GRA 100271, Lagos.

Wrap Up

A day out at a swimming pool in Lagos is bound to take some stress off your back. So, next time you want to go swimming in Lagos, use this article as a guide to enjoy a fun swimming experience.

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