7 Best Gyms In Lagos

If there is one thing we know a Lagosian invests in, it’s his physical appearance. But sometimes, a lack of good fitness centers that curate the right programs, stay within his budget, and fit into his busy schedule can hamper this investment. We heard his cries, which is why we wrote 7 Best Gyms In Lagos.

Staying fit is a lifestyle that most young people in Lagos can’t do without. They need to consistently work out not just to maintain their body, but to engage their mind as well.

They go to the gym to get away from the stresses of the city and to get some much-needed iron therapy.

However, finding a good gym in Lagos is one area that doesn’t work well for some fitness enthusiasts. They are either overpriced, don’t open early in the morning, stay late into the night, lack vital equipment, don’t cater to 9-5 workers, and are not beginner friendly.

When all of these factors are at work, it becomes difficult to maintain a routine.

With our list of the best gyms in Lagos, we’re confident you’ll find something to rekindle your enthusiasm and meet your fitness needs.

Best Gyms In Lagos

  • Technology gym
  • Forca fitness 
  • I fitness
  • Body line
  • Pure fitness africa
  • Fitness factory 
  • Sure fitness

7 Best Gyms In Lagos

Finding a good gym that prioritizes your fitness needs and pushes you to be better is a crucial step toward achieving your goals. You must actively seek out places that vibrate at the same frequency as you so that you do not give up halfway.

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Try any of these 7 best gyms in Lagos for a fantastic fitness journey, whether you’re an advanced, intermediate, or beginner.

1. Technology Gym

Technogym is known globally as “The Wellness Company” it has helped build the hedonistic concept of ”fitness” into a true lifestyle. 

This company empowers you to live the “Wellness” lifestyle which incorporates regular physical activity, correct nutrition, and a positive mental attitude.

Techno helps you live better by providing standard gym equipment, services, content, and programs, which are interconnected through technology so that you can be well no matter where you are.

Location: Ebenezer House, 1A Goshen Estate Road, Lekki-Epe Expressway.


  • Fitness programs
  • Sells workout equipment:
    • Bikes
    • Treadmills.
    • Elastic bands.
    • Kettlebells.
    • Dumbells.
    • Medicine balls.
    • Jump ropes.
    • Home gym set up.

2. Forca Fitness 

Forca Fitness is one of the best gyms in Lagos for people who want to be serious about their fitness. If you’re more about keeping fit and like to focus at the gym then you should go here.

This gym has a lot of programs designed to keep clients moving; the classes include yoga, afro vibe, spin classes, Tabata, and aerobics.  It is also well-equipped, you can sign up to do classes on your own or ask for a personal trainer.

Location: 27 Castle Rock Avenue, Matis Brass, Osapa London, Lekki.


  • Dedicated fitness classes (Tabata, aerobics).
  • Personal training.
  • Boot camps.

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3. I Fitness

I Fitness offers unique fitness experiences that are customized to your experiences. It is one of the best gyms in Lagos, with branches all over the city from Mainland to Island.

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There is a vast range of low to high-intensity programs offered to suit all types of clients. I Fitness provides a community that supports you through your goals and holds you accountable.

The state-of-the-art facilities available here make your workout smoother and the 150+ personal trainers take every step with you until you achieve your goals.

Location: Multiple locations across Lagos.


  • 11 all-inclusive classes 
    • Afro dance
    • Tabata
    • HIIT
    • Aerobics
    • Spinning
    • Circuit training
  • One gym membership can be used in different I-Fitness establishments.
  • Personal training.
  • Fitness gear.

4. Body Line

Body Line provides result-based training by designing its gyms with the client in mind. It features the latest world-class fitness equipment and designated training zones. 

Whether you wish to train by yourself, need extra motivation,  or love High-Intensity Training, Body Line got your training needs catered for.

Locations: No 6 Bank Road Ikoyi | Golden Tulip Hotel, Festac.


  • Healthy nutrition plan.
  • Shower service.
  • Personal training.
  • Weight loss programs.
  • Workout classes
    • Boxing
    • Taebo
    • Aerobics
    • Spinning
    • Dance Fit.

5. Pure Fitness Africa

Pure Fitness Africa was established by Ekemeni Ekerette (Kemen) from BBNaija. This is one of the best gyms in Lagos, it helps you on your fitness journey. Pure was also where Guinness World Record Holder, Hilda Baci trained with Kemen before her cookathon.

The establishment believes love, art, music, and exercise improve the human condition, and that it is a lifetime journey rather than a destination.

Locations: Adekola Balogun Street, Perchstone and Graeys Close, Lekki Phase 1 | Ikota Olugborogan Town.


  • Personal training.
  • Fitness app.
  • Free group classes.
  • Celebrity training with Kemen.
  • Spinathon class.
  • Friday Night Live training with DJs.
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6. Fitness Factory 

Fitness Factory is one of the best gyms in Lagos. It is a young, vibrant company based in Oniru, Lagos, that focuses on sports, health, and lifestyle.

The team at the Factory is dedicated to sharing ”the fitness experience” with clients. They are committed to promoting a fit and healthy lifestyle and helping you become a better version of yourself.

Location: Block 114, Plot 5 Akiogun Road, Maroko.


  • Standard coaching and guidance.
  • World-class equipment and functional kits.
  • Supportive training environment. 
  • Extended opening times.
  • Spa.
  • Cafe.
  • Saloon.

10. Sure Fitness

Sure Fitness is one of the best gyms in Lagos where you can be sure of maintaining a healthy lifestyle or kickstarting your fitness journey. This place is a standard bodybuilding and sporting centre in the city.

Location: Felicia Koleosho Street, Off Agbaoku Street, Opebi, Ikeja.


  • Group fitness classes.
  • Personal training.
  • Healthy meal plans.

Wrap Up

You can sign up for any of the top gyms in Lagos that are close to your location now that you know what they have to offer.

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